Safety Comes First with Medokare's Shower Stall Seat

Photo Courtesy: Medokare/Amazon

Shower stall seats need to be safe and stable, but that doesn't mean they can't also be comfortable for those who use them. Medokare's shower stall seat combines the best of both worlds with a wide, padded bench and rubberized legs to prevent it from slipping in a shower's wet environment.

Safety Features Prevent Dangerous Falls in Seniors

The bench is designed with safety in mind. The rubber-padded legs prevent movement and dangerous falls. It's also easily adjustable, so it provides stability no matter your height. One of the bench’s best safety features are the strategically-positioned holes that allow shower spray to pass through. This design element prevents water buildup, which means less slipping.

Photo Courtesy: Medokare/Amazon

Although its solid design is built to hold up to 280 pounds, this seat is also portable and lightweight. Additionally, it can be assembled in minutes and it’s versatile enough to fit in narrower shower stalls. Best of all, it comes with a portable tote bag, so that users can keep all of their supplies in one place while using the seat. This also cuts down on the need to stand up or reach for shower products — which, in the end, cuts down on the chance for accidents and falls.

Users love the stability, comfort, and portability of Medokare's seat. Amazon customer Gregory Rothermich purchased the seat for their older father, who had started to get dizzy when showering. "Since having this seat, he is able to shower more frequently as well as being able to wash himself thoroughly without fear of falling… He simply loves this seat." Another Amazon customer, Lauren, echoes this sentiment, noting how useful the stool was after a knee replacement surgery. "I recently had knee replacement surgery followed by quadriceps repair surgery," Lauren wrote. "I have a shower stall with a built-in seat but did not feel comfortable using it because it got slick when wet. I ordered this shower stall and it's perfect."

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