How to Get the Most Accurate Digital Thermometer Readings at Home

Photo Courtesy: Andrew Matthews/PA Images/Getty Images

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, grocery stores, retail shops, restaurants, museums and healthcare facilities around the world are finding ways to adapt to the “new normal.” Even in countries where cases are way down, folks would rather be safe than sorry, especially as experts have yet to create an effective vaccine. Enter: temperature checks.

While some folks have been administering at-home temperature checks since March as a way to ensure they aren’t afflicted by the novel coronavirus, others may want to start doing so now. That is, things won’t be calming down any time soon — being prepared is essential. So, whether you’re instituting at-home temperature checks during the COVID-19 pandemic or prepping for future flu seasons, we’ve got the best digital thermometers for you — along with some handy tips and tricks for ensuring accurate, at-home readings.