How to Watch Dallas Cowboys Football Games Live: A Comprehensive Guide

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most iconic and successful teams in the National Football League (NFL). Fans from all over the world eagerly await their games, hoping to catch every thrilling moment. If you’re a die-hard Cowboys fan or simply someone who enjoys watching football, you may be wondering how to watch Dallas Cowboys football games live. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore various options that will allow you to catch all the action from the comfort of your own home.

Cable and Satellite TV Options

For many years, cable and satellite TV have been the go-to option for watching live sports, including Dallas Cowboys football games. Several major networks broadcast NFL games, making it relatively easy for fans to tune in. One popular option is ESPN, which airs Monday Night Football games throughout the season. Another network that broadcasts Cowboys games is Fox Sports, which covers a wide range of NFL matchups on Sundays.

To access these channels and watch Dallas Cowboys football games live on cable or satellite TV, you’ll need a subscription package that includes them. Most providers offer sports packages that include channels like ESPN and Fox Sports as add-ons to their basic plans. However, it’s worth noting that cable and satellite TV can be expensive compared to other options available today.

Streaming Services

Streaming services have revolutionized how we consume media in recent years, offering a more affordable and flexible alternative to traditional cable or satellite TV. Many streaming platforms now offer live sports coverage as part of their packages. One popular service is YouTube TV, which provides access to major networks like ESPN and Fox Sports.

To watch Dallas Cowboys football games live on YouTube TV or other streaming platforms, you’ll need a stable internet connection and a compatible device such as a smart TV or streaming stick. Most streaming services offer free trials for new subscribers, allowing you to test their features before committing to a monthly subscription. Additionally, some platforms offer cloud DVR capabilities, enabling you to record games and watch them later at your convenience.

NFL Game Pass

If you’re more interested in watching Dallas Cowboys football games after they’ve aired live, NFL Game Pass might be the perfect solution for you. This official NFL streaming service allows subscribers to access full game replays, condensed game versions, and even coaches’ film analysis. While it doesn’t provide live game coverage, it offers an extensive library of past matches.

NFL Game Pass is available on multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. It also includes additional features like live audio commentary and access to the NFL Films archive. However, it’s important to note that due to broadcasting rights restrictions, some games may be subject to blackouts or only available after a certain period has passed.

Local Broadcasts and Antenna

If you prefer a more traditional approach without relying on cable or streaming services, local broadcasts may be an option worth exploring. Dallas Cowboys football games are typically broadcasted locally by networks like CBS and NBC. If you’re within the team’s market area, you can use an antenna to receive these over-the-air signals for free.

To watch Dallas Cowboys football games live using an antenna, make sure you have a digital TV or a converter box if your TV is older and not equipped with a built-in digital tuner. Place the antenna in a location with good signal reception, preferably near a window or outdoors if possible. Once properly set up, scan for channels using your TV’s menu options to find the local networks broadcasting Cowboys games.


Watching Dallas Cowboys football games live has never been easier thanks to the variety of options available today. Whether you choose cable or satellite TV packages, streaming services like YouTube TV, NFL Game Pass for replays and analysis, or local broadcasts with an antenna – there’s a solution to fit every fan’s preferences and budget. So grab your favorite Cowboys jersey, stock up on snacks, and get ready to cheer on America’s Team from the comfort of your own home.

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