Toss Those Medical Compression Socks Aside for These Trendy Styles

Toss Those Medical Compression Socks Aside for These Trendy Styles

By Andi Depre
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Photo Courtesy: Bitly Store/Amazon

Chronic foot pain can be a major impairment. While medical compression socks can be a successful treatment tool, many of these medi-socks can be restrictive, oversized, or fail to stay on your feet. Fortunately, these socks from Bitly are a consumer favorite on Amazon — and their stylish appearance is only complimented by their rapid and consistent pain relief.

What Makes These Better Than Standard Medical Compression Socks?

These trendy compression socks from Bitly are designed with pain relief in mind. The socks fit snugly over your feet to help stimulate blood flow, resulting in quicker recovery from foot injuries. When it comes to alleviating foot pain from ailments such as plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinitis, these socks are the top choice. As an added bonus, they also help target the foot-related symptoms that stem from diabetes and pregnancy. Unlike competitors, these toeless socks ensure that your foot is receiving compression in the right places — all without straining your toes.

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Photo Courtesy: Bitly Store/Amazon

Best of all, these compression socks aren’t just functional, they’re also quite stylish. Bitly paid attention to the fact that standard medical compression socks can be bulky, stiff and too long. With this in mind, they designed their compression socks to hug your foot, all while accommodating a pair of shoes or a second pair of socks. Needless to say, the company's design looks as subtle as any non-compression sock. And since they come in five colors and four sizes, you're certain to find a pair that satisfies both your sizing and aesthetic concerns. The price also makes these an affordable option compared to other medi-compression socks.

With a four-and-a-half star rating on Amazon, plenty of people have praises for the Bitly compression socks. Top reviewers have found that, true to their word, the compression socks are able to relieve the symptoms of conditions, like plantar fasciitis, with more accuracy and speed than other compression socks or braces that they previously tried.

Reviewer T. Timmons wrote, "My [plantar fasciitis] is completely under control now, I run without pain, I wake up and can walk without pain. I am truly amazed something so simple has solved my struggle with PF." Another reviewer, Ruby Jude, wrote, "Amazing, I have sat for months watching my husband suffering with sore feet and within the first day of wearing these socks the pain has gone. Worth every penny."