How Accurate are Online Tools for Measuring Lot Size?

If you’re a property owner or buyer, knowing the exact size of a lot is essential. However, measuring the lot size is not always an easy task. Thanks to technology, we now have online tools that claim to measure the size of a lot accurately. But how reliable are these tools? In this article, we’ll explore online tools for measuring lot size and how accurate they are.

What Are Online Tools for Measuring Lot Size?

Online tools for measuring lot sizes use satellite imagery and other geo-spatial technologies to calculate the area of a piece of land. These tools allow you to draw your lot on an interactive map or upload a survey plan to get its measurements.

How Accurate Are These Online Tools?

Accuracy is vital when it comes to measuring land size, and unfortunately, online tools may not always be 100% accurate. One reason for this is that satellite imagery can be distorted due to various factors such as cloud cover or atmospheric conditions. Additionally, online tools may not account for irregular shapes or slopes in the terrain.

However, despite these limitations, many online measurement tools provide relatively accurate results when used correctly. It’s important to note that these measurements should be used as estimates only and not relied upon as legally binding data.

Other Ways to Determine Lot Size

If you want precise measurements of your property’s lot size, it’s best to hire a professional surveyor. They use specialized equipment such as GPS receivers and Total Stations that provide more accurate readings than online measurement tools.

Another option is to obtain a copy of your property’s survey plan from the local land registry office. This will give you exact measurements and boundaries of your property.


While online measurement tools can provide an estimate of your property’s lot size quickly and conveniently, they may not always be entirely accurate. For precise measurements, it’s best to hire a professional surveyor or obtain a copy of your property’s survey plan. Remember, knowing your lot size is essential when buying or selling property, so ensure you have the correct measurements before making any transactions.

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