Cool Off With the Best Fans

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When the summer heat strikes, breaking out a fan is one of the few things you can do to keep cool. While they won’t provide the same level of comfort as air conditioning (A/C) does, fans have a lot of perks that the A/C can’t offer. They’re portable, easy to adjust, and are much more energy-efficient. Shop this list of best fans and find yourself surviving the heat a little easier going forward.

Best Overall: Rowenta Turbo Silence Extreme

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With its ultra-quiet operation, convenient control panel and remote, and powerful airflow, the Rowenta Turbo Fan hits all the marks for a top pick. This tabletop fan packs a powerful punch despite its compact and easy-to-move size. Users also love how stylish and durable this fan looks.

Best Value: AmazonBasics Air-Circulator Floor Fan

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Improve the airflow in a room without spending a lot with the AmazonBasics Air-Circulator Floor Fan. This fan features three speed settings and a tilt angle, so you can point it where you need it to go. Users say it does a good job moving the air in the room, and it offers nice circulation without being too loud.

Quietest Fan: Woozoo HD18NU Whole Room Circulator Fan

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When you think whole-room circulator fan, you don’t exactly think “quiet,” but that’s exactly what you get with this Woozoo Circulator Fan. The fan is designed to move the air in a room, and that’s exactly what it does. However, users are sometimes taken aback by how noiselessly it works. It’s small, mighty, and silent, making it a good choice for the office or bedroom.

Best Portable Fan: Genesis 6-Inch Clip Convertible Fan

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The Genesis Convertible Fan is portable enough that you can move it anywhere you need to around the house. With a handy built-in clip, it attaches to a desk or sits on top of a tabletop or shelf easily. It also has two speeds and an adjustable head, making it even easier to control the airflow you need to stay cool.

Best Desktop Fan: OPOLAR Mini USB Powered Desk Fan

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Make yourself more comfortable at work with the OPOLAR Mini Desk Fan. When you use this fan, there’s no need to be near an electrical outlet because it plugs right into your computer’s USB port. Users say it is easy to clean, very powerful, and quiet enough to use without disturbing your coworkers.

Best Oscillating Fan: Pelonis Quiet Pedestal Fan

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Increase the comfort of a large area with the Pelonis Quiet Pedestal Fan. This fan boasts an attractive LED screen and impressive user features like a 7.5-hour timer and a remote control for convenience. Users say it operates with low white noise and does a good job of pushing air around the room.

Best Fan for Camping: JOMST Portable Camping Fan

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Heading to enjoy the great outdoors? Take the JOMST Portable Camping Fan with you and stay cool and comfortable even when you’re sleeping under the stars. This fan runs on built-in rechargeable batteries and features an LED light for extra convenience. Its compact size makes it easy to carry around and pack in your suitcase, and the built-in clip hangs easily on a tent.

Best Cordless Fan: Geek Aire Rechargeable High Velocity Floor Fan

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If you spend any amount of time outdoors in the heat, the Geek Aire Rechargeable Floor Fan is just what you need to keep cool. This versatile fan has a powerful wind speed and a long battery life, and its portable enough to pack in the car and travel with you.

Best Wall-Mounted: Lasko 2264QM High-Velocity QuickMount Fan

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If you prefer a fan that’s up and out of the way, try the Lasko QuickMount. This air mover easily alternates between a floor fan and wall-mounted unit, and its pivoting head allows you to point air in exactly the direction you need it to go. While it is loud, it has a durable metal frame and is one of the sturdiest fans you’ll find.

Best High-velocity Blower: Stanley 655704 High-Velocity Blower Fan

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The Stanley High-Velocity Blower Fan is one of the best when it comes to blasting air. If you need to dry out a wet basement or speed-dry a freshly mopped floor, this fan will do the job quickly. Many users love to put it to work around the house, saying it does a much better job at cooling off an area than other traditional fans.

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