The Wildest Christmas Trees for Adding Some Merriment to Your Holidays

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Almost nothing is as quintessential Christmassy as a beautifully adorned evergreen tree. And from a cozy afternoon spent hanging ornaments to a Christmas morning brimming with presents, so much of the holiday season revolves around the tree itself. It’s a bonafide tradition all wrapped up in sentimentality that fills your living room with holiday spirit. But this year hasn’t exactly been traditional (or normal), and it might call for something a little nontraditional (and even abnormal?) when it comes to celebrating one of winter’s biggest holidays.

If you’ve decided to go for an extra-creative tree to deliver some much-needed joy this year, you’re in luck. Designs these days run the gamut from innovative and enchanting to interactive and, well, totally untreelike, and they’ll delight friends and family members of all ages. Ready to find your very own distinctive decoration and make some fun new memories around the tree? Browse through these options to discover some of the coolest, most unique Christmas trees to brighten up your home this holiday season.

Best Colorful Tree: Full Fir Rainbow Christmas Tree

If your main requirement is that your tree is an absolute showstopper, you won’t need to look any further than this Rainbow Full Fir Christmas Tree Holiday Seasonal Decoration. It doesn’t even really need lights or ornaments — it’s already so bright and cheerful, and you’d certainly be forgiven for taking the easy way out in decorating by setting this up and calling it a day. The branches of this 7-foot-tall beauty are made from non-flammable and non-allergenic PVC branches featuring the full ROYGBIV spread, and there are more than 1,200 branch tips for total fullness. Complete with a foldable stand, it’s guaranteed to delight kids and adults alike.

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Best Upside-Down Tree: Wesley Upside-Down LED Pre-Lit Christmas Tree With 420 Color-Changing Lights

Feeling like Christmas has been turned on its head this year? Send some of that energy right back at it by displaying this incredible Upside-Down Artificial Christmas Tree. This gravity-defying wonder stands at a full 7 feet tall and is made from artificial long-needle pine branches. It even comes with 420 pre-lit color-changing LED lights that you can control using the included remote. Set it up in less than 10 minutes and enjoy a whimsical conversation starter all season long — ornaments really stand out hanging on this one.

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Best Cactus Christmas Tree: SAFEPLUS Cactus Christmas Tree With 90 LED Lights and Bowknot

Traditional evergreens feel so Pacific Northwesty and New Englandy, don’t they? If you’d rather bring some of the Southwest’s warm-weather fun into your home with a non-tree that’s completely unconventional, this Cactus Christmas Tree With Lights and Bowknot is the bedecked and bedazzled faux plant for you. It’s made from high-quality, eco-friendly PVC material shaped to look like a fun little saguaro. Complete with decorative ornaments, a bow and 90 pre-installed energy-efficient LED lights, it stands at just over 5 feet tall and makes a great substitute for a traditional tree or a fun holiday add-on.

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Best DIY: Floating Christmas Tree

The Christmas season is just begging for some crafting, what with all the cozy nesting you’re doing in the house at this time of year. Why not take care of two partridges with one stone by indulging in a bit of DIY fun while also setting up a tree? Suspend delicate baubles, like those from this Christmas Ornament Pack, from your ceiling to create a floating tree that’ll awe even the Scroogiest guests at the party. With a roll of fishing line, some rope and cardboard — along with this handy set of instructions that take you through constructing your own tree — you’ll have a unique display you’ll be tempted to leave up year-round.

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Best Tropical Christmas Tree: A Christmas Palm Tree

Transport yourself to an equatorial isle by setting up this magic-making Tropical Christmas Palm Tree With White Lights and Stand. This cool palm-style Christmas tree stands 5 feet tall and 26 inches wide and comes with its own metal base for some added sturdiness. The lifelike artificial branches feature 100 pre-lit incandescent lights that make for an easy setup, which shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Not only is it a fun idea, but you’ll have plenty of room for presents underneath. Here’s hoping someone gifts you some mai tai ingredients this year.

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Best for Saving Space: Christmas Wall Tree

Whether you’re looking for a cool piece of outdoor decor or an indoor tree that’s perfect for small spaces, this Christmas Wall Tree has you covered. Just hang it on any wall, shape its branches and set the timer to enjoy some subtle glow (and all that floor space you’re saving). All you need are four AA batteries to bring on the radiance automatically for six hours on and 18 hours off each day. It stands at 4 feet tall and comes complete with 112 warm white LED lights for hours of Christmas cheer. And thanks to its white bulbs and simple style, you can leave this tree up all year round without risking it looking out of place.

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Best Sparkly Christmas Tree: Joy-Leo Sequin Pop-Up Tinsel Christmas Tree

If storage concerns have you getting antsy about buying a faux Christmas tree, this is the design for you. The Sequin Pop-Up Tinsel Christmas Tree is 5 feet tall and pops right up — simply slide out, extend and lock the telescoping internal tube and drape the shaped sequined sleeve over the base, and voila — you’ll have a shimmering tree in no time. Plus, everything stows away flat for easy storage; you can slip it into a linen closet or under a bed easily. And who can deny the appeal of gigantic, sparkly sequins and glittery tinsel (without all the mess)? For an even bigger statement, string up some twinkle lights and bask in the fact that you have the shiniest tree in the neighborhood.

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Best for Building With the Family: LEGO Exclusive Set Holiday Christmas Tree

If your children lose interest in trimming the tree about five ornaments into the big event, never fear — there’s a much more kid-friendly decorating option. They’ll love building their own tree instead with the LEGO Exclusive Set Holiday Christmas Tree. This collectible kit comes with 392 pieces that assemble into an 8-inch tree, complete with presents and a tiny LEGO train set underneath and a sparkling gold star as its crowning topper. Need a fun gift idea for other youngsters in your life? This also makes for a delightful present for any LEGO enthusiast.

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Best for Ocean Lovers: Sea Glass Christmas tree

Dreaming of a warm, beachy getaway as winter snow blows in? Add a dash of coastal fun to your Christmas decor this season with the Sea Resin Mini Christmas Tree that looks just like beach glass. Available in different sizes, this delicate tree figurine adds a whimsical touch and is the ideal size for a mantel, table centerpiece or shelf. It stands at about 8 inches tall and features handmade, glimmering blue faux glass that makes for a beautiful effect next to twinkle lights. Plus, the icy blue is a nice — but still wintry — departure from the typical red and green of the season.

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Best for Cutting Decoration Time: A Half Tree

If you’re never quite sure what to do with the back of your Christmas tree — it’s against the wall, right? — then kick your worries to the curb once and for all. The Lit Slim Indoor Artificial Corner Christmas Holiday Tree With White LED Lights is shaped with a flat backside and nestles perfectly into a corner or up against a wall. Standing at 5 feet tall and 14 inches wide, this tree also comes complete with 100 clear pre-lit LED lights. It’s a great way to enjoy the effect of a full tree without sacrificing space.

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Bonus: Funny Ornaments That Are So 2020

The biggest understatement of 2020 just might be that a lot has happened in 2020. Though not all of it has been easy or fun, it has definitely been different — and memorable. Commemorate the start of this wild decade with ornaments you’ll look back on fondly when setting up your tree in the years to come.

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Mark the craziest year with this hysterical Christmas Ornament 2020 that chronicles the most infamous parts of 2020. Featuring a list of things we might actually want to forget about this year, it might actually spark some nostalgia during Christmases down the road. Want to memorialize some of those specific list items — and add some hilarity to your tree? The Toilet Paper Ornament 2020 and Fake Mask Ornament will help you do exactly that. And if you’d rather give things a woodsy spin, the Personalized Engraved Rustic Wood Hanging Decorations make for perfect keepsakes with a funny, homespun touch.

Maybe toilet paper and a masked Santa aren’t your thing, and that’s totally fine. Give your unconventional tree a touch of the Force with a Baby Yoda Ornament. Cherish this ornament forever, you will.