Shark Tank Products That Are Actually Useful

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If you watch TV, you’ve probably seen the exciting entrepreneur-focused show Shark Tank, where innovators pitch their products to earn investor support. Sometimes, the participants find huge success, but that doesn’t always mean the products are truly deserving.

Success isn’t everything, but finding amazing new products that are actually useful could make a difference in improving your daily life. Take a look at some of the most affordable items to appear on Shark Tank that are worth every dollar you spend. Maybe you’ll even find your next unique holiday gift for Mom.

Scrub Daddy

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Sometimes, the best inventions are the simplest ones. This Shark Tank product has achieved major success for precisely that reason — it’s simple yet effective. Scrub Daddy Sponges are made of a unique material that scrubs rough in cold water and soft in warm water without leaving scratches.

The best part? A pack of three costs less than $10. Reviewers especially like that the sponges don’t hold grime and germs and don’t start to stink after a while. They aren’t magic, however, and you will have to replace them occasionally like regular sponges.

Squatty Potty

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Experts have a lot of ideas about the best way to use the toilet. Science indicates the healthiest way is with the aid of a product like the Squatty Potty to take pressure off other parts of your body.

Many people swear this toilet aid improves colon health and makes them feel better in general. For less than $40, you can enjoy the Squatty Potty’s benefits. After all, just because humans have been doing their business one way for many years, that doesn’t mean it’s the best way.

Silicone Mats

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These all-purpose silicone mats changed the game of cooking after they popped up on Shark Tank. Now, you no longer need five different types of dish cloths and oven mitts for all your kitchen needs — you just need one Safe Grab.

Safe Grab can be used to carry hot dishes, cover food in the microwave, open jars and more. They are non-slip, durable and come in several fun colors, and they can be slipped into the dishwasher after dirty jobs. They currently sell for less than $30 per two-pack.

Simply Fit Board

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New fitness products that don’t do much to help you are a dime a dozen on the internet. However, the Simply Fit Board has been a hit with real customers from the get-go. These sturdy boards make your workouts a little harder — in the best way possible!

By balancing on the board while doing push-ups, arm weights, squats and dozens of other exercises, you can work your muscles to the maximum. Some customers even take the boards to the office for productivity breaks. At less than $30, this Shark Tank product is a winner with more than $160 million in total sales to back it up.

Flip-It! Bottle Emptying Kit

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Squeezing out the last drops of valuable product from a bottle is one of the most annoying daily struggles, but it doesn’t have to be. The Flip-It Bottle Emptying Kit is made to extract the last possible drops from any bottle.

One reviewer claimed their shampoo lasted months longer with this product, and another described it as “life-altering.” High praise indeed! At less than $15, the Flip-It pays for itself in money you save on lost product. This was quite a wise investment for the sharks.

The Original Comfy

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With a name that includes “comfy,” The Original Comfy already had an edge on success. Sometimes, you just want the coziness of a blanket and the coverage of a hoodie, and you shouldn’t have to choose between the two.

Reviewers agree you can have the best of both worlds with this product. Often advertised as a great holiday gift, this plush, oversized hoodie comes in various colors and prints and sells for around $40. And don’t worry about getting the right size — one size fits all with the Comfy.

Eco Nuts Soap

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Eco Nuts have become an official wave of the future as an all-natural, biodegradable laundry alternative. The unique nuts become a nontoxic soap in the washer and are reusable for several loads. Simply toss them in the compost when they are used up. According to customers, they really work.

They are especially good for people with sensitive skin, allergies and fragrance sensitivities. Just make sure you read up on how to use them. If you do it right, they should last as long as detergent. A small box costs less than $10.

Lollacup Sippy Cup

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Parents everywhere swear by the Lollacup Weighted Straw sippy cup. As people with children know, regular sippy cups aren’t always easy for kids to use. Lollacup has a fun bird design and a weighted straw to help kids as young as 6 months drink independently.

The downside to this Shark Tank success product is that it’s not 100% spill-proof and will leak if turned upside down. For less than $20 to get the other features, that’s an issue many reviewers don’t mind overlooking. You can take the cup apart for easy cleaning and replace straws as needed.

Buggy Beds

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If you’ve ever had bed bugs, you know the problems they cause and how hard it can be to eliminate them. They leave itchy bites and cost a lot of time, money and effort to get rid of them. Buggy Beds Glue Traps can help you prevent a bed bug crisis before it happens.

Put these traps around your home to lure bed bugs before they make it to your mattress. Don’t worry, they’re non-toxic! A game-changer in the fight against bed bugs, Buggy Beds were a wise investment for the sharks. The traps sell for less than $10.


Photo Courtesy: Amazon

If you thought duct tape was an all-purpose repair tool, you haven’t tried FiberFix Repair Wrap yet. This tape is 100 times stronger than duct tape, and it’s waterproof. It doesn’t quite work like tape, however. You have to soak it in water before applying.

Once you cover the crack or break, the tape hardens to form a stiff, sturdy material that seals leaks. Reviewers love that this product saves them time and money on household repairs. Just make sure you’re prepared before getting to work, as the setting process happens quickly.

Cute Frog Pacifier

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Any products that make life easier on parents are sure to ring up good sales. This includes the PullyPalz Pacifier Holder, a cute frog toy that doubles as a landing pad for your baby’s pacifier. It has a Velcro strap for holding the pacifier near your infant.

The retractable string means you never have to run around looking for a lost binky. Some customers say the frog is on the big side, so keep that in mind before spending around $25 if you want something small.

Sleep Styler

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Do you dream of waking up with perfectly styled hair? That was the pitch for the Sleep Styler, and it worked. These unique rollers have now made sales of $100 million, with a price tag of less than $15 for eight rollers.

The curlers are soft and pliable, allowing you to create the curl intensity you want and still be comfortable sleeping. According to reviewers, you should put them in your hair when it’s almost dry, or the curls come out too tight. This could be the non-damaging miracle hair curler you’ve always wanted.

Ramen Cooker

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In this modern world, efficiency is always the key. Ramen noodles are a staple of many college students’ diets — as well as anyone on a tight budget. To make the process of cooking them even easier, try the Rapid Ramen Cooker by Rapid Brands.

The secret is in the material. The dishwasher-safe polypropylene is simply the best material for microwaving, at least according to the product’s reviewers. Apparently, it will give you “perfectly cooked ramen” in a sturdy container in just a few minutes. How much will it set you back? Only about $12 for a two-pack.

Lovepop Cards

Photo Courtesy: Amazon

It’s not always easy finding the perfect card for a special occasion. At times, a card just feels too simple. That’s where Lovepop Birthday Cake Pop Up Cards come in. (Other designs and occasions are also available.)

These cards are popular with customers who have gift-averse family members. They often find the fun, thoughtfully-made cards to be a perfect present replacement, and they won’t do too much damage to your wallet. Lovepop cards generally sell for around $13, and your loved one can display the card for the whole year.

Reusable Paper Towels

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Many people these days are looking for more eco-friendly products. Canvas bags are replacing plastic bags, more people are composting and there’s even an option to buy Reusable Paper Towels by Bambooee.

These towels are made from — you guessed it — bamboo, and one roll is equivalent to 429 paper rolls. You can wash the towels up to 100 times, which makes the $10 price per roll pretty economical. Just be sure to dry them correctly. Otherwise, you could see some mold growth.


Photo Courtesy: Amazon

Possibly one of the funniest products to appear on Shark Tank, the Sun-Staches Costume Sunglasses didn’t take much convincing to win investments. The name is pretty self-explanatory — sunglasses with built-in mustaches. You can find them in different styles, including devil, hippie, pirate and bride.

Customers rave about the glasses being perfect for costume parties and vacations with friends. After all, who doesn’t want to look like Jack Sparrow just by slipping on a pair of shades? Don’t expect indestructible materials, however — they cost less than $10 for most styles.

All-Natural Cleaning Products

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We can’t say it enough — people are hungry for all-natural, sustainable products. When it comes to cleaning, that comes in the form of Better Life Natural Tub and Tile Cleaner. Better Life cleaning products get the job done, while still being safe to use around kids and pets. All the company’s products are non-toxic and biodegradable.

This bottle of tub and tile cleaner costs less than $10. That’s certainly a steal for all that it offers. Some customers didn’t like the strong smell of eucalyptus, but most preferred the non-chemical fragrance. The fragrances aren’t artificial, which is also reassuring.

Power Cakes

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Another affordable, successful Shark Tank product, Kodiak Cakes are pancakes-in-a-cup that pack a punch when it comes to protein — 10 grams per serving, to be exact. They also make regular pancake mix and a Kodiak syrup.

A 12-pack will cost around $25, which may seem pricey, but others claim the price is reasonable for a high protein product that also has great taste. Kodiak Cakes come in different flavors, like buttermilk maple, strawberry chocolate chip, cinnamon maple and blueberry maple. It makes your mouth water just thinking about it!


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Sometimes, the best products are the ones you never knew you needed. Once the Frywall appeared on Shark Tank, cooks everywhere jumped on board. This silicone cone fits inside the edges of your pans to protect against splattering oil.

You can get the dishwasher-safe cones in different sizes and colors, but they only work with circular pans. Customers love that they make cooking safer and also prevent food from falling to the floor when stirring. Their usefulness will cost you a little less than $25 for most sizes.

Acupressure Massager

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You don’t always have someone handy to massage your problem spots for you. If you did, you could relieve a lot of body pains by hitting the right pressure points. Thanks to the Acupressure Massager, you can soothe these points yourself.

This product is made from recyclable plastic and is angled to make access to pressure points easy. You’ll be able to reach those difficult places that need the most attention. For less than $25, this massager helps alleviate pain all over the body, according to reviewers.

Rolling Bag

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Sometimes, a purse isn’t big enough to carry everything you need. Many professions — teachers, consultants, designers — require tools that could fill a suitcase. Try filling a Smart Cart Rolling Basket instead. It’s not just useful for work. You can also use it to store cleaning products, art materials and many other things.

What people love most about this bag is that it collapses for easy storage, and, of course, it rolls. You won’t have to hurt your back lugging a heavy bag around anymore. Even more good news: It costs less than $30.

Water Bottle Cleaner

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As far as tough things to clean, water bottles and stainless steel bottles are among the hardest. The narrow openings make scrubbing difficult, and it’s easy for unwanted bacteria to build up where you can’t see it. As seen on Shark Tank, Bottle Bright offers an inexpensive solution to this problem.

These all-natural tablets do the work for you. Just drop the tablet in, add warm water and let it sit. Reviewers report being stunned by the gunk they got rid of with these tablets. A pack of 12 costs less than $20.


Photo Courtesy: Amazon

The name of this item may not be super appealing, but it’s accurate. Nerdwax is a highly successful Shark Tank product that helps “nerds” keep their glasses on their noses without all the pesky slipping and falling. You’ll never have to push your frames up again!

The all-natural wax helps the bridge of your glasses “stick” to your nose, without causing discomfort. Be warned! The wax won’t work unless you thoroughly clean the oils off your frames beforehand. Nerds will pay less than $15 for this helpful life hack.

Seat Gap Filler

Photo Courtesy: Amazon

This product costs less than $25 and can do wonders for your sense of neatness. The Drop Stop wedges fit in the gaps between your car seats and your console and literally stop food and belongings from dropping into the abyss.

Drive safer knowing your phone, food and money can’t slip into hard-to-reach areas when you turn. The downside? The wedges may not fit every car. Some customers reported a poor fit that restricted seat movement. For those with the right fit, however, the wedges are a lifesaver.


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You’ve probably used regular spatulas thousands of times, but have you ever considered the practicality of mini-spatulas? The makers of Spatty & Spatty Daddy were on the right track with this genius invention. Instead of using them for cooking, you use the Spatty spatulas to get product out of narrow-mouthed bottles.

Customers use them for food products, cosmetics and more. A set of two different sized spatulas costs less than $15. Depending on the cost of the otherwise wasted product, you could save that much in no time. Yet again, simplicity is the answer.

Hoodie Neck Pillow

Photo Courtesy: Amazon

Have you ever struggled to get some Z’s on a long flight or train ride? Or maybe you just need a power nap on your lunch break. Shark Tank pounced on the HoodiePillow idea when it came around. After all, quality sleep is priceless. This inflatable neck pillow is attached to a hoodie that can be cinched around your head and eyes.

This allows you to block light and noise and keep your head warm while supporting your neck during a snooze. With a price tag around $25, the HoodiePillow offers a sweet deal that impressed the sharks.

Magnetic Glasses Holders

Photo Courtesy: Amazon

Another product for those who wear glasses, these Magnetic Eyeglass Holders combine functionality with style. Attach the strip to your shirt, and you won’t have to search for where you left your glasses anymore. They will be right there on your chest.

The magnets are strong enough to prevent slippage, but they are also lightweight and comfortable against your skin. It’s also a pretty cool style to wear around the office. The inventor of this gadget has reportedly made more than $2 million in profits, which is pretty impressive since you can buy one for around $10.

Reusable Storage Bags

Photo Courtesy: Amazon

If you feel bad every time you toss out another plastic bag, consider giving Stasher Reusable Storage Bags a try. They serve the purpose of a plastic bag but are non-toxic and can be run through the dishwasher for multiple uses.

According to some reviewers, the seal is hard to find and close but strong enough to hold adequately portioned foods. Just be gentle with cleaning, as the edges of the silicone bags can rip. They may cost about $10 a bag, but you won’t have to buy replacements, and you save the planet.

Grease-Cutting Cleaning Wipes

Photo Courtesy: Amazon

Regular cleaning wipes don’t always get the job done, but Grease Monkey Wipes rarely fail. A box of 24 wipes costs less than $20 and are ideal for on-the-go messes. When you need a heavy-duty formula, they can cut through the thickest substances.

Most customers slip them into their backpacks or carry them in their vehicles for a quick fix if they find themselves in a pinch. If you have a mechanic in your life, these wipes make an ideal gift.

Fidget Toy

Photo Courtesy: Amazon

With the explosive popularity of the fidget spinner, this FlipIt Fidget Toy provides the same type of relief but is small enough to fit in your pocket. You can carry it with you to work, school or on a trip to discreetly help you eliminate anxiety, stress and restlessness.

This gadget is helpful for those who don’t want the whole world seeing their “toy” but still need something to do with their hands. At less than $10, it’s a gadget the whole family can enjoy.

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