How to Access Free Death Records in Ontario, Canada

Death records are an important source of information for genealogists and historians. They provide valuable insight into the lives of our ancestors and can help us trace our family history. In Ontario, Canada, there are a number of ways to access death records for free. Here’s how:

Online Resources

The Ontario Genealogical Society (OGS) offers a variety of online resources that can help you find death records in the province. The OGS website has an extensive database of death records from 1869 to present day, which can be searched by name or date. Additionally, the OGS website also has a list of cemeteries and burial sites in Ontario, which can be used to locate gravesites and other information about deceased individuals.

Local Libraries

Local libraries in Ontario often have collections of death records that are available for public use. These collections typically include newspaper obituaries, cemetery records, funeral home records, and other documents related to deceased individuals. Many libraries also have online databases that allow users to search for death records from their own computers.

Government Agencies

The government of Ontario also maintains a number of resources related to death records. The Office of the Registrar General is responsible for maintaining official death certificates in the province and can provide copies upon request. Additionally, the Archives of Ontario holds a variety of documents related to deceased individuals, including wills, probate files, and other legal documents. Both agencies offer free access to their resources for research purposes.

Death records can provide valuable insight into our family history and help us trace our ancestry back through time. In Ontario, Canada there are a number of ways to access these records for free through online resources, local libraries, and government agencies. With a little bit of research and effort you can uncover the stories behind your ancestors’ lives and build your family tree with ease.

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