The Best Tummy Control Shapewear for Women Over 50

Photo Courtesy: LJM Photo/Design Pics/Getty Images

You never need a reminder, but each new struggle to squeeze into a figure-hugging piece of clothing really drives the point home that the struggle is real. As we get older, certain parts of our bodies start to do their own thing, no matter how much we beg them to stay firmly in place. While shapewear sometimes gets a bad rap for being ineffective or downright uncomfortable, the right high-quality pieces truly can tuck the tummy, slim the thighs and give the bust a little boost — boosting your self-esteem and confidence in the process.

Some shapewear can also provide additional benefits for women over the age of 50 in the form of added back support for pieces that shave inches off the midsection. Ready to look like a thinner new you? Check out our picks for some of the best shapewear for smoothing out your favorite dresses, skirts, pants and anything else with a snug fit.