Guard Your Home with Guardline's Top-Rated Outdoor Security System

Guard Your Home with Guardline's Top-Rated Outdoor Security System

By Ana Farrell
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Looking to have peace of mind without breaking the bank? Affordable, easy to assemble, and, above all else, effective, Guardline's top-of-the-line driveway and outdoor security system is a must-have product.

Reliable and Accurate Outdoor Motion Detector Security System

One of the most important factors when it comes to home security is reliability. Thanks to this outdoor motion-detecting system, users know that they'll be alerted if there’s any sign of trouble. If there’s any significant movement with a 500-foot range, you’ll know about it. However, the system also minimizes false alarms due to its optical eye width adjustment system and swivel arm that directs the device’s line of sight. Users can also customize the system by enlarging its radius with up to 16 additional sensors.

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Best of all, Guardline can be user-installed — and, honestly, set up couldn’t be easier. You’ll simply position the sensors and receivers on your property, pop in some batteries (that’s four AA batteries per device) and plug the sensors in. After that, your job is done.

The System Is Durable — and Customers Are Thrilled

Since 1999, the manufacturers have been dedicated to crafting high-quality security systems and components. The system is not only accurate, but the components are made of extremely durable, industrial-grade PVC. Additionally, the PVC housing is bolstered by a rubberized seal and sunshade, which help fortify the system against the elements.

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Overwhelmingly, customers appreciate the system's quality, too. Amazon reviewer Mack S. Hall purchased Guardline’s system after giving others a try — and they had a lot of requirements, which Guardline was able to meet. "It works every time," Mack wrote, "and I've never had a false alarm." Additionally, reviewer Liquid Stream appreciated the system's accuracy. "This alarm has been GREAT. I can tell you that over a year of use we never get false alarms," they wrote. "It does pick up the occasional animal, but I attribute this to its sensitivity."

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