Stay Cool with the Best Portable Air Conditioners

Photo Courtesy: LG

Let’s be honest— in hot, humid weather, it doesn't take long to feel like you’re trapped in a sauna, and you'll do almost anything to get some relief. The COVID-19 outbreak and resulting quarantine reminded us all that it's not pleasant to be stuck at home without a reliable way to stay cool and comfortable. If you don’t have central air conditioning or a window air conditioner (AC), a portable AC can solve your need to cool down in an instant.

The best part is you can easily move one of these units from room to room, allowing you to cool off anywhere in your home, from your bedroom to your home office. Fortunately, several excellent options on the market are designed to fit everyone’s different needs. Whether you’re trying to beat the heat on a budget or keep a large room cold, these portable ACs can help you stay cool.