Get Healthy with the 10 Best Salad Spinners

Sarah AndersonLast Updated Apr 16, 2020 2:06:46 PM ET
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Whether you need a side dish for a party that everyone will enjoy or you’re embarking on a healthier lifestyle, a good salad is probably on the menu. A salad spinner can help keep your lettuce and greens dry and crisp, make mixing in other yummy ingredients easier than ever, and even provide a safe storage space for your completed dish. But not all salad spinners are created equally. Learn about the 10 best available.


Best Overall: Large OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner

The Large OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner is, by far, a top seller and a favorite among customers. They love that it’s easy to use and gets the salad drier than other products they’ve tried in the past. They also enjoy the fact that it’s sturdy, dishwasher safe and BPA free. The basket holds just under 5 quarts of greens, and it comes recommended by America's Test Kitchen.


Best Value: LOVKITCHEN Large Salad Spinner

If you’re looking for a salad spinner that works well but won’t cost a fortune, consider the LOVKITCHEN Large Salad Spinner. Available in 4 and 5 quarts — the 5-quart option is only a few dollars more — customers love how easy it is to use and how quickly it dries their greens. It’s also easy to clean afterwards and easy to lock and unlock.


Best For Sturdiness: Mueller Large 5L Salad Spinner

One of the main complaints customers have about salad spinners is that they’re flimsy and don’t last long. That’s not the case for the Mueller Large 5L Salad Spinner. Users report that the design is heavy duty, and it lasts for a long time, even with weekly use. The company even offers a lifetime warranty. It holds up to 5 liters of greens and is easy to use.


Best for Right- and Left-Handed People: Prepworks by Progressive Salad Spinner

Some left-handed people have trouble using salad spinners, but the Prepworks by Progressive Salad Spinner changes that, thanks to its long handle and pour spouts on either side of the bowl. It holds 2.5 quarts of food, and users report that it’s easy to use. It’s also dishwasher safe and easy to clean by hand.


Best Stainless Steel: OXO Steel Salad Spinner

A stainless-steel option like the OXO Steel Salad Spinner is going to cost at least twice as much as a plastic one, but many customers say it’s worth the price. It’s well-made and lasts longer, they report, and it just looks better than the plastic ones. It holds just under 5 quarts of food, and it’s easy to pump and brake with one hand.


Best Small Salad Spinner: OXO Good Grips Little Salad & Herb Spinner

If you haven’t figured it out by now, OXO makes good salad spinners. And if you’re only cooking for one or two people or you don’t have much storage space, a smaller one, like the OXO Good Grips Little Salad & Herb Spinner, is your best bet. The compact version of the original holds about 2.5 quarts of food and features a nonslip base and an easy-to-use brake.


Best For Quick Drying: Lovkitchen Large Salad Spinner

Not only does the Lovkitchen Large Salad Spinner work well, it works quickly. It’s a great choice for those nights when you need to get dinner on the table in a hurry. Customers also like the easy-to-use latch and lock system, and the spinner is sturdy yet lightweight. It holds up to 4 quarts of food and comes with a 24-month warranty.


Best Extra Large Salad Spinner: Brieftons QuickDry Salad Spinner

For many brands, the largest salad spinner they make is 5 quarts, but that’s not always enough to get the job done. The Brieftons QuickDry Salad Spinner is larger at 6.2 quarts, and it’s a customer favorite. It’s easy to use and doubles as a colander. It’s also sturdy and easy to clean. Best of all, it has a great nonslip system that keeps it sturdy on your counter.


Best Bundle: Iseason Salad Spinner

The Iseason Salad Spinner is a fantastic salad spinner, but it comes with a number of other gadgets so you get more bang for your buck. The bundle includes sliders, graters, and tongs — everything you need to make a delicious salad. It’s great to take on the go, and the spinner itself holds 5 quarts of food. It also works well and is easy to clean.


Best Mini Salad Spinner: ExcelSteel 602 Functional Mini Salad Spinner

Most salad spinners fall between 2.5 and 5 quarts, but the ExcelSteel 602 Functional Mini Salad Spinner holds just 1.4 quarts of food. It’s an excellent choice for people who live alone or those who want to take it to the office for a healthy lunch option. Customers say it works just as well as its larger counterparts and is easy to use. It’s a favorite for smaller produce, like fresh herbs.

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