The Wildest Christmas Trees for Adding Some Merriment to Your Holidays

Photo Courtesy: Home Depot

Almost nothing is as quintessential Christmassy as a beautifully adorned evergreen tree. And from a cozy afternoon spent hanging ornaments to a Christmas morning brimming with presents, so much of the holiday season revolves around the tree itself. It’s a bonafide tradition all wrapped up in sentimentality that fills your living room with holiday spirit. But this year hasn’t exactly been traditional (or normal), and it might call for something a little nontraditional (and even abnormal?) when it comes to celebrating one of winter’s biggest holidays.

If you’ve decided to go for an extra-creative tree to deliver some much-needed joy this year, you’re in luck. Designs these days run the gamut from innovative and enchanting to interactive and, well, totally untreelike, and they’ll delight friends and family members of all ages. Ready to find your very own distinctive decoration and make some fun new memories around the tree? Browse through these options to discover some of the coolest, most unique Christmas trees to brighten up your home this holiday season.