The Best Snow Tires for Safe Winter Driving

Photo Courtesy: Pannonia/E+/Getty Images

Savvy drivers swap out their all-weather tires for winter tires to keep up with the harsh conditions of winter. This provides added traction and keeps everyone on the road safe. It can also save you money by limiting your need to replace summer tires that would otherwise get damaged by hazardous roads in colder temperatures.

Snow tires can help your car maintain a better grip on sharp corners, difficult hills and roads covered in snow and ice. Depending on where you live, you might be able to choose studdable tires, which feature removable metal studs that provide added traction on ice. According to Les Schwab Tire Centers, studded snow tires are "like claws on a snowshoe; they dig into slick surfaces." Before adding studs, check your state regulations to learn whether they're allowed. If you don't encounter ice on the road, you can look for studless options with treads designed to grip surfaces covered in slush or packed snow. But first, check out our list of options to find the right snow tires for your vehicle during the winter season.

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