Over 70,000 Amazon Shoppers Love These Luxury Throw Pillows

Over 70,000 Amazon Shoppers Love These Luxury Throw Pillows

By Ana Farrell
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These Beckham Gel Pillows are a top choice — and it's not hard to see why. The luxury throw pillows originate from the Beckham Hotel Collection, so they’re designed with cleanliness, softness and comfortability in mind. And, now, you can stock your home with that same hotel-quality luxury.

What Makes These Pillows Better Than Similar Products?

The gel filling and breathable cotton exterior make the pillows high on comfort and breathability, all while maintaining a lightness that standard gel pillows simply can't beat. They also remain puffy, soft, and supportive no matter what kind of sleeper you are — side, stomach, back — and hold up over years of use, unlike the majority of cotton pillows.

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Photo Courtesy: Beckham Luxury Linens Store/Amazon

Additionally, these luxury pillows are a great choice for anyone with allergies or asthma. That is, standard pillows tend to collect dust, hair, dirt, and any other allergens that enter your home, and, often, ridding these pillows of irritating substances requires buying new pillows altogether. These Beckham luxury pillows, however, are 100% cotton, hypoallergenic, stain-resistant, and able to be machine-washed, making them a long-lasting, allergen-free option. With a two-pack of these throw pillows costing less than $40 on clearance, it’s near-impossible to find a better deal for this level of quality.

What Are Satisfied Consumers Saying?

Don't believe us? Take the consumers' words for it. Reviewers of these Beckham luxury pillows praise them for their soft yet supportive material as well as their ability to adapt to nighttime tossing and turning. Plus, they remain cool, which is a great bonus for hot sleepers. Reviewer Taylor Hertz wrote, "I absolutely love these pillows. They actually feel like you are laying on a cloud. I have spent hundreds on brand name memory foam pillows that failed to relieve my neck pain — these pillows made that pain go away immediately."

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Photo Courtesy: Beckham Luxury Linens Store/Amazon

The reviewer continued, stating, "I was so impressed with the feel of them that I bought two more just to have for trips… I found these pillows to be incredibly comfortable, durable, and they still maintain the great fluffy feeling even after a year of use." Bottom line: If you're looking for bedding that can provide a luxurious good night’s rest, these Beckham pillows are a prime choice.