Power Through Cans with the Best Can Openers

Power Through Cans with the Best Can Openers

Bridget SielickiLast Updated Mar 24, 2020 5:09:43 PM ET
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The can opener is an indispensable kitchen tool that you can’t live without. As you’re shopping, you’ll also quickly realize that they aren’t all the same. Automatic can openers open cans easily with the touch of a button, while manual openers are less sophisticated but sometimes preferred for their durable build and long life. Whatever your preference, you’ll find it covered here in our list of the 10 best can openers.


Best Overall: OXO Steel Can Opener

The OXO Steel can opener is a fan favorite because its oversized knob is easy to turn, the sharp blade opens smoothly, and it has a quality stainless-steel design. Users also love that this can opener is easy to clean, and it is solid enough to cut through a can while it sits steadily on the countertop.


Best Value: Elirivawet 3-in-1 Manual Can Opener

Inexpensive and effective, the Elirivawet manual can opener does the job quickly and efficiently. This manual can opener has an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to use, and users remark that it opens cans smoothly and easily. Despite its affordable price, it has a durable steel design and is built to last.


Best Japanese Opener: Korin Japanese Can Opener (Ganji Kankiri)

If you don’t want to mess with gears and wheels that get dirty or rusty over time, the Korin Japanese can opener is exactly what you need. This opener is different from others because it’s a single handle with a blade that slices through a can. It’s a fan favorite because of its compact, easy-to-clean design.


Best Commercial Can Opener: Edlund 12100 Old Reliable Manual Can Opener

If you need an industrial-strength can opener, you can’t go wrong with the Edlund 12100 Old Reliable manual opener. While this sturdy can opener is suitable for commercial use, it’s also helpful for large families, those who have trouble using traditional manual openers, or anyone who needs a sturdy, well-built opener. This deluxe opener takes the work out of opening cans, powering through them quickly and easily.


Best Multi-Purpose Can Opener: Kuhn Rikon Smooth Touch Can Opener

Need to open a can, pop open a bottle, flip open a pull tab or untwist a jar? The Kuhn Rikon Smooth Touch can do it all. Users love this manual can opener because it results in a smooth cut that doesn’t have jagged edges. Its multi-purpose capabilities make this one kitchen tool you’ll reach for again and again.


Best Opener for Tall Cans: Hamilton Beach Extra-Tall Can Opener

An electric opener designed with tall cans in mind, this Hamilton Beach can opener effortlessly removes lids from cans of all sizes. Users love its quiet operation and the magnet on the lid that holds the lid in place once it’s been removed. It also comes with a handy built-in knife sharpener.


Most Comfortable Grip: OXO Good Grips Can Opener

The OXO Good Grips can opener is the one to choose if you need a tool that’s comfortable enough for you to open multiple cans without a hand cramp. The handles are large and cushioned, providing a good grip even when they’re wet, and the oversized knob is easy to turn.


Best Electric Opener: Cuisinart CCO-50N Deluxe Electric Can Opener

Ease of use is one of the top reasons users love this Cuisinart Deluxe electric can opener. The automatic opener has a precision blade that powers through cans effortlessly, while the magnetic lid holder keeps the can lid from falling into the food. It also has a removable activation lever, which makes cleanup a snap.


Best Can Opener for Camping: Nogent Classic Service Super Kim Manual Can Opener

A portable, compact design makes the Nogent Classic Service Super Kim manual opener a top pick for camping or other travel. This can opener has a durable steel and nickel design, and its plastic-coated screw handle makes for easy turning. Stash it in a lunchbox or cooler and enjoy canned food even when you’re away from home.


Best Left-Handed Can Opener: Starfrit Mightican Manual Can Opener

Using a manual can opener can be a real challenge if you’re left-handed. The Starfrit Mightican opener offers an ambidextrous design that’s a life-saver for left-handed folks. The ergonomic handles are comfortable and the sharp blade cuts through cans easily, meaning this is also a good choice for anyone with weak or arthritic hands.

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