The Best Wet/Dry Vacuums for Any Size Job

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When it comes to cleaning up tough messes, nothing beats a wet/dry vacuum. These versatile machines help you clean up just about anything your family dishes out. With so many products to choose from, how do you find a wet/dry vacuum that suits your needs?

Consumers like you have put numerous wet/dry vacuums to the test, and these 10 models came out on top. Here are the top-rated wet/dry vacuums on the market.

Best Overall: CRAFTSMAN 16-Gallon Wet/Dry Vac

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When it comes to wet/dry vacuums, the CRAFTSMAN 16-Gallon Wet/Dry Vac comes in at the top of the class. The powerful engine provides 6.5 peak horsepower, and multiple attachments are included. This is one tough machine for any job.

An impressive 84% of reviewers give it five stars, and consumers love how quietly the unit runs. Other notable features include its stability and the floater that shuts the vacuum off when you fill it up.

Best Value: Vacmaster 6-Gallon Stainless Steel Wet/Dry Vacuum

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If you don’t want to spend a ton of money but you need a quality wet/dry vacuum, the Vacmaster 6-Gallon Stainless Steel Wet/Dry Vacuum might be the right choice. It offers a 3 peak horsepower engine and a compact size for easy storage.

Consumers love how it cleans equally well indoors and outside as well as the power you get with the quiet operation. It also doubles and works really well as a blower.

Best Portable: Armor All 2.5-Gallon Wet/Dry Utility Shop Vacuum

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Small messes can still require great power to clean, and the Armor All 2.5-Gallon Wet/Dry Utility Shop Vacuum packs a lot of cleaning power in a portable package. Additionally, if storage space is an issue, you’ll fall in love with this little genius.

Two-thirds of reviewers gave this one five stars, partly because they appreciate how well it cleans with and without attachments. It’s also popular for its easy handling and portability.

Best Upright: Bissell CrossWave Floor and Carpet Cleaner

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Maybe you prefer a more traditional form factor instead of a wet/dry vacuum with a giant tub. If you’re interested in an upright style that can take care of anything, check out the Bissell CrossWave Floor and Carpet Cleaner and Wet/Dry Vacuum.

Consumers love how well it cleans hardwood, carpet and tile better than other name brand products. It’s convenient, easy to use and even cleans up pet hair.

Best Rugged Vacuum: Stanley 10-Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum

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When it comes to toughness, you can’t beat the Stanley 10-Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum. It features a 4-horsepower engine and swiveling wheels for easy gliding across the floor.

Reviewers love how durable this wet/dry vacuum is as well as how it cleans as powerfully as bigger vacuums. One buyer even said it cleaned her husband’s dirty dump truck with ease. You can power it from a wall or car outlet.

Best Handheld: WELIKERA Handheld Wet/Dry Vac

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When all you need is a handheld vacuum for smaller cleanups, turn to the WELIKERA Handheld Wet/Dry Vac. Cordless functionality gives this compact vacuum the edge when it comes to efficiency.

A whopping 82% of reviewers gave this vacuum five stars, noting that they particularly love the convenience and ease of use. One of the best features of this vacuum is the LED light that allows you to use it in dark closets and under the bed.

Best for the Garage: Bissell MultiClean Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner

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Are you on the hunt for a wet/dry vacuum that’s perfect for your car and garage? The Bissell MultiClean Wet/Dry Garage and Auto Vacuum Cleaner might offer exactly what you need.

Reviewers praise it for its quiet operation and compact form that is less bulky and unwieldy than other wet/dry vacuums. The suction control is great for cleaning and detailing your vehicles.

Best Design: WORKSHOP 14-Gallon High-Power Wet/Dry Vacuum

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If you’re interested in a vacuum that works well in both a residential and commercial setting, the WORKSHOP 14-Gallon High-Power Wet/Dry Vacuum is worth a look. The 6 peak horsepower motor has plenty of power but operates quietly.

Consumers love the sturdy construction and the thoughtful cart-style design. The non-kinking hose and powerful suction are other top features for buyers who have used this vacuum at home or on their work sites.

Best Accessories: WORKSHOP 16-Gallon Stainless Steel Wet/Dry Vac

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Sometimes the accessories are just as important as the product itself. The WORKSHOP 16-Gallon Stainless Steel Wet/Dry Vac is a prime example.

Consumers rave about the attachments and tools that come with this vacuum, particularly the handy accessory bag. It also comes with a 7-foot hose and a 20-foot power cord, giving it excellent reach.

Best Wall Mount: Bissell Garage Pro Wall-Mounted Wet/Dry Vacuum

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If a wall-mounted wet/dry vacuum offers the convenient storage you need, check out the Bissell Garage Pro Wall-Mounted Wet/Dry Vacuum. This vacuum mounts easily to your garage wall and comes with a handy auto tool kit.

Reviewers love that it doesn’t take up floor or shelf space in garages and workshops. The easy installation is another impressive feature, and it’s easy to empty and clean.

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