The Best Gas and Electric Wall Ovens on the Market

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Whether you’re renovating your entire kitchen or just updating your appliances, a wall oven is a great addition if you love to bake, roast and broil. Positioned at chest level, these ovens take the back-breaking bending out of cooking and free up the area under your stove for more cabinet space.

Do you often cook big meals for a large family? Try a double wall oven like the Whirlpool 24-inch double wall oven to make preparing large meals easy with twice the cooking capacity. Modern styles with convection capabilities, such as certain models by Summit Appliance, ensure everything from casseroles to breads come out perfectly cooked every time. Here’s a look at some of the best wall ovens available.

Best Overall: KitchenAid Electric Wall Oven

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When it comes to the best overall wall oven, the KitchenAid 30-inch single electric wall oven self-cleaning with convection is a consumer favorite, with more than 500 5-star reviews. One popular feature with this oven is the built-in meat probe. Another well-liked feature of this oven is the Even-Heat True Convection technology, which provides even baking and heating consistency.

Best Value: GE Double Electric Wall Oven

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From the electronic glass touch controls to the heavy-duty oven racks, the GE 30-inch double electric wall oven with built-in microwave is a consumer pick as the best-valued wall oven. The long-standing GE name, along with more than 200 5-star ratings make this a top choice in wall ovens.

Best Gas Wall Oven: GE 24-Inch Single Gas Wall Oven

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The GE 24-inch single gas wall oven comes in finishes of white, black, and stainless steel. This gas-powered wall oven features two adjustable racks and a frameless glass door. Consumers recommend this oven because of the easy settings and efficiency of a gas-operated oven. GE designed this wall oven with the latest technologies and space-saving with an underneath storage.

Best Single Wall Oven: Bosch 800 Series Single Wall Oven

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The Bosch 800 Series 27-inch single electric wall oven is a consumer favorite among single wall ovens. The touch controls, triple racks, and European convection oven are some of the favorite features included in more than 100 5-star reviews. The oven has 12 cooking modes, and the European convection technology makes for even baking.

Best Double Wall Oven: Cafe Smart Double Electric Wall Oven

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Cook a meal for the whole party in the Cafe 30-inch smart double electric wall oven. When it comes to double wall ovens, this one ranks among consumer’s top picks. This double wall oven uses smart technology and allows you to regulate your oven from any room in the house.

Best French Door Wall Oven: Cafe Smart Single French Door Wall Oven

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The feature of the French doors on the Cafe 30-inch smart single electric French door wall oven has consumers raving over the efficiency and convenience. The ease of the double doors is particularly helpful to those that are shorter in stature and those that have trouble with the traditional pull-down oven door.

Best Microwave/Wall Oven Combination: Samsung Flex Duo with Electric Steam Cooking and Built-in Microwave

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When you’re looking for a space and time saver, the Samsung 30-inch Flex Duo wall oven with electric steam cooking and built-in microwave lives up to the expectation. This oven and microwave combination is not only sleek in its design, but the steam cook in the oven makes even the beginning cook look like a chef as well.

Best Warranty: Maytag Single Electric Wall Oven

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The 10-year limited warranty on the Maytag 30-inch single electric wall oven is very appealing to consumers. The warranty covers parts and labor through the first year. Years two through 10 covers certain components of the oven. Maytag equipped this wall oven with a Precision Cooking system that accurately and evenly preheats, cooks, bakes, and broils.

Best Convection Wall Oven: Summit Appliance Convection Single Gas Wall Oven

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For the chef that enjoys the convection process of baking, the Summit Appliance 30-inch convection single gas wall oven is made just for them. The convection fan works for even cooking on the bake or broil settings. The interior convection fan works well to defrost bigger dishes more quickly.

Best Reliability: Whirlpool 24-Inch Double Electric Wall Oven

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For those looking for a wall oven that’s going to be reliable and last for years, the Whirlpool 24-inch double electric wall oven will not disappoint. A large number of the more than 200 consumers that gave this oven a 5-star rating said they are loyal Whirlpool fans and stand by the reliability of the brand.

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