Gift Guide: The Coziest Loungewear for Women of All Sizes

Photo Courtesy: Christine Schneider/Cultura/Getty Images

You know the drill: Regular wardrobe staples usually include white button-downs, comfy jeans and neutral tops you can pair with anything. But did you know that your loungewear wardrobe needs a few key staples of its own? Everything from leggings and sweatpants to robes, sweaters and soft shirts is a cozy essential for a well-stocked closet of comfy options.

Thanks to their versatility and comfort, loungewear pieces tend to be go-to favorites for leisurely weekends and busy weekdays alike. The perfect pair of lounge pants can serve as everything from fitness gear to a top choice while you’re running errands, hanging out around the house or even embarking on a long road trip or flight where comfort will be key. Whether you're looking for sleepwear, gymwear or anything in between, you're sure to find something you love on this list.