2021’s Top-Rated Rice Cookers and Rice Steamers

Photo Courtesy: chee gin tan/E+/Getty Images

Warm, fluffy and oh-so-nourishing — rice is a staple food for a reason. If you regularly plate up this popular grain as a side dish or main course, you know how important it is to get the texture and flavor just right. But who has time to stand over the stove taking extra care to prevent burnt, crusted pans and a mushy, gluey texture? With a high-quality rice cooker at the ready, these worries will become things of the past in your kitchen.

Bringing out the tastes and textures of different rice varieties starts with using the right rice cooker. But the right rice cooker for you depends on a few things, like capacity, temperature settings, easy cleanup and multipurpose features. To make your decision easier, we've rounded up the top rice cookers from trusted brands like Zojirushi, Aroma and Instant Pot.

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