Stay Sharp with the Best Chef Knives

Photo Courtesy: AfricaImages/E+/Getty Images

Almost every recipe starts with your ingredients and an invaluable tool: a chef's knife. Ask any professional chef or home cook, and they'll tell you that a good sharp knife is one of the most important kitchen utensils. But sharpness isn't the only thing you'll want to look for when shopping for chef knives. Knife shopping can actually be a pretty personal thing — it's a tool you'll use just about every day in the kitchen — so it's important to look for features that make it comfortable to use and able to handle all the recipes in your repertoire.

Think about comfort first. If you do plenty of chopping, mincing and dicing, you'll want a knife with an ergonomic handle that doesn't make your hand cramped and fatigued. Length is equally important — 8 inches is ideal for most people (and most cutting tasks), but it's best to size down an inch or two if you have smaller hands. What you cook is important to consider, too; heavier, thicker steel knives are best (and the most durable option) if you cook meat often and might encounter bones. And carbon knives stay sharper longer, which is convenient if you don't mind carefully cleaning them.

Ready to shop for this fundamental kitchen tool? These are 10 of the top options to suit a variety of needs.

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