10 Top Women’s Shavers for Smooth Skin

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The right shaving tool is a must-have to make it possible for you to remove body hair as painlessly as possible. If you have unwanted body hair that you want to remove or aren’t satisfied with your current hair removal method, a women’s shaver is one option to consider. Here are some of the best products to help you achieve soft, hair-free skin.

Best Overall: Sminiker Professional Version Electric Razor

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The Sminiker Professional Version Electric Razor is an Amazon’s Choice product thanks to its stellar buyer reviews and affordable price (between $25 and $35). Users love that they can use this razor on dry skin or in the shower with their favorite shaving cream. They like that the razor’s handle is comfortable to hold, even during extended shaving sessions.

Best Value: Brori Electric Shaver for Women

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Priced between $20-$30, the Brori Electric Razor for Women is a cost-effective way to remove hair from all over your body. Users rave about the close shave offered by this shaver, even on areas with thick, dense hair. For the best results, users suggest exfoliating before using the shaver and applying slight pressure to the area you’re shaving.

Best Women’s Shaver for Multitasking: Braun Silk-epil 9 SkinSpa 9-961v

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Tend to multiple beauty needs at once with the Braun Silk-epil 9 SkinSpa 9-961v. Users love the versatility of this shaver, as it includes attachments for shaving, epilating, deep massage, and exfoliation. They use the epilator function for hair they would normally wax, like facial, leg, and underarm hair. For hair in sensitive regions, like the bikini area, some users prefer the shaving attachment.

Best Women’s Shaver for Facial Hair: Finishing Touch Flawless Original Facial Hair Remover

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Painlessly remove facial hair of different textures and lengths with the Finishing Touch Flawless Original Facial Hair Remover. Users compare the functionality of this facial shaver to dermaplaning; many suggest it for removing all types of facial hair, including coarse eyebrow and chin hair and soft peach fuzz on the cheeks and sideburns. They also like how the blades provide light exfoliation for facial skin.

Best Women’s Shaver for Traveling: Panasonic Close Curves Women’s Wet/Dry Shaver

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The Panasonic Close Curves Women’s Wet/Dry Shaver is a compact shaver that comfortably fits in your suitcase or travel bag. Users like that the razor comes with a travel pouch that they can use to keep everything in one spot when they’re traveling to a new spot or getting ready in an unfamiliar location. They also report that this razor is quiet and won’t disturb those around you.

Best Women’s Shaver for the Bikini Area: Philips BikiniPerfect Advanced Women’s Trimmer

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Quickly groom the bikini area with the Philips BikiniPerfect Advanced Women’s Trimmer. Though this trimmer includes attachments for shaving and trimming, the trimming attachments are a hit with users. They find that the two trimming attachments make it a breeze to customize the length of the bikini hair. They also like the micro-shaver attachment for removing small amounts of stubble on areas you want completely free of hair.

Best Women’s Shaver for Removing Fine Hair: Leuxe Facial Hair Remover

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If you have fine, soft hair that’s hard to shave or remove with conventional hair removal products, check out the Leuxe Facial Hair Remover. Fans of this compact shaver report that it effectively and painlessly removes chin, cheek, and upper lip hair within a matter of minutes. The compact size makes it easy to stick this shaver in your purse or makeup bag.

Best Women’s Shaver for Removing Leg Hair: Philips SatinShave Essential Women’s Shaver

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The large blade on the Philips SatinShave Essential Women’s Shaver makes it easy to cover a large area of skin in a short amount of time. Women like this shaver because it makes it possible to shave both legs quickly without having to worry about nicking yourself. It’s also a preferred selection for teens and pre-teens who are just learning how to shave.

Best Women’s Shaver for Dry Skin: Remington Smooth & Silky Smooth Glide Rechargeable Shaver

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Use the Remington Smooth & Silky Smooth Glide Rechargeable Shaver to remove hair without irritating your sensitive skin. Users of this shaver like that it contains a strip of almond oil; they report that this helps keep the skin moisturized and soft, while also adding a layer of protection. The razor’s four-blade Smooth Glide system is also popular with users who want a close, even shave.

Best Women’s Shaver with a Long Battery Life: AUCEE Electric Razor for Women

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The AUCEE Electric Shaver for Women provides over 70 minutes of shaving time. Users find it convenient that this shaver charges via a USB cable; this makes it easy to charge it when on the go using a USB adapter or power bank. This razor is also recommended thanks to its LCD battery status display screen that lets you know when the battery is low.

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