The Best Home Safes to Protect Your Valuables

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If you want to bolster the protection of your valuable possessions, sensitive documents, or irreplaceable items, investing in a home safe is an effective way to do so. There is an assortment of safe styles and designs to help you better protect the contents of your home. Here are some of the top home safes to enhance your home’s security.

Best Overall: TIGERKING Security Home Safe

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The TIGERKING Security home safe is a top selection for homeowners with an assortment of home safe needs. Users love that this safe has numerous antitheft features. If someone inputs the wrong security code three times, an alarm will activate. The interior lockbox is another popular feature with individuals who want an additional layer of protection for certain items.

Best Value: AmazonBasics Home Keypad Safe

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With a price between $90 and $110, the AmazonBasics home keypad safe is proof that a great safe doesn’t have to bust your budget. Users report that the safe is an excellent option for housing typical household items, like important documents, jewelry, and valuable collectibles. They find that the predrilled holes make it easy to bolt this safe to the floor.

Best Spacesaver Safe: AmazonBasics Security Safe Box

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The AmazonBasics security safe box is a top selection if you’re short on space but have a few items you want to protect. Fans of this home safe report that it’s sturdy and secure. They find that the carpeted interior floor of the safe is a nice feature to have if you’re storing items that are scratched easily.

Best Moveable Home Safe: SentrySafe Fireproof Box

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If you want a home safe that you can move or transport with ease, the SentrySafe fireproof box is a good fit for your needs. This fireproof safe is a hit with users who want something that can grab quickly in the event of an emergency. It’s also a top choice for individuals who prefer a safe that opens solely via a lock and key.

Best Diversion Safe: Jssmt Book Safe

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The Jssmt book safe is a terrific alternative if you want a safe that doesn’t look like your typical safe. Users report that this safe isn’t easily detected and looks and feels just like a book. They also find it convenient that this safe opens via a three-digit combination lock rather than with a key or longer passcode.

Best Biometric Safe: SentrySafe Gun Safe With Biometric Lock

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The SentrySafe gun safe with biometric lock is a top selection for users who need to keep potentially dangerous items like handguns and prescription medication away from children. Users report that the biometric lock scans your fingerprints quickly. It’s also possible to store this safe horizontally or vertically to accommodate your needs better.

Best Coded Safe for a Handgun: Vaultek Essentials Series Quick Access Handgun Safe

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Users who prefer to house handguns in a safe with a numerical code rave about the Vaultek Essential Series quick access handgun safe. They like that the safe has an interior light that allows you to survey the contents of the safe quickly. Another popular feature for this safe is that it uses a rechargeable battery that charges via a USB cable.

Best Fireproof Safe: SentrySafe Fireproof Safe With Digital Lockpad

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Keep your valuables protected from fires with the SentrySafe fireproof safe with digital keypad. Fans of this safe state that the digital combination is easy to set and use and that the interior has ample room for their precious belongings. The safe’s interior also has numerous popular features that allow you to organize your safe better like a key rack, door tray, and deep door pocket.

Best Large Capacity Safe: Stack-On Electronic Lock Safe

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The Stack-On electronic safe boasts a spacious design that makes it perfect for housing large firearms or electronics. Users like that this safe comes with four removable shelves. Remove the shelves if you need to house a large item, add shelves to organize smaller items that you want to protect. The safe’s heavy weight makes it popular with homeowners who don’t want to bolt the safe to the floor.

Best Depository Safe: SentrySafe Depository Safe

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If you want the ability to add small items like cash, deposit slips, or trading cards to your safe without having to open it, check out the SentrySafe depository safe. Fans of this safe like that it requires two keys to gain access. Homeowners who like to keep cash at home or want a more secure piggy bank like the style of this alternative.

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