Acrylic Chairs to Add More Light in Your Home at Any Price Point

Acrylic Chairs to Add More Light in Your Home at Any Price Point

By Ana Farrell
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Ready to transform your dining room, home office or game room with a brighter, roomier look? Then you need to learn how to capitalize on light by using acrylic chairs as part of your design scheme. Acrylic has made a major comeback and is trending as an easy way to add sleek, modern accents to your home.

Whether you're looking to add more light to a traditional dining room or perfectly accent the modern feel of your home office, we’ve got you covered with some great suggestions. Check out our top picks for acrylic chairs to fit a variety of budgets.

The Benefits of Acrylic Seating

As you begin your search for the perfect acrylic chairs for your home, you may be surprised to discover they have many benefits beyond providing a brighter, sleeker look. Those benefits include the following:

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Easy to Blend with Any Style: One huge bonus of choosing acrylic is that it's incredibly easy to find pieces that match almost any decor. Because many acrylic chairs are either completely or at least a transparent color, they easily blend with anything from wood to metal.

Airy Feel: The clearness of the chairs also gives them an airy look that mimics the cool feel of glass — but without the breakability factor. Not only do these chairs tend to add light to any room, but they also make smaller spaces look a bit larger.

Impress Guests, Not Pets: Acrylic chairs provide an easy way to add a modern or artistic feel to any room, which is great for impressing guests. That said, if you're one of many cat owners constantly struggling to keep your fur-buddy from turning the furniture into a scratching post, then you'll be delighted to hear that all but the most determined scratchers find hard acrylics to be thoroughly un-scratch worthy. Plus, any type of pet fur slides easily off the surface for easy cleaning.

Easy to Clean: Acrylics are a great way to up your style game without having to worry about the anxiety of complicated maintenance. Who wants to worry about having their upholstery cleaned when you can simply use an affordable cleaning spray and microfiber cloth to wipe away dirt and grime in minutes?

Durability: Best of all, acrylic furniture products are made to be both lightweight and durable. Most will last for years and are even UV resistant, which means those with solid color won't fade from sunlight over time.

Without further delay, let's get you started on your search for the perfect acrylic chairs!

Under $100: Roll Around with an Urban Shop Acrylic Chair

Looking for a great acrylic chair for your home office? Look no further than the ultra-sleek Urban Shop acrylic rolling chair. The tinted acrylic seat offers a supportive curve, and the high back helps you stay comfortable whether you’re working or studying.

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Glide around the room with ease as you enjoy the swivel base and five wheels for added mobility. Worrying about achieving the perfect height will also be a thing of the past, as the hydraulic lift lever allows you to easily adjust the seat to the perfect height every time. This option is a great choice for everyone, from students to professionals.

Under $150: Flash Furniture Clear Side Chair with Gold Base

Add a dash of modern decor to any room with the Flash Furniture clear side chair with gold base. Made from commercial-grade materials, this seat features a fun "waterfall" design that will take the pressure off your legs while adding a touch of artistic elegance

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The chair’s see-through appearance and crystal finish are a great way to add the illusion of space to any room, whether it’s your kitchen, office or living area. The geometric gold base creates a cool modern feel and comes complete with floor glides to ensure the chair is not only easy to move but also won't scratch your floor when you slide it.


Under $200: Black Dining Chair with Acrylic Back and Legs

If you aren't ready to go full-on see-through, then check out this black dining chair with acrylic back and legs. Featuring cool candlestick-style legs, an ergonomically shaped back and a faux leather seat, it boasts the perfect blend of traditional style and modern appeal.

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Use a single chair as the perfect addition to a vanity table or desk or outfit your entire dining room table with a full set. You're sure to love both the comfort of the padded seat and the chic, airy feel this chair adds to the room of your choice. It makes a truly versatile piece for an effortless dash of contemporary style.

Under $300: Leisuremod Lima Modern Acrylic Chair with Steel Frame

If you're looking for the ultimate addition to an industrial or contemporary styled room, then check out the Leisuremod Lima modern acrylic chair. The heavy-duty acrylic seat perches on top of a chrome-finished steel frame for a chic minimalist feel.

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If you aren't feeling the clear look, then you’ll be happy to know this one is also offered in both red and black. You could buy an entire set in the same color for a sleek finished look, or you could mix and match the colors for a fun, artsy feel. The chairs are also equipped with four plastic floor protectors to guarantee a streak-free experience as well as offering added stability.

Under $500: A Floral Armchair with Acrylic Legs

While most acrylic chairs feature a see-through seat, the Misty swoop armchair with acrylic legs turns that convention completely upside down. This hand-crafted beauty features a tailored upholstery seat with cushioning mounted on modern acrylic legs.

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Photo Courtesy: Skyline Furniture

The combination of classic wingback curves and modern style makes these chairs awesome accent pieces for any living room. Proudly made-to-order in Illinois, the chairs are constructed using a sturdy pine wood frame that is sure to last for years. If you're looking for a fun way to add a dash of color to any room, this is a great place to start.


Under $600: Clear Acrylic Accent Chair with a Spotted Velvet Cushion

If you're looking to go all-out, then check out this incredible Bradley spotted velvet and clear acrylic accent chair. Made with high-quality material, its solid acrylic frame is immune to the dangers of scratches and water alike. The T-shaped backrest adds a touch of elegance to your home while creating the illusion of added space. The seat itself features a padded spotted velvet cushion that's as stunning as it is comfortable.

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No matter where you choose to place this chair in your home, it’s one piece that's sure to steal the show. Hopefully, this piece or one of the other stylish options can help you get started as you search for the perfect acrylic chair to liven up your living space!