Healthy Spaghetti Squash Recipes for Home Cooks

Photo Courtesy: Personal Creations/Flickr

If you're like many people, you might have a monthly rotation of dinner entrees that you regularly cycle through. While it’s great to cook and eat the things you and your family love, almost nothing makes weeknights brighter than getting creative with your dishes and enjoying new ingredients, recipes and tastes. And if you’re looking to really get bold with flavor, making in-season produce the focus of your meal is the way to go.

As winter lingers on and you turn your focus to trying new comfort foods that taste delicious, you might consider adding spaghetti squash to your repertoire. This hearty veggie softens up after you cook it, and its inner flesh easily turns into thin, ribbonlike strands that resemble the pasta it’s named after. That makes it a great substitute for pasta if you don’t eat gluten or are watching your carb intake. But you’ll also find spaghetti squash to be filling and comforting even if you’re simply looking for new ways to incorporate fresh produce into your dinner menus. These spaghetti squash recipes will help you do just that.