Famous Figures Who Bear Striking Resemblances to Their Celebrity Grandparents

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When it comes to the lives of notable celebrities, fame tends to run in their blood. Many of the famous figures we know and love today have prominent family members — even though they don’t always share the same profession or industry.

While some celebrities hardly resemble their well-known relatives, others are near-carbon copies of their entertaining elders. These stars all owe at least partial debt to their famous grandparents for the strikingly similar features that make them pop in their industries.

Drew Barrymore/John Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is one of the most seasoned actresses of her time, and the entertainment industry runs in her blood. In addition to the celebrity status of her father — John Drew Barrymore, who graced the silver screen long before Drew — Barrymore also has an uber-famous actor for a grandfather: John Barrymore.

Photo Courtesy: Warner Bros./IMDb; SchroCat/Wikimedia Commons

When you put them side by side, it’s pretty clear that these two share the same DNA. Barrymore shares many of her grandfather’s features, particularly his nose. Like her grandfather, Drew pursued a career in acting from a young age and has secured her name in the ranks of Hollywood royalty.

Chris Pine/Anne Gwynne

Chris Pine thrives in the 21st-century showbiz scene, yet his grandmother helped establish the entertainment industry long before his birth. His grandma, Anne Gwynne, was one of the first “Scream Queens,” helping to pave the way for leading ladies in the Hollywood horror genre.

Photo Courtesy: TBS/IMDb; CecilF/Wikimedia Commons

Pine resembles Gwynne remarkably, from his wide grin to his round nose to his big eyes. His career path also resembles hers, although he’s been a savvier presence in action flicks and dramas rather than horror films and thrillers. Either way, he’s carried forward both his grandmother’s features and her passion for film.

Billie Lourd/Debbie Reynolds

It’s no secret that Billie Lourd’s family is filled with phenomenal entertainers. After all, her mother is the late Carrie Fisher, who propelled the Star Wars franchise forward as Princess Leia. Still, Fisher’s mother — who happens to resemble Lourd quite remarkably — has an equally impressive legacy to leave behind.

Photo Courtesy: @praisethelourd/Instagram; Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/IMDb

Debbie Reynolds’ career spanned her entire life, from Singin’ in the Rain in 1952 to the Halloweentown series of the 2000s. Lourd — who retains her grandmother’s beauty — is also pursuing a career in acting following Reynolds’ death, having starred in series such as Scream Queens and American Horror Story.

Jane Fonda/Viva Vadim

Hollywood as we know it wouldn’t exist without Jane Fonda. The actress’ acting portfolio is highly impressive, including plenty of films that are ripening into classics. Still, she isn’t the only one in her family who is social, outspoken and bold.

Photo Courtesy: @janefonda/Instagram

Jane’s granddaughter, Viva Vadim, isn’t an actress (so far), but she has followed boldly in her grandmother’s footsteps as a climate change activist. In 2019, Vadim got arrested during a protest with her grandmother, earning a proud social media post from Fonda. While they may not look much alike, Fonda definitely passed her values down to her granddaughter.

Riley Keough/Elvis Presley

The King has a mini-me! Everyone can picture the blues master, from his signature hairstyle to his smiling eyes. In addition to creating killer tunes throughout the years, Elvis Presley was a father to one daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, who had several children after his passing.

Photo Courtesy: @rileykeough/Instagram; Batfan1966/Wikimedia Commons

One of his granddaughters resembles Presley to an undeniable degree: Riley Keough. Keough looks uncannily like her famous grandad, from her long face to her high cheekbones. Keough hasn’t followed Elvis into the music business, but she has pursued an entertainment career, having acted and modeled.

Dree Hemingway/Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway redefined literature in the 20th century, paving the way for new forms of writing to take shape. According to his lookalike granddaughter, Dree Hemingway, he passed down his zest for travel and reading to her. She told Elle, “I’m honored. He’s incredible… I can definitely feel that we’re from the same family.”

Photo Courtesy: @dreelovechild/Twitter; Ermeni Studios/Wikimedia Commons

In the few personal shots that she shares with the world, Dree seems to carry the same old-soul expression as Hemingway, keeping his intriguing melancholy alive. However, career-wise, Hemingway puts her grandfather’s looks to use on an international stage by working as a model.

Emma Ferrer/Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn is one of the most memorable actresses of her generation, offering equal parts talent and beauty to the 20th-century Hollywood scene. Her granddaughter, Emma Ferrer, has all Hepburn’s grace. The British-Swiss Ferrer is a model and an artist, exercising her creative spirit in outlets apart from acting.

Photo Courtesy: @ekhferrer/Instagram; Archive Photos/Getty

While she resembles Hepburn, she has struggled with comparisons before. However, she is now proud of the legacy (including work with UNICEF) that she gets to carry forward. “This is the work that I know she’d be proud of me doing,” Ferrer told InStyle.

Anjelica Huston/Walter Huston

Entertainment runs in the Huston family. Anjelica Huston has plenty of famous relatives, from her uber-successful director father, John Huston, to her actor grandad, Walter Huston. Throughout his career, Walter amassed an impressive number of roles in multiple spheres of film and television. His granddaughter seemingly strove to accomplish the same task.

Photo Courtesy: David Shankbone/Wikimedia Commons; Columbia Pictures/IMDb

Anjelica has starred in a plethora of shows and flicks, including her signature role as Morticia in The Addams Family. As an actress, her beauty is enhanced by her striking features, including her wide face, square chin and long nose — perhaps all of which she owes to her grandfather.

Ethan Peck/Gregory Peck

Actor Gregory Peck had a successful run in Hollywood, including his standout performance as Atticus Finch in the film adaptation of Harper Lee’s book, To Kill a Mockingbird. While he was one of the most well-known faces in entertainment before his death in 2003, his features live on through his grandson.

Photo Courtesy: @ethangpeck/Instagram; Warner Bros./IMDb

Ethan Peck has followed his grandpa’s footsteps into the acting world, starring in films and shows like Star Trek: Discovery, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Passport to Paris. Considering how strongly he resembles his grandfather, Ethan’s up-and-coming career is carrying his A-list relative into a new generation of flicks.

Apple Martin/Blythe Danner

Apple Martin is only 15, but she’s growing into her fame. The daughter of actress Gwyneth Paltrow and musician Chris Martin experiments with dance, music and beauty products, keeping her famous mother up to date on teen trends. However, while she resembles Paltrow, she also shares features with her grandmother, Blythe Danner.

Photo Courtesy: @gwynethpaltrow/Instagram; Columbia Pictures/IMDb

Danner is an award-winning actress, starring in everything from sitcoms to hit flicks. The actress passed down her blue eyes, blonde hair and round cheeks to her granddaughter. While Apple isn’t a famous entertainer yet, she may find her way to a career that rivals her grandmother’s.

Oona Chaplin/Charlie Chaplin

The Chaplin legacy is a hard one to live up to, but Oona Chaplin is just as vibrant and expressive as her famous grandfather. Charlie Chaplin was one of the leading actors of the silent film generation, bringing black-and-white silent films to life with his animated expressions and bold choreography.

Photo Courtesy: @OonaCC/Twitter; Fred Chess/Wikimedia Commons

His granddaughter, Oona, looks just like the elder Chaplin, with her sharp nose, big eyes and wide grin. Oona is also an actress (though in more talkies than silent films). She’s worked on Game of Thrones and is slated to star in the upcoming Avatar sequels.

Rooney Mara/Wellington Mara

Most people don’t connect actress Rooney Mara to the New York Giants, but she’s an heiress of one of the leading managers for the team: Wellington Mara. Wellington co-owned the Giants from 1959 to his death in 2005, inheriting partial control of the team from his father.

Photo Courtesy: Conan/IMDb; Ross Lewis/Getty

Throughout his career, Wellington shaped the course of the NFL — and lived long enough to see his grandchildren begin to thrive in their lives. Rooney Mara may be the most famous of these grandkids, and the actress also inherited her grandpa’s nose, cheeks and dimples.

Dakota Johnson/Tippi Hedren

Tippi Hedren and Dakota Johnson have both earned their places in Hollywood, but did you know the two are related? Tippi Hedren created her legacy on Hitchcock’s dime, earning Scream Queen status after starring in The Birds. Johnson, on the other hand, launched to fame in the Fifty Shades series and is now testing the waters of multiple genres.

Photo Courtesy: StudioCanal/IMDb; Universal Pictures/YouTube

Johnson also happens to be the granddaughter of Tippi Hedren, which explains their shared features. Johnson is very close to her grandmother, and she even brought her to the red carpet premiere of Suspiria. Surprisingly, these two look more like each other than either does with Melanie Griffith — Hedren’s daughter and Johnson’s mother.

Arthur Donald/Paul McCartney

If we’re judging by looks alone, there’s no denying that Arthur Donald is related to his grandfather, Paul McCartney. The Beatles frontman’s grandson bears a striking resemblance to the older photographs of his grandfather, from his groomed brown hair to his long nose. Being McCartney’s eldest grandson, the two seem to enjoy hanging out, eating meals out and shopping as a pair.

Photo Courtesy: David Benett/Getty Images; Nationaal Archief/Wikimedia Commons

These days, the 19 year old is a college student and resides in the U.S. while attending Yale. Although it’s unclear what he’s currently studying, his looks could guarantee him a promising future in a Beatles cover band!

Quinn Tivey/Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor was more than a gorgeous actress; she was also a human rights advocate, a humanitarian and a philanthropist at heart. She passed this spirit of charity down to her grandson, Quinn Tivey, who looks so much like her that they could pass for twins.

Photo Courtesy: Charley Gallay/WireImage/Getty; Warner Bros./IMDb

Throughout his career, Tivey has carried forward one of the most significant portions of his grandmother’s charitable legacy through the cause that she was most passionate about in her life: AIDS advocacy. He has spent years diligently working as an ambassador for The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation in New York.

Tatia Starkey/Ringo Starr

With a name like Tatia Starkey, of course Ringo Starr’s granddaughter would also be a rock star. Being one of the primary members of the Beatles, Ringo and his bandmates remain some of the best-selling artists of all time. While this is a tough legacy to live up to, Tatia has no problem owning her own style.

Photo Courtesy: Brigitte Engl/Redferns/Getty Images; @ringostarrmusic/Instagram

Tatia Starkey may look a lot like her grandad, but she’s got her own sound. She’s a singer and bassist for the band My Vitriol, with whom she has been performing since 2013. The rock group goes a little harder than the Beatles!

Sophie Dahl/Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl brought joy to millions of children through his whimsical novels. His granddaughter, Sophie, carries this legacy proudly. Roald’s novels, such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Matilda, have been wonderfully received by readers young and old throughout the past several decades

Photo Courtesy: @mssophiedahl/Instagram; Carl Van Vechten/Wikimedia Commons

Sophie is also an author, having written a number of children’s series, adult novels, cookbooks and columns for magazines and newspapers. In addition, she is a model, showing off the features that her grandfather displayed on the back of his book jackets — a petite nose, high cheeks and light eyes.

Rose Kennedy Schlossberg/Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Did someone hit copy-paste on these genetics? Jacqueline Kennedy’s granddaughter looks so much like her that people who meet her in real life probably do double-takes — Rose resembles Jackie O in an undeniable way.

Photo Courtesy: John Lamparski/Getty Images; Robert Knudsen/White House Photographs/John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

In terms of personality, Rose may not be the First Lady, but she hasn’t shied away from the public stage. A Harvard graduate, Rose works as an actress, comedian and journalist, and she has often offered up social commentary about events affecting young women in locations like New York and Los Angeles.

Sarah Sutherland/Donald Sutherland

Donald Sutherland’s five-decade entertainment career has amounted to a plethora of successful flicks and endless praise — and his granddaughter is on her way up that ladder. Sarah Sutherland may not be quite as well-known as her grandad, but the actress spent several seasons building a name for herself on Veep.

Photo Courtesy: HBO/IMDb; ITC Entertainment/IMDb

When you place them together, it’s easier to see that Sarah and Donald are related. Their shared acting careers are matched only by their shared features, particularly their identical noses.

Jason Schwartzman/Carmine Coppola

Across the last two decades, Jason Schwartzman has become a well-known face in film. His grandfather, Carmine Coppola, had his own hand in shaping the 20th-century Hollywood scene, though he preferred to work behind the camera. Coppola was one of the most renowned film composers of his day, scoring films such as The Godfather.

Photo Courtesy: HBO/IMDb; Paramount Pictures/IMDb

Jason Schwartzman followed his grandfather (and mother Talia Shire of Rocky fame) into the entertainment industry, though he chose to pursue acting in addition to music. He’s known best for films like Scott Pilgrim, Rushmore and The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Steven R. McQueen/Steve McQueen

One of the counterculture icons of the 1960s, Steve McQueen wasn’t dubbed “The King of Cool” for nothing. His typical movie persona — the antihero — made him into a stylish symbol of the cultural revolution, earning him fame beyond the sphere of film. While the counterculture movement is over, his grandson, Steven R. McQueen, has kept the streak of coolness afloat.

Photo Courtesy: Warner Bros. Television/IMDb; Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/IMDb

Steven R. McQueen is an actor like his grandfather, starring in Everwood, The Vampire Diaries and Chicago Fire. The handsome actor radiates the same onscreen charisma that his late, great grandfather did in his most revered roles.

Jason Ritter/Tex Ritter

The Ritter family is filled with actors, and one of the youngest members, Jason Ritter, knows a thing or two about navigating a famous family tree. His father, John Ritter, and grandfather, Tex Ritter, were both famous actors in their days. As young Jason grew into his father’s and grandfather’s features, he started trying his hand at roles in entertainment.

Photo Courtesy: Daryl Prince Productions/IMDb; Edward F. Finney Productions/IMDb

While his grandpa Tex Ritter was as much of a famous face as he was an actor, Jason is finding his way as an independent artist in the industry. He has scored numerous roles in horror films, rom-coms and action flicks.

Katie Cassidy/Jack Cassidy

Katie Cassidy descended from two of the great male actors of the 20th century: David Cassidy and Jack Cassidy. She’s almost a spitting image of her grandpa, Jack, who starred in some early beloved sitcoms like Bewitched and Columbo.

Photo Courtesy: @katiecassidy/Instagram; CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

Thanks to her family’s position in the entertainment industry, Katie was able to find her spot on the stage early. Performance called to her when she was young, and she tried out dance, music and other forms of artistry before settling into acting like her grandad. Today, she appears in shows like Supernatural and Arrow.

Zoe Kazan/Elia Kazan

While Zoe Kazan and Elia Kazan seem to share a face, their careers in entertainment have gone in remarkably different directions. Elia, Zoe’s grandfather, enjoyed a career spanning the early waves of theater and film, and he met success in both spheres. However, during the era of McCarthyism, he accused famous peers of being un-American, which got him blacklisted.

Photo Courtesy: Dada Films/IMDb; Jacek Halicki/Wikimedia Commons

Despite this, his granddaughter Zoe has enjoyed a blossoming career in the world of entertainment. In recent years, she starred in the celebrated rom-com The Big Sick and the comedy The Ballad of Buster Scrubs, also making limited television appearances.

Prince Harry/Queen Elizabeth II

While it’s unsurprising that the British royal family looks so much alike, Prince Harry and his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, seem to carry the most striking resemblance. Plus, they share the same royal smile that makes both of them so charming!

Photo Courtesy: Defensie/Wikimedia Commons; NASA/Bill Ingalls/Wikimedia Commons

Although they look similar, Harry is quite different from his authoritative grandmother. He and his wife, Meghan Markle, have separated from the Royals and live a common life. Still, they seem to be doing so with the Queen’s blessing, and their strong relationship is likely to remain.

Alia Shawkat/Paul Burke

Before his granddaughter came into the entertainment industry, Paul Burke led an impressive career in Hollywood. He was one of the leading men of the 1960s, becoming a household name through shows like Naked City and 12 O’Clock High. Now, his granddaughter Alia Shawkat is catching up to his success.

Photo Courtesy: Conan/IMDb; Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/IMDb

Shawkat resembles her grandfather in appearance, yet she also resembles him in her career, thriving mainly through television roles on shows like Arrested Development. Her fun onscreen personas give her a refreshing edge in Hollywood shows as she continues her grandfather’s legacy.

Pablo Dylan/Bob Dylan

Pablo Dylan and his grandpa, Bob Dylan, are total lookalikes, down to their curly brown hair. While Bob Dylan forged one of the most meaningful careers in music history — earning himself a Nobel Prize in Literature for his lyrics — his grandson is also trying to make his way in the music world.

Photo Courtesy: @pablodylan/Twitter; Cumming Archives/Redferns/Getty

Pablo told Rolling Stone, “I love my grandfather as any grandson loves his grandfather. I’m incredibly proud of the work he’s made. But I’m doing my own thing. I’m definitely not going to be somebody I’m not. And it’s my own destiny I was born with.”

Sean Flynn/Errol Flynn

Are you sure these are two different people? Sean Flynn almost looks like his grandfather, Errol Flynn, reincarnated. In his day, Errol was a renowned actor known for his charismatic roles in flicks like The Adventures of Robin Hood and Dodge City. His grandson caught the acting bug, too.

Photo Courtesy: Stefanie Keenan/WireImage/Getty; British and Dominions Imperial Studios/IMDb

Sean Flynn got his start as an actor at a young age, starring in the Nickelodeon show Zoey 101 for four seasons. Although he hasn’t acted in anything but spinoffs since, Sean seems to be living his best life working as a producer for Donatello Arm.

Tony Goldwyn/Samuel Goldwyn

Samuel Goldwyn of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer is one of the most famous names in Hollywood, and for good reason. The film producer, fondly known as “Samuel Goldfish,” helped found one of the biggest production companies in the entertainment business, which has produced thousands of films across the years.

Photo Courtesy: @tonygoldwyn/Instagram; Gjon Mili/Getty Images

His grandson, Anthony Goldwyn, has played a role in continuing his empire by starring in films rather than producing them. The actor is best known for his roles in Ghost, Chambers and Scandal. He also bears a striking resemblance to his beloved grandad, down to their crooked smiles.

Talya Lynn/Loretta Lynn

Country star Loretta Lynn is a household name, yet her lookalike granddaughter, Talya, is learning to make her own way through the world. Loretta Lynn has enjoyed a 60-year-long music career, with loyal fans continuing to find meaning in her work.

Photo Courtesy: @talyalynnfinger/Instagram; Sylvia Pitcher/Redferns/Getty

While Talya Lynn isn’t a superstar like Loretta, she has followed in her grandma’s footsteps when it comes to creating and performing music. In addition to adventures in parenting, blogging and advocating for recovery from addiction, Talya has produced several country jams emulating her grandmother’s treasured style.