10 Pellet and Wood Stoves To Keep Your Home Warm

10 Pellet and Wood Stoves To Keep Your Home Warm

Cierra LundeLast Updated Apr 3, 2020 3:27:28 PM ET
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When temperatures drop, heating bills can soar. Some spaces can benefit from alternate heating options such as wood-burning and pellet-burning stoves. These units come in a variety of styles with differing features from advanced single-touch control panels to gravity-fed pellet dispensers. Whether you’re looking to provide heat in a poorly insulated home or significantly reduce those winter heating costs, you'll want to check out these pellet and wood stoves.


Best Overall: ComfortBilt HP22 Pellet Stove

If you want design and quality in one well-done package, check out the ComfortBilt HP22 Pellet Stove! This unit features an auto ignition, 55-pound hopper and a powerful blower allowing heating for spaces up to 2,800 square feet. While it only comes with a 1-year warranty, which is lower than average on the market, users love the removable ash pan, programmable thermostat and the quiet hum of the machine. In fact, lots of users remark on the peaceful ambience the stove creates only adding to the warmth.


Best Value: Pleasant Hearth Cabinet Pellet Stove

The Pleasant Hearth Cabinet Pellet Stove brings a whole new standard to capacity with its 120-pound hopper that promises to burn anywhere from 24 to 72 hours. This auto ignition unit comes standard with an outside air kit and a one-touch control system with multiple heat settings to find the temperature that suits your warming needs. Customers praise this unit for being both easy to use and install.


Best Warranty: ComfortBilt HP50 Pellet Stove

The ComfortBilt HP50 Pellet Stove can easily heat a single room in a house or a mobile home up to 2,200 square feet with an auto ignition, 47-pound hopper and an estimated burn time of 22 hours. Many reviewers state they've started saving hundreds of dollars a month during the winter by switching from propane to this model. This stove is known for its quiet, low-maintenance demeanor with single-touch temperature programming. Three modes allow you to switch between manual, tracking and weekly settings. Customers also loved the 7-year limited warranty, one of the longest in the market.


Best Ease of Use: Englander 25-PDVCH

If you want something that can just "get the job done" the Englander 25-PVCH Pellet Stove has been said to do just that. Constructed out of steel and featuring a double auger system, this pellet stove is built to last for years. It features a single-touch ignition, outside air kit and 5-year warranty. Users agree that it's economical and quiet. While the price point is solid for the reliable product, buyers should note that while the unit is thermostat adaptable, an adjustable thermostat is not included.


Best Innovation: US Stove GW1949 Pellet Stove

Innovative design and sustainability come together in the US Stove GW1949 Pellet Stove. The gravity-fed construction allows for virtually silent operation and because it doesn't require electricity, this is an ideal option for spaces where electricity isn't an option or outages are expected. The 60-pound hopper can supply up to 36 hours of heat and maintenance is only needed every 4-5 days instead of once a day like most other pellet stoves. Reviewers agree that while the installation of this unit has a learning curve, what it offers in return is worth it.


Best Efficiency: Englander 13-Inch Wood-Burning Stove

If you prefer a more vintage aesthetic in your home, the Englander 13-Inch Wood-Burning Stove features a classic look and dual-speed blower that burns wood for hours of heat. Users agreed this model was simple to install and operate and loved the flexibility in style offered with the included legs and pedestal. Reviewers commented on the efficiency of the wood-burning stove over the traditional fireplace, saying this model allowed them to cut their log-use in half.


Best Air Quality: Pleasant Hearth LWS-127201 Wood-Burning Stove

Soak up the heat of your Pleasant Hearth LWS-127201 Wood-Burning Stove while still maintaining air quality. This unit features a brick-lined firebox and the ability to burn logs up to 22 inches for 8-10 hours. Reviewers say they can depend on this unit to provide heat throughout the night while keeping the house from smelling like smoke.


Best for Durability: Englander Add-On Wood-Burning Furnace

The Englander Add-On Wood-Burning Furnace proves that wood-burning stoves don't have to sacrifice high-tech. This unit features a non-catalytic XBT firebox, which makes it an efficient fuel-burning machine. Reviewers love that it only takes a small amount of wood to burn for 6-8 hours. Customers rave about the amount of propane they're able to save.


Best Heat Distribution: Castle Serenity Wood Pellet Stove

Sleek design meets thorough heat distribution in the Castle Serenity Wood Pellet Stove. This unit features a Smart Controller with three settings, allowing you to operate your stove according to your preferred heat schedule. This coupled with an attractive, compact design delights reviewers who call it their single best investment for the winter season. Unlike other models that can take extended periods of time to warm up, this machine is applauded by users for its ability to begin producing heat within 10 minutes.


Best for Small Spaces: US Stove Magnolia Stove

Designed with small spaces in mind, the US Stove Magnolia Stove can heat rooms up to 2,500 square feet. This large steel plate stove features a quiet but powerful blower, a large ash pan for easy clean up and the ability to burn logs up to 21 inches. Reviewers mention the ease of use and installation for this model, as well as its fast heating time.

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