Best Toilets for Your Bathroom

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The toilet is perhaps one of the most important features of your bathroom and selecting one for a bathroom shouldn’t be an afterthought. Color, style, and cost are important factors to consider, but you also want a toilet that’s comfortable and works well.

Fortunately, many people who’ve purchased toilets in the past left reviews to help future buyers make an informed decision. These toilets rank among the best according to people who’ve installed and used them.

Best Overall: American Standard Champion-4

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Homeowners and contractors alike rate the American Standard Champion-4 highly. It’s easy to install, quiet to use and comfortable to sit on. Reviewers also like that it has a stylish design that helps enhance the look of their bathrooms after a remodel. It is available in standard and elongated formats.

Best Value: Glacier Bay One-Piece N2420

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With its low price and utility-saving features, the Glacier Bay One-Piece N2420 offers incredible value. It has dual-flush technology that allows you to control the flow rate. Reviewers love that it performs just as well as toilets that cost two to three times more. They also like the sleek and modern design.

Budget-friendly Pick: Glacier Bay Two-Piece N2428R-DF

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Out of hundreds of reviews, most purchasers rate the Glacier Bay Two-Piece N2428R-DF as a “good buy.” It’s priced at less than $100, bringing the cost of your bathroom remodel down. At 2.4 inches, the height is slightly higher than many standard toilets, adding to users’ comfort. Reviewers state that it’s easy-to-install, conserves water, and works reliably.

Easiest to Clean: American Standard Cadet 3 FloWise

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EverClean technology makes the American Standard Cadet 3 FloWise one of the easiest to keep clean and sanitized. This technology inhibits mold and mildew growth. The PowerWash rim scrubs the bowl to make it cleaner with every flush. Many reviewers purchased more of this model after installing one because they loved its look, operation, and features so much.

Easiest to Install: Kohler Santa Rosa

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People without a lot of plumbing knowledge found that the Kohler Santa Rosa toilet was easy to install without the help of a contractor. Reviewers like the one-piece design that gives it a sleek look and makes it easy to clean. They also love that the toilet seat is easy to remove and install without tools.

Best High-end Toilet: TOTO Ultramax II

Photo Courtesy: Lowe’s

For major bathroom upgrades, the TOTO Ultramax II has all of the features that fit the bill. Reviewers were especially impressed with the flush power and stated that it had as much power as commercial toilets despite its water-saving design. Additionally, the bowl has a special glazing that prevents particles from sticking to keep the bowl looking clean all the time.

Most Comfortable: Kohler Cimarron

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Many toilets are too low for adults to use comfortably. The chair-height design of the Kohler Cimarron makes it more comfortable to use and more comfortable for sitting and standing. Other features that users love are the DryLock design that prevents leaks and the ease of installation even for those who’ve never installed a toilet before.

Most Attractive Design: Woodbridge T-0019

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The skirted trapway gives the Woodbridge T-0019 an upscale look that’s also easy to clean. It has a modern look that goes well with any bathroom remodel. It has a space-saving design that fits in any size bathroom. In addition to its nice appearance, reviewers also love that it’s comfortable.

Best Quality: Kohler Highline Classic

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Reviewers give the Kohler Highline Classic 4.5 stars for quality. The toilet comes with everything you need to install it right out of the box. Materials are sturdy, reliable, and built to last. It’s comfortable to use, and uses less water than other standard models. Overall, reviewers were happy with the quality of this toilet and that it worked better than expected.

Best Eco-friendly Model: American Standard H2Option

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The WaterSense-certified American Standard H2Option uses 25 percent less water than standard toilets. It uses just one gallon of water for a light flush, which puts it below other eco-friendly models too. Even with its water-conserving design, reviewers were impressed with the amount of power behind each flush.

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