The 10 Best Deep Fryers for Home Use

Photo Courtesy: Robin Gentry/EyeEm/Getty Images

Whether you’re addicted to fried comfort food or you just enjoy the occasional fried dish, you're always prepared when you have your own deep fryer in your kitchen. The best deep fryers come in many sizes to suit every home cook in every well-stocked kitchen. Do you only have a small amount of cabinet space? No problem — T-fal's stainless steel small fryer is just right for the job. On the other hand, if deep frying is one of your greatest cooking pleasures, then maybe the Hamilton Beach Professional Grade deep fryer is more your style.

When you get ready to choose, be sure to consider the capacity of the fryer as well as its exterior size. Extra perks like a viewing window, cool-touch design and indicator lights are also helpful features. An odor filter helps keep your kitchen smelling nice, and an oil drain makes oil replacement a breeze. Ready to start looking for the best deep fryer for your kitchen? Let's go!

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