10 Best Immersion Blenders for Home Cooking

Kate Halse
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An immersion blender is the ideal compromise if you want to blend up ingredients but don't want to deal with a heavy full-sized blender or food processor. Despite their compact sizes, most immersion blenders are powerful enough to handle most blending tasks, from making purees to whipping egg whites into peaks, creating creamy smoothies and more. Some immersion blenders can even chop up ice.


Best Overall: Braun MultiQuick 5 Vario Immersion Hand Blender

The Braun MultiQuick 5 Vario has a powerful 400-watt motor along with variable speeds to handle many cooking and baking demands. Many users are surprised by how quickly and efficiently the blender works, often blending sauces and batters in just seconds. However, the chopper attachment is rather small and can't fit a larger onion that's been chopped into pieces.


Best Value: KOIOS HB-2046 Immersion Hand Blender

The ultra-powerful KOIOS HB-2046 immersion blender has an 800-watt motor, which is nearly double that of most competitors. Several users rave about the fact that the blender is relatively quiet despite being so powerful. Separate attachments let you make pesto, hummus and other sauces. A few owners caution that the blender handle can get a bit hot after roughly five minutes of use.


Most Powerful Immersion Blender: KOIOS oxasmart Immersion Blender

A full 800 watts of blending power means the KOIOS oxasmart immersion blender can quickly and efficiently conquer various cooking tasks, from whipping up dips to pureeing your favorite sauces and more. Many cooks appreciate the smooth and silky consistency, as the blender eliminates chunks as it goes. One potential downside is that you do need to add some liquid to blend thicker ingredients.


Best for Basic Meal Prep: KitchenAid 2-Speed Immersion Hand Blender

The KitchenAid 2-Speed immersion blender is a dependable choice for making your favorite hummus, soups, dressings, sauces and more. While its 180-watt output lags behind that of some competitors, there's still enough power to create a smoothie and crush ice. Many reviewers find that the two available speeds cover most essential cooking and baking demands. It's worth noting that some of the plastic attachments might crack over time.


Best Multipurpose Blender: KitchenAid 3-Speed Hand Immersion Blender

The KitchenAid 3-Speed immersion blender is a bit more versatile than many two-speed immersion blenders, allowing you to puree soups, crush ice, whip eggs and cream into fluffy peaks, and chop nuts and fruit. A removable eight-inch blending arm simplifies meal prep, especially when it comes to making slow cooker sauces and preserves. However, splatters can occur in shallower vessels. Those tight on space appreciate the included storage bag.


Best for Meal Prep: Mealthy Immersion Hand Blender

The Mealthy Immersion Hand Blender expertly tackles most meal prep demands and other tasks with its generous 500-watt motor. From making creamy soups to quickly chopping up onions, this immersion blender impresses cooks of all abilities. A turbo function provides an extra boost of power when needed. While the included cup is durable enough to handle hot liquids, some owners have noticed cracks over time.


Most User-friendly Blender: BSTY Immersion Blender

The BSTY hand blender is easy to assemble, with components that click into place easily. Changing out attachments is just as quick and simple. The release can be a bit tricky to master at first. Many users find the 500-watt motor to be powerful enough for tasks ranging from blending peanut butter to making smoothies and protein shakes, crushing ice and more.


Best for Smoothies: PowCube Immersion Hand Blender

The PowCube immersion blender has a 500-watt motor along with eight speeds, which is plenty for making your favorite smoothies. A stainless-steel mixing wand blends ingredients seamlessly. Many users are impressed by the LED light switch, which lets you know when the blender is powered on. It's best to avoid filling the container to full capacity to reduce splashing when blending.


Best for Chopping Ice: LINKChef Immersion Blender

With its 300-watt motor, the LINKChef Immersion Blender might not seem like your top choice for crushing ice initially. However, it comes with stainless-steel ice-crushing blades. Many users find that it whips up smooth milkshakes, smoothies and other creamy products in seconds. You want this blender to work as quickly as possible as you need to press and hold the operation switch to blend ingredients.


Best for Frothing: Utalent Immersion Hand Blender

The Utalent Immersion Hand Blender doubles as a milk frother so that you can enjoy rich, foamy milk with every cup of coffee. The 250-watt motor is powerful enough to make milkshakes and baby food as well. Several users find the immersion blender easy to clean as it the bottom detaches from the base. The attachments, however, can be tricky to remove.

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