The Best Electric Skillets for Home Chefs

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An electric skillet can make stovetop cooking a lot easier. Some meals can be cooked with a single skillet alone in half an hour or less, making them a boon for beginners and busy experts alike. However, not all skillets are created equally. Read on to learn about the best and most useful electric skillets for your kitchen.

Best Overall: Presto 16-inch Electric Foldaway Skillet

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Provided you remove the heat control, this entire electric skillet is dishwasher safe, and all surfaces are nonstick, inside and out. There’s a built-in spout so that you can pour liquids easily out of the skillet for serving. Reviewers loved the fact that it heats up quickly and is easy to clean.

Best Value: Moss & Stone Ultimate Nonstick Electric Skillet

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This electric skillet from Moss & Stone has many of the same features as its competitors but at a fraction of the price. Look for a grease trap that keeps grease away from food as it cooks. Reviewers loved not only this skillet’s value, but also that it was easy to clean and has a glass lid.

Best Buffet-Style: Precise Heat Stainless Steel 16-Inch Rectangular Surgical Electric Skillet

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This Precise Heat electric skillet looks great either on your stove top or as a buffet server for a large party — you decide. Its large size allows you to cook a big dinner for your family. The top feature reviewers liked about this skillet was its even heat distribution as well as how easy it was to use and clean.

Best High Output: Elite Platinum Nonstick Deep Dish Heavy Duty Electric Skillet

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If you do a lot of cooking or are particularly hard on kitchen equipment, this high-output, heavy duty skiller is a great choice for you. Completely dishwasher safe, this skiller is also fully immersible in the sink for easy cleanup and resists warping or rusting. Not surprisingly, reviewers liked this skillet’s durability most of all.

Best Oversize: Dash Family Size Rapid Heat Electric Skillet

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If you find yourself continually struggling to get large dinners out for your growing family, then this family size skillet and oven from Dash is for you. Its 5-quart capacity makes it almost like a crockpot, but with all the capabilities of an electric skillet. Reviewers liked its large capacity and ease of use.

Best High-End: BSTY All-in-One Compact Multifunction Cooker with Electric Skillet

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Enjoy new ways of preparing food with this all-in-one cooker from BTSY. This versatile appliance functions as an electric skillet and griddle on the stovetop, but all of the pans can also move in and out of your oven just by adding water. Reviewers loved the easy-to-use temperature control.

Best Compact: Presto 11-Inch Electric Skillet

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Whether you’re cooking for just yourself or others, this compact little skillet can meet your needs at a great value. It can make casseroles for up to four people, so don’t let the small size fool you. Over 75 percent of reviewers gave this skillet a 5-star rating, and many of them appreciated how easy it was to assemble.

Best Ceramic: Presto National IND Ceramic 16-inch Electric Skillet

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If you prefer ceramics when cooking, this ceramic skillet from Presto is a great value and has rave reviews. Buyers appreciated how its high sidewalls prevented spills as well as its easy cleanup after a long dinner. Many also noted that it was a great value for its price

Best Round: Cuisinart 1500-Watt Nonstick Oval Electric Skillet

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This electric skillet from Cuisinart has a nonstick surface, and at 1,500 watts, it offers the power to cook meals quickly and thoroughly. While round skillets like this one often hold less food than square or rectangular ones, they often cook more evenly, and that’s exactly what many reviewers enjoyed about this skillet.

Best Copper: Caynel Professional Non-stick Copper Electric Skillet

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One of the reasons cooks love copper is because it cooks thoroughly and evenly. This copper skillet from Caynel doesn’t disappoint in that regard, offering a 8-quart capacity along with a nonstick cooking surface. Reviewers love the even heat distribution and nonstick surface.

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