The Best Immersion Blenders for Home Cooking

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If you want to emulsify ingredients without using a big blender or food processor, an immersion blender is an excellent alternative. Despite their compact sizes, immersion blenders are typically powerful enough to handle most blending tasks.

An immersion blender is best for small cooking jobs, like making purees, whipping egg whites into peaks and creating creamy smoothies. Some immersion blenders can even chop up ice. The ideal immersion blender offers various easy-to-access buttons, a comfortable handle to grip and additional attachments to process different foods. Instead of dealing with bulky kitchen appliances, take a look at the best immersion blenders to simplify meal prep.

Most User-Friendly Blender: BSTY 15-Speed Immersion Blender

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The BSTY hand blender is easy to assemble, with components that click into place effortlessly. Switching attachments and cleaning the blender are just as quick and simple. The 500-watt motor is powerful enough for tasks ranging from blending peanut butter to making smoothies and protein shakes. You also don’t need to worry about big messes in the kitchen, as the blender is easy to grip and designed to prevent splashing, even at high speeds.

Best Immersion Blender for Soup: Cuisinart Smart Stick 5-Speed Hand Blender

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The Cuisinart Smart Stick 5-Speed Hand Blender allows you to puree soups instantly without leaving chaos in the kitchen. It can also chop ice, grind nuts, whip eggs and mix up mayonnaise. The long blending arm reaches deep in containers to quickly process all of the ingredients and simplify meal prep. It also features a quiet motor, comfortable handle and turn dial for speed control.

Best Value: KOIOS HB-2046 12-Speed Immersion Hand Blender

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The ultra-powerful KOIOS HB-2046 immersion blender has an 800-watt motor, which is nearly double that of most competitors. It’s small and quiet yet powerful and fast with 12 speed-blending presets and impressive pulse features. Separate attachments let you make baby food, pesto, hummus and other sauces. Plus, it’s simple to clean; the detachable accessories can be rinsed with warm tap water or placed in your dishwasher.

Best for Basic Meal Prep: KitchenAid 2-Speed Immersion Hand Blender

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The KitchenAid 2-Speed immersion blender is a dependable choice for making your favorite hummus, soups, dressings and sauces. It has enough power to create a fruit smoothie and crush ice. The two available speeds and additional attachments cover most essential cooking and baking needs. When it comes to the grip, the blender is easy and comfortable to handle thanks to its non-slip material — which means less trouble for meal prepping.

Best for Smoothies: PowCube 4-in-1 Immersion Hand Blender

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With a 500-watt motor and eight speeds, the PowCube immersion blender is powerful enough to make various smoothies. A stainless-steel mixing wand blends ingredients quickly and smoothly without making a mess in the kitchen. Many users were impressed by the LED light switch, which lets you know when the blender is powered on. For the best results, fill the blender’s container below its capacity.

Best Overall: Braun MQ5000 Hand Blender

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The Braun MQ5000 has a powerful 400-watt motor and 21 speeds to handle many cooking and baking demands. Many users noted they were surprised by how quickly and efficiently this blender works, often mixing sauces and batters in just seconds without splashing. They also applauded the kitchen tool for its quiet operation — a relative rarity with blending appliances. In addition to blending, this Braun model can puree, whisk and chop your favorite foods using multiple attachments. Its buttons make it easy to change modes and speeds so that you can get extra-creative with cooking.

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