The Top-Rated Multicookers for Busy Home Cooks

Caryn AndersonLast Updated Apr 3, 2020 3:26:27 PM ET
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Multicookers are all the rage nowadays ― and with good reasons. These hardworking, versatile appliances save you time and energy in the kitchen by offering efficient ways to prepare your favorite recipes. The best multicookers do the multitasking for you, making them the ideal addition for busy cooks with bustling lives. To find the best option to add to your kitchen, consider features, performance, and price. We’ve rounded up 10 of the best to help narrow down your search for your new favorite kitchen appliance.


Best Overall: Instant Pot Ultra 10-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Cooker

With a simple dial and detailed display with a progress graph that tells you where you are in every stage of the cooking process, the Instant Pot Ultra 10-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Cooker boasts a design that improves and builds upon the original. It comes with 16 preprogrammed recipes and features a steam release valve and starter knob to minimize the chances of burning yourself with steam.


Best Value: Crock-Pot Express Crock Multi-Cooker

Brown, saute, slow cook, pressure cook, or steam — the Crock-Pot Express Crock Multi-Cooker does it all. This wallet-friendly multicooker features a dishwasher-safe and nonstick pot, steaming rack, serving spoon, and a recipe book. It has eight one-touch meal settings for dishes like yogurt, dessert, soup, chili, and rice or risotto, which makes it easy to use.


Best for Preprogrammed Settings: Ninja Auto-iQ Multicooker

Multiple preprogrammed recipes are only the beginning of what you can make with the Ninja Auto-iQ multicooker. Use the 80 preprogrammed recipes by selecting the one you want, adding the ingredients, and letting Auto-iQ do the rest. You can also take advantage of other cooking functions like saute, steam, bake, and sear, according to your recipes. It has a digital timer and keeps food warm automatically.


Best Stir Tower: KitchenAid KMC4241CA Multicooker

With a distinctive design and availability in multiple colors, KitchenAid’s KMC4241CA multicooker stands out from other options. But it’s not just the aesthetics that make this multicooker a contender. It also has an optional stir tower that does the stirring for you, which is ideal for busy cooks and recipes that require frequent stirring. It has 10 settings, precision controls, and an easy-to-read digital display.


Best for Organic Cooking: VitaClay Smart Organic Multicooker

The unglazed pot on the VitaClay organic multicooker is made from organic clay, which makes up the cooking pot and the high-domed lid. This multicooker designed to retain the natural flavor of foods while also sealing in enzymes, vitamins, and nutrients. Steam, slow cook and make everything from stocks to yogurt to cereals and grains with this naturally nonstick cooker.


Best for Baking Cakes: Instant Pot IP-LUX 6-in-1 Multicooker

With its new preprogrammed cake setting, the Instant Pot IP-Lux six-in-one multi-use cooker makes baking in your multicooker easier than ever. It also functions as a rice cooker, pressure cooker, steamer and warmer. You can use it to saute and make eggs. The easy-touch controls, integrated microprocessing technology, and safety settings make it a favorite among about 4,900 reviewers who gave it five stars.


Best for Air Frying: Ninja Foodi All-in-One Multicooker

Versatile, hardworking, and reliable, the Ninja Foodi all-in-one multicooker has more than 950 five-star reviews from consumers pleased that it more than lives up to its name. This multicooker lets you do everything from roasting with the TenderCrisper setting to pressure cooking to air frying for perfectly crispy foods with up to 75 percent less fat than their deep-fried counterpart.


Best for Air Frying (Runner-up): GoWise 8-in-1 Digital Air Fryer

Grill, roast, toast, and bake, the GoWise USA eight-in-one digital air fryer does it all. It also works as an air fryer, which allows you to enjoy your favorite crispy, crunchy treats with fewer calories and less fat. With more than 1,600 five-star ratings, this compact multicooker is a hit with many consumers looking for more than just an air fryer.


Best for Sous Vide: Geek Chef 11-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Cooker

If you’re a fan of sous vide, the technique that cooks food in a vacuum-sealed bag in temperature-controlled water, consider the Geek Chef 11-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Cooker, which has a separate sous vide mode in addition to 11 other pre-programmed functions. It also has 11 safety mechanisms, including automatic pressure control and release, high temperature and excessive pressure warnings, overflow protection, and an antiblockage vent.


Best Design: Midea 10-Cup Smart Multicooker

If you’re looking for a multicooker with a little style and visual pizzazz, consider the Midea 10-cup smart multicooker, which features a sleek design that sets it apart from other options. It has a 24-hour delay timer and 11 preset menus that can be selected with the touchscreen control panel.

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