The Best Bread Machines for Home Use

Photo Courtesy: MIXA/Getty Images

There's something therapeutic about kneading bread, but all the prepping and waiting and rising aren't always what you want to go through when you want some warm, fresh bread on a busy day. Fortunately, many trustworthy home-appliance brands like Cuisinart, Panasonic, Breville and others make top-of-the-line bread machines that take all the heavy lifting out of baking up a nice crusty loaf.

But the best bread machines are just as varied as the types and flavors of bread you might enjoy. That's why it's important to consider performance and the helpful features you'll get the most use out of. What makes a bread machine the best? You'll appreciate one that delivers consistent performance, has easy-to-understand instructions, features intuitive controls and an operates quietly. And you'll also want to think about the number of servings from each loaf, loaf shape and the types of bread you plan to make. We've rounded up the best bread machines for every baker to help you find the design that's right for your needs.

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