Every Stylish (and Tasty!) Product You Need to Keep Your Cat Happy

Every Stylish (and Tasty!) Product You Need to Keep Your Cat Happy

By Ana Farrell
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When adopting a new kitty, it can be a tad overwhelming to make sure you have every product you need to keep your new buddy happy. That's why we've assembled the ultimate checklist that’s chock full of everything you need to welcome your cat into its new home. Here you'll find all the kitty essentials, each of which comes with a cardboard box that your cat will doubtless consider a wonder all on its own.

All About the Bed

Make no mistake — as soon as a cat begins calling your house its home, every spot inside will become a bed. If you want to avoid the joys of freshly shed fur decorating every inch of your furniture, then hook your new cat up with Meowfia's premium cat bed cave.

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Cave beds are particularly popular among cats and will give yours a spot to sleep and stalk from the shadows all in one. This is one $50 purchase that your cat will assure you is worth every penny.

A Winning Window Perch

When it comes to what's going on outside, cats must know everything. Give your furball the front row seat it deserves with the Kitty Sill cat perch from K&H Pet Products. Your cat will enjoy hours of sunbathing and unsanctioned neighborhood patrols atop this ultra-soft orthopedic foam throne.

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You'll find setup a snap, with no tools required. Have an "extra fluffy" kitty that tends to hit the kibble a little too hard? Fear not; this perch can hold up to 40 pounds of weight and is available in heated and unheated versions.

The Best of Bowls

The relationship between a cat and its bowl is one that can only be described as sacred. Gift your fuzzy friend with the perfect dining set, such as this combo from Kitty City's raised cat bowl collection. Unlike traditional bowls, this set is created with your cat's comfort in mind.

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They're elevated to keep your cat from having to stoop down to the floor to eat, which can create a lot of neck tension. The tops are also oval-shaped and slightly slanted to protect your cat's whiskers and create a more natural eating posture.


Keeping Your Kitty Hydrated

Unless you want to share your toilet with your thirsty cat, then it's best to outfit your pal with a personal water source. At around $20, the isYoung cat fountain was rated over more expensive fountains as the best way to make sure your cat's water is always fresh.

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Not only is it adorable, but it's also designed with a noise-canceling dispenser that won't produce more than a gentle hum. Researchers have found that animals drink more frequently from flowing water sources, so this 56-ounce fountain can help keep your cat happy and healthy.

Get Into Greens

If you ever catch kitty eyeing your houseplants, then it may be time to invest in some feline-friendly greens. You'll score major points when you order some cat grass seeds from Todd's Seeds. Rest assured that the grass is incredibly easy to grow and begins to sprout within days of planting.

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Cats love these sweet little blades so much that you won't even have to point your pet in their direction. Not only do cats find it delicious, but it's so healthy that you can even use it yourself for juicing...with kitty's permission, of course.

Furminator Fun

It never hurts to help your kitty avoid hairballs with a handy tool like the Furminator for cats. With over 6,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, cat lovers swear by this next-level brushing device. You can select from several different sizes based on your cat's hair length to find the perfect fit for your grooming needs.

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The beauty of the stainless steel blade is that it's designed to glide safely over the top coat of your cat's fur while removing excess fur from the undercoat. Prepare to be thanked with kisses of gratitude.


Scratchy Time

Why should you invest in a scratching post like this one from Amazon Basics? Because if you don't, your kitty is likely to DIY one out of your couch. It's not that cats are a vengeful lot, but they need to scratch as much as we need to clip our nails.

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This one comes with a solid wood base that's wrapped in natural jute fiber that will keep your cat's claws nice and healthy. It even comes with a little dangling toy that will keep your pet more interested in shredding the post than your curtains.

The Kitty Clubhouse

Want to be the coolest cat parent on the block? Then present your cat with Go Pet Club's 62-inch cat tree. Cats are engineered with the need to climb, and they will find a way to do it, whether it be on this cool kitty condo or in your Christmas tree.

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Photo Courtesy: Amazon

Sort of like a mini-Disneyland for cats, this bad boy comes complete with a ladder, hanging toys, a tunnel, scratching posts and perches. If you're looking for the perfect all-in-one solution to keep your cat happy, then this is a great way to go.

The Legendary Laser Dot

If you've never seen a cat spy a laser dot, then you've yet to experience the true meaning of glee. Do yourself a favor and send for GO!'s rechargeable light toy. This USB-rechargeable light brings so much more to the table than your average laser pointer.

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It comes equipped with a red laser dot for your kitty to chase and can also switch over to a UV light or mini flashlight. Now you can give your cat hours of fun, light your way to the car at night and detect counterfeit bills all in one.


Experience the Temptation

Looking for a great cat treat? Look no further than Temptations. Known on the streets as "kitty crack," one shake of a bag of these will make any cat snap to attention like a furry little soldier. While they're reasonably priced, they're also nutritionally balanced to keep treat time guilt-free.

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They even come in almost a dozen different flavors, from chicken to tuna, just in case your cat has a specific guilty pleasure. Hide them in a treat puzzle ball or simply drop them at your delighted kitty's feet to score major pet-parent points.

The Hidden Litter Box

If you love the idea of having a cat but aren't so keen on sharing your home with a litter box, then don't panic. Now there are stealthy products like this hidden litter box from Good Pet Stuff.

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Photo Courtesy: Amazon

This cleverly disguised, large-capacity litter box is designed for large or multiple cats and will definitely class up the spot you choose where your pets can do their business. Its filtered, vented system works to help control dust and odor so that what happens in the litter box can stay in the litter box.

Cool Kitty Litter

Just as there are many litter box options, so too are there plenty of new and handy varieties of kitty litter. There's a brand called Pretty Litter that’ll even help you monitor your cat's health while also delivering maximum odor control.

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Photo Courtesy: Pretty Litter

Cats are notorious for hiding illnesses, because after all, it's not like they can tell us if something doesn't feel right. Pretty Litter is engineered to change colors to alert you if something may be up with your cat's health. Early detection can help save you big-time on vet visits and keep your cat feeling its best.


Help Kitty Get Kicks

Watch your kitty go bananas with this adorable catnip banana toy from Yeowww! Safety concerns are not an issue, because each banana toy is made from cotton twill that's been colored using natural vegetable- or soy-based dyes only. Tucked inside each fantastic fruit is plenty of 100% organic catnip that's totally free of pesticides.

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Photo Courtesy: Chewy

Using only the best catnip makes for a long-lasting aroma that’ll keep your pal coming back for more. Hand-sewn with love, these sturdy little toys are built to stand up to all the scratching, biting and bunny kicking that your kitty has to offer.

The Ultimate Cardboard Box

Among life's greatest mysteries is how the proudest, most elegant animals on the planet could all be absolutely obsessed with cardboard boxes. Regardless of the reason, you can indulge your cat in style with one of these adorable little cardboard buildings from the ASPCA.

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Photo Courtesy: Amazon

Each one has scratching material on the bottom and is decorated like a cool building that’ll turn your living room into a mini cat village. You can choose from all sorts of themes, like a circus tent, a beachfront hotel, a winter cabin and even a little Volkswagen bus.

Sleepy Cat Hoodie

If you're ready to take it to the next level as a shameless cat person, then look no further than the KittyRoo sweatshirt. Let's face it. Cats are the world's best cuddlers, and they insist on exercising their talents whenever they see fit.

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Photo Courtesy: Catwearinc.

That's why some genius found a way to help you keep them close, even if your hands don't happen to be free. This ultra-cozy sweatshirt comes with a little kangaroo pouch so you can carry your kitty all around the house while you work, play or even curl up for a nap.


Keeping Your Cat Curious

It's easy to forget that cats are natural hunters until you find your toes being stalked from beneath the sheets. That's why it's important to help them find outlets for their instincts, like this digger puzzle from Catit.

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Photo Courtesy: Amazon

It comes with tubes of different lengths and heights inside of which you can stash treats or kibble for your cat to "hunt." It's also a great solution if your cat tends to get a little too excited at dinner time, eats too quickly and ends up spitting food back up all over the floor.

Kitty Fishing

If there's one toy that every self-respecting kitty must have, it's a great cat wand like this feather teaser from Pet Fit for Life. It comes with a soft yet durable foam handle and two changeable feather attachments that’ll bring out your kitty's inner tiger.

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Photo Courtesy: Amazon

Never fear if your cat tends to get a little mouthy with "prey." The feathers you get with this wand are made from safe, non-toxic materials that won't harm your cat even if it chews on them. Keep your cat fit, happy and ready for action!

The Best Clean Breath

As impeccable as cats tend to be about keeping themselves well-groomed, there's not much they can do when it comes to dental hygiene. Rather than sending cat owners everywhere to their certain deaths by arming them with feline toothbrushes, most vets recommend alternatives like Feline Greenies.

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Photo Courtesy: Amazon

Not only are they tasty and healthy, but they're also specifically designed to help clean your cat's teeth and freshen its breath. Now you can help eliminate tuna-flavored kisses by simply treating your cat to a snack that it’s sure to love as much as you do.


The Perfect Cat Taxi

While a love of travel is not something cats tend to be known for, the day may come when Mr. Whiskers must journey outside the bounds of his known universe. Between trips to the vet and travel for holidays, it's important to have a good carrier like the Happy Cat premium cat carrier by PetLuv.

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Photo Courtesy: Amazon

It comes with adjustable seat belt loops, locking zippers and four mesh windows. Each window has an optional cover, so your cat can either see out or hide and feel cocooned in this little bubble of safety while traveling.

The Cat Leash Concept

Say, on the other hand, that you've got a rare indoor cat that doesn't mind venturing out from behind familiar walls. In this case, you might try out an escape-proof harness from Yizhi Miaow.

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Photo Courtesy: Amazon

Just make sure that you keep in mind that your walks with kitty are very unlikely to resemble a walk with a dog in any way. Cat leashes are more for cats that like to venture out into the yard and sniff around a bit, so prepare to do a lot of lounging.

These Next-level Cat Trees

There are carpet-covered cat trees, and then there are the trees you'll find at A Hidden Hollow. These are admittedly for the cat owner who’s not at a loss for funds (the cheapest ones start at $400), but they're the kind of thing that's very existence will fill every cat owner with a sense of shameless glee.

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Photo Courtesy: A Hidden Hollow

These are made of real wood and come with a shelf-lined hollow base and plenty of leaves for your kitty to play in. You can even have them customized with little drawers or drawbridges to suit your decor tastes!


Friendship Collar/Bracelet Combo

If you're looking for a great cat collar, then you've got to check out the ones from Pettsie. Not only are they soft, comfortable and equipped with a breakaway safety buckle, but they also come with the cutest perk ever: With each order, you get a matching bracelet for yourself.

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Photo Courtesy: Pettsie

They come in all kinds of different colors and designs and are a fun way to add a smile to your face by reminding you of your little buddy throughout the day. Plus, they’re cool conversation starters that any fellow cat owner will absolutely love.

Grooming Gloves

While these things may look a little crazy, they may just turn out to be your favorite purchase ever. If you have a cat that would rather attack the brush than be groomed by it, then slap on a pair of grooming gloves by H Handson.

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Photo Courtesy: Amazon

They're designed to gather loose fur while you pet your cat, and they actually work better than many brushes. Your cat will be delighted by the extra petting, and you'll save yourself the time it takes to clean all that fur off your furniture.

Get Into Your Cat's Head

If you're a first-time cat owner or have just been wondering why your cat is engaging in a certain behavior, then it's time for a crash course in cat mojo. Check out Total Cat Mojo by Jackson Galaxy in order to get a sneak peek into what's going on in that furry little head.

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Photo Courtesy: Amazon

Rather than a cat "training" book, this is one read that will really help you understand how your cat sees you, the world and everything in between. After all, a well-understood cat is a happy cat, and this book will help you get there fast.


These Cool Climbing Shelves

Got a boring wall that you're looking to jazz up a bit? Why not make it way more interesting and fun for your cat at the same time? There's a company out there called Catastrophic Creations that makes all kinds of cat-friendly wall shelves, bridges and other accessories that can turn your wall into a cat-sized theme park.

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Photo Courtesy: CatastrophicCreations

Even if you don't end up making a purchase, they're worth checking out for some really cool DIY ideas. An awesome plan and a few creative IKEA hacks could be just the recipe for one very happy kitty.

Claw Caps

While we all know that declawing is a cruel and painful procedure for any cat to be forced to undergo, what do you do if you want to protect your furniture? Look into these adorable little claw caps from Soft Paws, of course!

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Photo Courtesy: Soft Paws

These soft vinyl covers were developed by a vet as a safe and pain-free alternative to declawing. They slip right over your kitty's claws and are held in place with a safe, non-toxic adhesive. Each set lasts four to six weeks and creates the impression that your cat just had a fun manicure.

The Cherished Crinkly Tunnel

Want to give kitty a gift that’ll provide years of entertainment? Present your furball with this cat tunnel from Prosper Pet. Trust us. These crinkly little tunnels are a favorite of pretty much every cat and kitten ever.

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Photo Courtesy: Amazon

Just place it in the center of your cat's favorite room and watch as it climbs inside and activates stealth powers or races through at randomly selected times. Just be careful when walking past with bare feet if things seem unnaturally quiet. Your kitty may be plotting an attack on your toes like a furry little ninja.


The Ripple Rug

Okay, so at around $40, this one may initially appear a tad overpriced, but cat owners swear by these things. The Ripple Rug from Snuggly Cat is basically a non-slip rug that comes with another holey rug that you can arrange in fun shapes.

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Photo Courtesy: Amazon

Your kitty will use it to hide, pounce, scratch and play like it's a personal Fortress of Solitude. Not only will it make your pet happy, but it’ll quite possibly also save your furniture from becoming target practice for your cat’s clawing antics. Worth it!

A Recipe for the Perfect Picture

Give your cat a place to shake the stray litter off its paws with this litter mat from Gorilla Grip. This extra-durable mat is designed to prevent slippage and is made from cushy material that gently helps clean your kitty's paws upon leaving the litter box.

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Photo Courtesy: Amazon

Not only will it help collect any stray litter that attempts to escape the box, but it's also super easy to clean. You can vacuum it, shake it off or even clean it with soap and water to keep it looking nice and new.

The Kitty Treadmill

Last but not least, we have something that every cat owner just needs to know exists: a giant hamster wheel for your cat. This kitty treadmill from One Fast Cat is designed to help indoor cats keep their girlish figures.

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Photo Courtesy: One Fast Cat

The good news is that if your cat likes the treadmill, then it’ll probably also love the treadmill. The bad news? This feline exercise equipment costs around $200 and comes with the possibility that your cat might not do much more than use it as a giant hammock. Either way, it's worth a visit to the company’s webpage to watch the videos of cats using it.