30 Things You Should Buy in the Fall (Because They’re Cheaper)

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In the retail world, there’s a small window between back to school and the holidays when you can snag amazing deals on things you might not normally buy in the fall. Although the end of summer sales don’t get as much attention as holiday sales, these discounts should be on your radar, particularly if enjoy spending time outdoors.

You can stash some of these items away for holiday gifts and store others until you need them yourself. If you’re looking to score some deals, here are 30 things you should be buying this fall while they’re cheaper.

Outdoor Patio Furniture

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This All-Weather Outdoor Chair and Table Set by Keter is a great buy in the fall. After summer winds down, you can often find great deals on outdoor furniture, and this set in brown includes two chairs and a side table for less than $90. Three additional color options are available, but the price varies, depending on the color option you choose.

This set is made of durable rattan, so it can stand up to some cooler temperatures and rainy weather as fall gets underway. It doesn’t come assembled, so be prepared to spend at least 30 minutes setting it up.


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Pools are a quintessential part of summer, and finding the one you want at a discount can save you a lot of money when pool season starts again. This Metal Frame Pool made by Intex comes in at around $115 to $125 and is stored in a compact box you can stash away until it’s pool season again.

It’s a convenient size for the whole family, measuring 10-feet by 30-inches, and it includes a filter pump. You can fit around two to three adults and children in it comfortably at the same time. The pool comes unassembled and takes around two hours to put together and fill. Just be aware that the pool may outlast the filter pump, and you may need to replace it in a couple of years.


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The Play and Store Sandbox by Step2 is a great gift idea for the holidays or a birthday. Of course, a sandbox is primarily used in the summer months, but this model can be easily stored, or it comes with a convenient cover to keep the sand clean and covered when it’s not in use.

This sandbox is designed with four seats on the corner and fits two small children comfortably inside. Sand and sand toys aren’t included. The sandbox arrives fully assembled and costs less than $50.

Outdoor Furniture Covers

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Fall is a great time to think about covering and winterizing your outdoor furniture. This Waterproof Patio Furniture Cover comes in several sizes to fit a variety of furniture configurations. The waterproof construction also helps protect against UV rays and exposure to high temperatures.

This cover is durable, but some reviewers noted that water can pool on top of it if the corners are higher than the center. This can lead to stress and wear and tear on the cover. Try to ensure the center of the cover is raised and spread out as evenly as possible. The large, 12-seat size cover is available for less than $30.


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Depending on where you live, you may be able to use a bike all year round. This Kent Model KZ2600 26-Inch Mountain Bike is a great option for both men and women. If you live somewhere with harsh winters, fall is a good time to get a new bike before the newer — and more expensive — models come out toward the end of the year.

This bike comes with 26-inch wheels and 21 speeds. For less than $200, it’s a good quality option for a leisurely bike rider. The bike doesn’t come assembled, so if you’re worried about putting it together, you may want to purchase assembly service for around $75 (varies by location and is sometimes free).


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Grilling season doesn’t have to end in the summer. This Weber Three-burner Grill can be used well into the fall and is sturdy enough to last through the winter and for many summers to come. Newer models come out before the next season, making fall a great time to snag a deal on a grill.

This model is available for less than $500 and may come with free professional assembly, depending on when you purchase it. (This generally includes up to three hours of assembly.) The grill comes in three different colors with an option for liquid propane or natural gas fuel system.

Lawn Mowers

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The end of summer is a great time to purchase a lawn mower, and this Greenworks 16-Inch Cordless Mower is a solid option for a medium or small size yard. After running your mower ragged all spring and summer, fall may be a good time for an upgrade. You can start fresh next season with a new mower that is primed and ready to tackle grass for the season.

This model by Greenworks is cordless and comes with a 4Ah battery and charger. Greenworks also makes a 17-inch model with an electric 10-amp motor. For less than $250, either size can handle up to a medium-sized yard. If you have a larger outdoor space, you may need to look for a larger mower.

Kids’ Summer Clothes

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Kids grow like weeds, so fall is a great time to stock up on clearance summer clothes for next year. This Two-Piece Romper Set is comfortable for little ones and practical for you. Separate tops and bottoms are easy to get on and off for diaper changes and potty time for older kiddos. It also has a loose fit with adjustable straps for added convenience. The sizes cover a two-year span so you can choose a size that will fit several months from now.

This romper set is available for less than $12, depending on size. If you have a taller child, it’s recommended you go a size up. This is especially true if you want your child to wear it next summer or on a spring break vacation.

Outdoor Lights

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Outdoor lights may go on sale in the fall to make room for other products, but they are useful all year round. These Sunface Solar Fence Lights are an eco-friendly way to light up your outdoor space. The six-pack has two modes for creating warm lighting or color-changing lighting that rotates between seven colors.

These lights can be installed right when you get them so you can use them all year round. They are made to handle cold and wet weather as well as heat, and they come with a 12-month warranty if you have any issues during the first year. The six-pack runs between $25 and $35, and the lights require light installation and mounting using the included hardware.

Raised Planter Beds

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Although it may seem premature, fall is a great time to start thinking about spring planting. Start by looking for great deals on Raised Vegetable Planters from Best Choice Products. They offer a nice way to contain vegetables or landscaping in a neat, protected area that is easy to maintain. Many vegetables and perennials are best planted in early spring, so the sooner you get your supplies, the better.

These raised container beds come with a divider so you can separate one large box into two if you prefer. With solid wood construction, the planters can be left in place all year long. This box runs between $45 and $55, and no tools are required for assembly.

Back to School Supplies

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By the fall, people have finished their back to school shopping, and everything is on sale, allowing you to snag some supplies for next year — or later in the school year — at a discount. A sturdy pair of Fiskars Pointed Tip Kids Scissors is a must-have you know they will need at home and at school in the future. (Here’s to all the lost scissors out there in the universe!) Don’t forget to pick up an extra pair for a younger sibling as well.

These scissors by Fiskars come in assorted colors for less than $5. They have a pointed tip and aren’t recommended for children under four. Try a rounded tip pair if you need scissors for a preschooler.


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Many people travel during the summer, and by fall, it’s pretty easy to find deals on suitcases like this one before the holiday shopping starts. The Amazon Hardside Spinner Luggage comes in various sizes, including a nice carry-on size. The four spinner wheels ensure smooth, easy transport.

This spinner suitcase is available in black, blue, navy and orange for less than $50. It features dividers and three zippered pockets inside for keeping small items organized. The suitcase is also expandable if you need it to hold more. Luggage is a good buy after summer travel ends and before holiday travel begins.

Camping Gear

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This Sundome Tent by Coleman is a great grab for the fall. Not only can you still get some use out of it, but you can also get a good deal on the camping gear you need for next spring. Camping supplies make a nice holiday gift for the outdoor people in your life.

The Coleman Sundome tent comes in three different colors for less than $100 (price varies with color and size selected). Tent sizes can comfortably fit up to six people with room for two queen air beds. Experienced campers may be able to set this tent up in less than 10 minutes. Give yourself a little more time if you’re a first-timer.

Fire Pits

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Fall is one of the best seasons for cozying up by a warm fire. This Metal Fire Pit Table provides almost year-round use. With the included cover, it doubles as a table so you can use it to hold roasting supplies and drinks. A protective screen helps keep you and little ones away from ash and debris.

This fire pit table costs less than $90 and measures 32 inches across. The size makes it a great side table for a small yard or deck. A waterproof cover is also included, and the table comes unassembled, so allow an hour from start to finish to put it together.


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Coolers are a great item to snag in the fall, and the Portable Hopper Cooler by YETI is a waterproof, mildew-resistant option that is hard to beat. Besides summer fun at the pool or on boats, it’s perfect for fall activities like hunting, tailgating and fishing.

This cooler has a weight of 2.8 pounds when it’s empty and is designed to be leakproof and portable with a thick strap for carrying. Because the fabric and zipper are so thick, the cooler zipper can be tough to close. This YETI cooler sells for just under $200.


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Swimwear is usually heavily discounted in the fall, even in areas where summer temperatures are far from over. The Tempt Me One Piece Swimsuit for women is available in more than 30 colors and styles for $25 to $29.

Swimwear can be purchased for the next season or for a winter or spring getaway without paying the upcharge for spring break pricing. These suits have flattering shapes with appealing details. Most reviewers felt they were true to size, but several noted the sizes run small, so double-check the size chart and take your measurements to be safe.


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With the approach of Halloween comes a surge in candy sales and prices. However, summer candy can be purchased at better prices before Halloween, so it’s a great time to stock up on staples like Bulk Assorted Fruit Candy Variety Packs. Take advantage of the opportunity to buy candy that isn’t marketed as Halloween candy to save a little money.

This variety pack comes with classics like Twizzlers, Haribo Gold Bears, Swedish Fish and Skittles for less than $15 for 32 ounces. For you chocolate lovers, sorry, there isn’t any chocolate in this variety pack.


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With new models usually coming out at the end of the year, the fall is a great time to save money on appliances. This RCA Compact Mini Fridge is great for a basement, recreational room, garage or wet bar area. This particular model is stainless steel and measures 3.2 cubic feet.

Other colors are available, and you can reverse the door so it properly fits your space. There is also a small freezer component, but it won’t hold many frozen goods. The fridge is available for $150 or less, depending on the color you choose.


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Sunglasses are useful all year round for controlling the hot summer sun glare as well as the bright reflection of fresh snow on the ground. Merry’s Unisex Sunglasses do the trick nicely in various classic designs and colors.

You can grab a couple of pairs as holiday gifts or pick up a spare pair for the next time you lose your own (and you know you will). These polarized sunglasses are available for less than $14 and come in a variety of shades, tints and colors. They also come with a carrying case, and reviewers note the colors aren’t as bright as they appear in the photos.


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There’s a window between back to school and the holidays where you can find some good deals on computers. The Chromebook 3 Laptop is a great choice for both kids and adults. The keyboard is spill-proof for added durability, and the system features 2GB of memory and 16GB of storage which is plenty for streaming, playing games and doing homework.

The Chromebook 3 is also really affordable, with the 11.6-inch model priced around $150. Based on the compact size and configuration, this computer may be best suited for kids and light use. The machine may run slowly if it’s loaded with too many applications or memory intensive software.


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Around the time school starts, jeans often go on sale. These Levi Relaxed Fit Jeans are classic, comfortable and perfect for year-round wear. They are machine washable and come in more than 10 different colors and washes. The denim is soft and also has a nice stretch.

You should wash these jeans by themselves the first time with cold water, and the color may bleed through to other items if not washed alone the first time. Those are the only downsides, according to reviewers. Depending on the size and color you choose, these jeans are available from $21 to $25.


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With new models coming out at the end of the year, it’s possible to find some sweet closeout deals on TVs in the fall. This Samsung 55-inch Smart UHD TV is also compatible with Alexa. If you don’t care that your TV isn’t the absolute latest model, you can save a little cash by purchasing this model in the fall.

You can score one for around $500, and it comes complete with all the bells and whistles, including HDR, smart TV applications and compatibility with both Alexa and Google Assistant. If you’re not very handy, you can purchase the wall mounting service for less than $100. The TV mount is not included.

Wedding Dresses

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Wedding season features some of the biggest price mark-ups of anything sold on the retail market. You can buy a beautiful wedding dress like this Lace V-Neck Dress by Abao Wedding for a great price when you buy it in the fall. This dress is available in ivory in size 2 to 26. With a price of around $100, it’s both a beautiful and affordable option.

If your wedding is in the spring or summer, buying a dress like this in the off-season still gives you plenty of time for customizations and alterations with a local seamstress. You’ll be able to save a lot by not going into a store during peak wedding season.

Yard Tools

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No matter the season, there is always yard work to be done. The WORX Electric Trimmer can come in handy during the spring and summer for those ever-growing weeds, but it’s also useful as a trencher whenever you may need one. This model has 12 amps of power and three positions as well as a cutting line indicator.

For those living in northern areas, there won’t be a lot of opportunities to use this bad boy while the snow is on the ground — but think ahead! While you may primarily use yard tools in the warmer months, buying them in the fall can save you some green. This trimmer and trencher is available for less than $90.


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A Storage Shed like this one from Keter Manor can be a good buy right before winter. You can store your summer yard tools, pool toys, kids’ gear and small outdoor furniture. By buying a shed in the fall, you could also save some money and have it just in time for inclement weather.

This storage shed by Keter Manor measures 4 feet by 6 feet and sells for less than $400. If you have a lot of large items to store, you may want to go for the larger model, which is priced higher at around $600. Either way, your items will be safe all winter long.


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With college kids going to school at the end of the summer, you can find great deals on overstock bedding in the fall. This 5-Piece Bed-in-a-Bag Set comes in more than 10 different colors and patterns. For less than $40, you get a comforter, flat sheet, fitted sheet, sham and pillowcase for a twin or twin XL bed. Full and queen sets are also available.

After the back to school rush is over, check out bedding sales to update your own bedroom or to snag extra sets of sheets and pillows for guests. Bedding is a nice gift for college kids and new homeowners as well.

Office Supplies

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This Amazon Desk Organizer is a handy item to purchase in the fall. After the back to school rush, you can get a good deal on school and office supplies. Even if you’re not a kid, there’s something about the fall that makes people want to organize before the holiday rush.

This desk organizer is made of black metal mesh and is available for less than $10. It’s durable enough to stand up to crayons but also sleek enough to put on a desk in an office space. Compartments hold sticky notes, paper clips, pens and pencils. This organizer seems smaller in person than in the photo, so pay attention to the measurements if you need a large one.

Patio Umbrellas

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By the end of summer, most people are packing their lawn furniture away for the winter months. That’s why this Sunnyglade Patio Umbrella is a smart buy after summer is over. You’ll save some money compared to prices next spring, and it folds up neatly for easy storage until you need it.

This umbrella is available in seven different colors for $40 to $50. The fabric is waterproof and will stand up to the harsh sun. The only problem with this model is that it doesn’t come with a stand included, so you’ll have the purchase one separately.


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Towels can get pretty dingy and worn out after years of continued use. This White Classic Towel Set is a great purchase for fall. When college kids are back in school, home goods such as towels often go on sale as retailers clear out some of their unsold inventory. You can use this season to update your own towels or freshen up your guest towel collection.

This towel set by White Classics comes in several different colors. The set includes bath towels, hand towels and washcloths for less than $34. There are eight towels in the set, so while it’s great for one person or for a guest bathroom, bigger families may need more than one set.

Bathroom Accessories

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This Bathroom Accessories Set by IMAVO offers an affordable way to upgrade your bathroom for the new season. Bathroom sets can get a little faded and dinged up with daily use. You can upgrade and refresh your bathroom for less than $25 with this all-inclusive set.

The 6-piece bathroom set includes a toothbrush holder, toothbrush cup, soap dispenser, soap dish, toilet brush holder and trash can. It comes in three different colors and makes a nice gift for a recent college grad or dorm room student with a bathroom. If your bathroom gets a lot of use, one drawback is this wastebasket is fairly small, so you may have to empty it quite often.

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