10 Best Digital Thermometers for Home Use

Kate Halse
Thermometer Photo Courtesy: Andrew Matthews/PA Images via Getty Images

Digital thermometers use electronic sensors to quickly and accurately measure body temperatures. Many digital thermometers provide painless forehead readings. From backlit screens designed to avoid waking sleeping children to built-in fever alarms, we've collected 10 of the best digital thermometers for your home.


Best Overall: Braun ThermoScan Ear Thermometer

Innovative ThermoScan technology is more accurate than forehead or rectal readings. Parents appreciate the pre-warmed tips on the Braun ThermoScan thermometer, along with a small and soft speculum for gentle in-ear use. One drawback is that the screen doesn't light up, which can make nighttime temperature readings tricky. Some parents also wish the plastic tip was removable.


Best Value: Adoric Digital Medical Thermometer

The Adoric digital thermometer delivers accurate readings within 10 seconds and is well suited for all ages, from babies to adults. Parents appreciate the fever indicator, which alarms when the temperature reading is over 100.04 degrees Fahrenheit. A flexible tip makes the taking temperatures more comfortable. Some users wish the display screen was larger for easier temperature readings.


Best for Kids: AKID Instant Digital Thermometer

The AKID digital thermometer provides fast and accurate forehead and in-ear temperature readings. However, it takes some force to remove the head cap for measuring ear temperatures. Kids appreciate the LED lights, which change from orange to red if a fever is detected. Infrared technology lets you take your child's temperature while measuring the temperature of milk or the room at the same time.


Best for Adults: KeenHealth Digital Thermometer

The KeenHealth digital thermometer is more basic than some digital thermometers on the market, but it's fast and accurate and works well for rapid temperature readings in adults.

Many adult users appreciate the larger screen for easier temperature readings, although some find it challenging to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius. You can mute the audible reading alarm if you prefer.


Best Forehead Thermometer: Seemtramed Digital Thermometer

If you can't stand the thought of in-ear readings on yourself or your kids, the Seemtramed digital thermometer provides accurate forehead readings, as long as it's held up against the skin. Advanced infrared technology gives you accurate forehead temperature readings in one second. Parents of sick kids especially like how this thermometer can store up to 35 temperature values.


Fastest Temperature Readings: ANKOVO Digital Thermometer

To quickly measure your child's body temperature, simply press the measuring button and the ANKOVO digital thermometer will display the results in just one second. The thermometer is designed for the forehead and ear. Some users complain of slightly inaccurate readings at times. An LCD display lets you measure your sick child's temperature and get the results without turning on an extra light.


Best for Fevers: iProven Thermometer for Fever

Infrared lens technology measures even the slightest temperature rise, but that's not the best part. The iProven fever thermometer is calibrated for accurate forehead and ear readings and provides results within three seconds. A fever alarm immediately alerts you to a fever. Some adults find it tough to remove the cap for in-ear readings.


Best for Infants: GoodBaby Digital Infrared Baby Thermometer

When your baby is sick, the last thing you want is to wake them for temperature readings. The GoodBaby thermometer lets you point to the baby's forehead, while infrared technology generates accurate readings in seconds. An HD LED screen displays the results so that you can see in the dark. Some users find the thermometer a bit tricky to figure out at first.


Best Multi-temperature Digital Thermometer: Caroune Ear and Forehead Thermometer

The Caroune digital thermometer saves you the aggravation of having to convert readings from Fahrenheit to Celsius. Not only can you easily switch between measurements, the temperatures are also displayed in just a few seconds. You can also silence the buzzer alarm if you don't want to wake sick family members. The thermometer provides forehead and ear readings, although some users struggle to remove the end cap.


Best Basic Thermometer: iProven Oral Thermometer

The iProven oral thermometer generates readings in 10 to 20 seconds, and is a practical no-frill choice for adults. However, this is not an instant-read thermometer. Instead of lights and alarms, smiley face indicators let you know if a fever is present. A flexible tip makes taking your oral temperature a bit more comfortable.

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