The 10 Best Hair Loss Treatments for New and Thicker Hair


Thinning hair, molting hair, or pattern baldness can look unsightly and severely affect your confidence. Choose a hair loss treatment to help stimulate the follicles and encourage new hair growth. Consider the type of treatment you prefer, which can be shampoo, serum, liquid drops, foam, or pills. A device may be better for you, such as a laser treatment device or a scalp massage comb.

Best Value: PURA D’OR Hair Thinning Therapy Energizing Scalp Serum

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Active ingredients in the PURA D’OR hair thinning therapy energizing scalp serum help to block DHT while antioxidants and oils keep your hair looking healthy. Your scalp and roots are nourished by essential nutrients, helping to stop your hair from thinning and reducing breakage. Reviewers recommended this serum highly for making thinning hair feel thicker, stronger, and healthier. They also noted it slowed hair loss.

Best Comprehensive Hair Support System: Amplixin Intensive Biotin Hair Growth Serum

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The revolutionary Amplixin intensive biotin hair growth serum is ideal for men and women and is suitable for all types of hair. It’s a complete support system for pattern baldness, thinning hair, and premature hair loss. Reviewers commented that their hair was noticeably stronger after use and that the amount of hair loss was reduced. They noted how their hair was smooth rather than greasy.

Best for Hair Growth: Pure Research Biotin Liquid Drops

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Benefit from the high concentration of Pure Research biotin liquid drops for numerous benefits including fast and healthy hair growth, strong nails, a higher tolerance to glucose, and enhanced digestive health. These drops are vegan-friendly. Reviewers highly rated these drops over pills for their fast absorption and quick results in both hair and nail growth. The pleasant taste was applauded.

Best Hair Loss Shampoo for Men: PURA D’OR Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning Shampoo

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The natural ingredients in the PURA D’OR Original Gold Label anti-thinning shampoo work to reduce hair breakage, enhance its strength and volume, and help combat a dry scalp. This vegan-friendly shampoo is hypoallergenic, free from parabens, and cruelty-free. Reviewers loved this organic shampoo that noticeably reduced thinning hair and, in some cases, actually halted hair loss.

Best for Minoxidil: Propidren Topical

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Stop DHT in its tracks when you use Propidren Topical. The natural ingredients prevent DHT production and promote hair growth at the follicle, encouraging thicker hair growth. The cruelty-free topical lotion is also vegan-friendly. Reviewers commented on how well this product worked, helping to lessen hair loss and encourage new hair growth, particularly for those whose hair had fallen out by the follicles.

Best Laser Treatment: iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

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The ingenious iRestore laser hair growth system stimulates your follicles for hair regrowth with visible results in three to six months. The drug-free treatment makes your hair thicker and healthier and is a noninvasive way to combat balding, a receding hairline, and for treating alopecia. Reviewers raved about the astonishing results, including hair growth on receding hairlines and crowns where there hadn’t been any for years.

Best Hair Growth Pills: Naychur Hair Gummies

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Packed with 12 natural ingredients and vitamins, the Naychur hair gummies suit all hair types and are perfect for tackling receding hairlines, patchy beards, and thinning hair. This all-in-one hair loss treatment also improves your skin and promotes strong nails. Reviewers couldn’t believe the incredible growth rate and how strong their hair felt after taking these gummies.

Best Hair Regrowth Treatment Foam for Women: Women’s Rogaine Hair Regrowth Treatment Foam

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Add the Women’s Rogaine hair regrowth treatment foam to your daily beauty regime to benefit from new hair growth that’s thicker and fuller than before. The clinically proven foam stimulates hair follicles so you can look forward to new hair growth in no time. Reviewers commended this foam for its regrowth abilities, even combating hereditary female pattern balding.

Best Hair Growth Massage Comb: Yeamon Phototherapy Scalp Massage Comb

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Stimulate your hair follicles with the Yeamon phototherapy scalp massage comb. Switch to different settings for different outcomes, such as encouraging new hair growth or adjusting your scalp’s oil secretion. Reviewers loved the lightweight feel and quiet operation of this scalp massage comb, being about to use it discreetly upon waking up or while watching television.

Best Overall: Propidren by HairGenics – DHT Blocker and Hair Growth Supplement

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Prevent the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) when you take the Propidren by HairGenics DHT blocker and hair growth supplement. This innovative natural formula not only blocks DHT but nourishes your scalp and hair shafts. Follicular hair growth is encouraged, and you can look forward to fast and thicker hair growth. Around 90% of reviewers gave this product 5 stars for its incredible results.

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