The Top-Rated Multicookers and Pressure Cookers for Busy Home Chefs

Photo Courtesy: Amazon

Multicookers are hardworking, versatile appliances that save you time and energy in the kitchen by offering efficient ways to prepare your favorite recipes. The best multicookers do the multitasking for you, making them the ideal addition for busy cooks with bustling lives. From cooking food faster to providing set-it-and-forget-it one-button simplicity to — yes — even making yogurt, these portable powerhouses from trusted brands like Instant Pot and KitchenAid are essential if you're looking to do more in the kitchen.

However, different pressure cookers are designed to meet different needs. You'll want to think about capacity — how many people do you typically cook for? Pressure cookers come in a range of sizes to make enough food for everyone from individuals to big families. Also, think about what you want your multicooker to do. Is quick pressure cooking to tenderize meats your focus, or do you want to take care of a variety of tasks — like cooking, steaming, searing and even baking cake — all with one appliance? To find the best option to add to your kitchen, consider these features — and take a look at 10 of the best options available to find your perfect cooker.

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