The Best Mini-Fridges on the Market

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A mini fridge is an ideal appliance to have if you fancy chilled late-night snacks and a cold brew. However, with several configurations and sizes available in the market today, it can be tricky to choose which is the best mini fridge for you—especially if you plan to use it for a long time. We have a couple of options for you to consider, including great mini fridges for road trips and more. Check out the full list to see all our top picks!

Best Overall: Danby DAR026A2BDB Contemporary Classic Compact All Refrigerator

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With 2.6 cubic feet of storage, the Danby DAR026A2BDB Contemporary Classic Compact All Refrigerator boasts a compact design and a scratch-resistant worktop. It features an exclusive patented design with a rubber-grip ergonomic handle, which is ideal for users in search of style and simplicity. In addition to its integrated door shelving, this mini fridge has bright interior LED lighting designed to illuminate without adding heat. Satisfied buyers love this mini fridge for its versatility, energy efficiency, and spaciousness. Its impressionable design comprises of attractive shapes and dramatic lines meant to blend contemporary form with classic elements.

Best Value: Midea WHS-65LW1 Compact Refrigerator

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Purchasing a mini fridge doesn’t necessarily mean breaking your budget. If you’re looking for a standard mini fridge to store your fruits and beverages, look no further than the Midea WHS-65LW1 Compact Refrigerator. With only a single adjustable shelf, users love its reasonable price tag and lightweight design as compared to its competitors. It boasts just enough space to store your cans of soda, some snacks, a few yogurts, and other small edibles. It’s designed with whisper-quiet technology, which reduces the noise level during operation. In addition to its high energy efficiency, this appliance also has adjustable legs and a reversible door.

Best Cooler Warmer Combo: Cooluli 15L Cooler & Warmer Mini Fridge

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The Cooluli Electric Mini Fridge Cooler and Warmer is an ideal mini fridge for adventure seekers. A cigarette lighter adapter and a six-foot-long cord mean this adorable appliance is a must-have on your next long drive or camping trip. Lightweight and easy to carry around due to its high-quality, sturdy plastic design, you can even keep it in the backseat of your car. And unlike most mini fridges, this one features a thermoelectric system allowing for easy switching from beverage cooler to food warmer. Users like the retro design and roomy interior, along with the fact that the removable door shelves and main trays allow the roomy interior to be configured to suit.

Best for Office Use: RCA RFR321 Mini Refrigerator

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For employees who bring their lunch to work, a strategically tucked-away mini fridge is a bright idea. The RCA RFR321 Mini Refrigerator, with a 3.2 cubic feet capacity, fits comfortably under most desks and comes in stealth black (so no one will know that’s where you keep your good snacks). It features two removable shelves, a small freezer compartment, and beverage holders to provide extra storage options. More than 1,000 users have given it a five-star rating due to its high-energy efficiency and affordability. It has an adjustable thermostat for optimally cooked items, and a reversible door that lets users adapt it to the office layout. Furthermore, its flush back design and invisible door handle offer a sleek and modern look.

Best for Small Dorms: Midea WHS-65LSS1 Compact Reversible Refrigerator and Freezer

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Do you need a mini fridge but are limited on space? The petite Midea WHS-65LSS1 is only about 19.5 inches tall and 18 inches wide, making it small enough to fit in your dorm, even a triple. Its free-standing compact design features 1.6 cubic feet of storage space, adjustable legs, and a reversible door for adapting to tight quarters. It has a separate chiller compartment and offers outstanding quality and value above all else. More than 800 satisfied users have given it a five-star rating due to its quiet nature and easy temperature control.

Best Compact: Uber Appliance UB-CH1 Uber Chill Mini Fridge

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When it comes to high-quality appliances, bigger isn’t necessarily better. Such is the case with Uber Appliance’s UB-CH1 Uber Chill Mini Fridge. As appealing to the eye as it is to your wallet, the sleek and affordable appliance boasts a compact, portable design perfect for chic offices, modern mini homes, stylish travels, and more. This 4-liter gem has a six can capacity, a removable food shelf, and has environment-friendly Peltier technology to help cool and warm items efficiently without the use of harmful coolants or chemicals. Satisfied customers rave about its lightweight, plug and play design.

Best for Road Trips: Cooluli Classic 4-liter Thermo-Electric Mini Fridge

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Planning your next outdoor adventure? Add the Cooluli Classic 4-liter Thermo-Electric Mini Fridge to your packing list. Easily portable at just 4.9 pounds, its limited 4-liter space fits six cans–perfect for mid-travel hydration. You can power it through a USB port and keep perishable items at a safe temperature, and then, with the flip of a switch, change it from cooling to warming mode and vice versa. It’s also 100 percent environmentally friendly as it uses no refrigerants. Reviewers found it “perfectly compact, cute, and cool,” and noted how quietly and effectively it kept everything from drinks to skincare fresh.

Best Mini Fridge & Freezer Combo: Midea WHD-113FSS1 Double Door Mini Fridge

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The Midea WHD-113FSS1 Double Door Mini Fridge takes the idea of a multipurpose mini fridge to a whole new level. With a 3.1 cubic feet storage capacity and built-in beverage holders, this appliance offers users ample space to store chilled drinks, cool edibles, and even fresh produce in a separate fruit and vegetable drawer (interior lighting lets you keep an eye on things). The freezer compartment keeps your ice frozen and foods completely chilled when in use. Satisfied customers love it for its advanced whisper-quiet technology, which is virtually undetectable when it’s operational.

Best for Beverages: hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

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If you’re looking for an energy efficient way to keep your cans cool, then the free-standing hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler is the most suitable solution. Up to 120 standardized cans can be stored within it’s 3.2 cubic feet interior, all elegantly displayed through glass. The noiseless fan, located on the top level of the chamber, ensures stable air circulation which along with advanced temperature controls and an auto-defrost system helps to maintain a consistent temperature. Three adjustable and removable shelves allow users to organize offerings for thirsty guests, while modern LED light illuminates for easy drink selection at night. Users like how the “double pane see through door makes it sexy,” that drinks get cold fast (and stay that way), and that this versatile appliance matches high-quality performance with affordability.


Best Portable: Koolatron Coke Personal Mini Fridge

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The Koolatron Coke Personal Mini Fridge is a cute and stylish way to keep your beverages cold. This mini fridge cools up to 32 degrees below ambient temperature and can be used in your vehicle, RV, or boat car. In addition to its lightweight, portable design, this appliance features a self-locking recessed door handle and a 4-liter capacity. This patented appliance has a thermoelectric cooling system and can be easily connected to the 12-volt vehicle plug or a standard wall socket, which absolutely wins points from users for convenience and ease. But it’s the retro Coke and a smile charm that wins users hearts.

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