Amazon Offers Incredible Deals on These State-of-the-Art Electronics

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Remember when you had to actually go to the store every time you needed to buy something? Even worse, if the store didn’t have the product you were looking for, you climbed back in your car and drove to the next nearby retailer, never quite knowing when the search would end. Times were tough before online shopping, weren’t they?

Today, a staggering 44% of shoppers say they start their journey on Amazon before even looking anywhere else. Why? Because Amazon is convenient and often the cheapest option out there, particularly for Amazon Prime members who don’t have to pay for fast shipping. When you need new tech, Amazon offers incredible deals on these state-of-the-art electronics to make your search quick and easy.

Handy Case for Your Amazon Echo

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Having an Amazon Echo is fun, but do you know what’s even better? Personalizing and protecting your Echo with an Amazon Echo Dot Case. The Echo is a great product, but it’s kind of boring to look at, and a Dot cover is the perfect way to spruce up your little speaker.

Available in several different colors and patterns, this cover comes in a style to fit every personality. Options include nylon woven fabric and full-grain leather, and all designs provide access to ports and buttons and allow for a full view of the light ring. Ranging in price from $5 (almost 70% off retail!) to $15, these cases are priced just right for your wallet.

Professional-Grade Crane for Any Camera

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Need a crane that can support the weight of any camera? Try the Zhiyun Crane Plus, which offers Motion Memory, POV, Intelligent Object Tracking, 360-degree rotation along all three axes and Night Lapse mode. The sturdy unit supports up to 5.5 pounds.

Whether you’re using your professional-grade DSLR camera or your iPhone, the Crane Plus can handle an enormous range of camera and lens combinations. With two included 26500 lithium-ion batteries, you get 24 to 36 hours of runtime and never have to worry about running out of power unexpectedly. At less than $400, this product is priced around 15% less on Amazon.

Radon Protection with a Home Detector

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As the second-leading cause of lung cancer in the world — right after cigarettes — radon is called the “silent killer,” yet most people don’t even know they’re being exposed. Luckily, the Corentium Home Radon Detector by AirThings can let you know if dangerous levels of radon are accumulating in your home.

The radon detector is battery-operated, so you don’t need to worry about plugging it in. On-screen results allow you to quickly view both long- and short-term readings, so you can take fast action if levels are high. At less than $200, it costs far less than you would pay a radon testing company, and it’s one of the cheapest options on the internet.

Capture Adventure with a 4K Action Camera

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Have you ever been in the middle of something really exciting, like mountain biking or snowboarding, and wished you could capture the moment on camera? Now, you can with the APEMAN A79 4K Action Camera. Even better, while most action cameras can be crazy expensive, this camera is a deal at around $50 on Amazon.

With a high-quality Sony sensor, it takes super-sharp 16-megapixel photos and 4K videos with vibrant, life-like color. Need more? The advanced EIS technology keeps everything smooth and stable and automatically protects your images from camera shake. Multiple mounting kits allow you to shoot when biking, swimming, diving, snorkeling and more.

Backpack to Keep Your Valuables Safe

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Airports, train stations, bus stops and other travel hubs are often riddled with theft. Turn your back for just a minute, and all your valuables could be gone if you don’t protect them with an item like the BOPAI 15.6-inch Anti-Theft Business Laptop Backpack. This handy case makes it easy to keep your electronics and other valuables safe during travel.

With a huge 36-liter capacity, the case holds all your essentials, including your laptop, water bottle, phone, umbrella and wallet, in one place. The flannel-lined sleeve fits up to a 15″ laptop, and a 180-degree opening makes it easy to get through security in a flash. At less than $100, it comes at a price that is hard to beat.

Cutting Edge Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

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Want to spruce up your workspace? The super-cute SADES V2020 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set will definitely liven up any desk with its fun retro feel and colorful design. The keyboard features plenty of modern amenities like an ergonomic design and a 2.4GHz wireless connection, and it’s paired with an optical mouse.

The keyboard and mouse work together seamlessly, ensuring a smooth and stable experience without delays or frame skipping, and 13 easy-to-reach hotkeys provide shortcuts to all your favorite functions, like music and email. Both pieces go into battery saver mode automatically, significantly extending battery life. At between $20 and $30, Amazon’s price runs about 20% less than other retailers.

Comfortable Over-Ear Headphones

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Headphones are a necessity of modern life, and with the right pair, you can easily listen to music or watch videos on the train, in the office or even while sitting in the dentist’s chair. The AUSDOM Over-Ear Headphones hit all the right marks.

At around $10 on Amazon, they’re not only amazingly priced, but they’re also super comfy. With an over-the-ear design and an adjustable headband, the headphones are designed to be simple and easy to use. An added soft cushion ear pad offers superior comfort, even for those who wear eyeglasses, and the light weight makes them convenient to carry.

Affordable Outdoor Surveillance Camera

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For around $50 on Amazon, the ieGeek Surveillance Camera offers an affordable home security solution. This camera can be set up in a variety of locations — garage, front door, backyard — and the built-in, 110-degree, wide-angle lens provides a clear view of a large area.

An enhanced Wi-Fi module receives signals at great distances, and a 5dBi antenna offers serious transmission power. In addition, advanced HD 1080P resolution delivers high-definition images, even in rainy or windy weather, and you can schedule motion detection, timing recording and more right from your phone.

Simple Way to Carry Your AirPods

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With a compact and flexible design and a built-in carabiner, these AirPods Cases make it very convenient to carry your AirPods wherever you go. Available in a variety of colors, the case’s hydrophobic material is dust-resistant and easy to clean (when necessary).

Even after years of use, the food-grade silicone will still look and feel like new. Heavy-duty construction and one-piece molding make this case much tougher than others of its kind, so you know your AirPods are always protected — no matter how many times you drop them! At around $10 on Amazon, this case is not only a total steal but also about 50% off retail.

Watch Movies Wherever You Go

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Sure, you can watch videos and movies on your phone or tablet, but storage is typically limited, and the more you download, the slower your device works. You can save your mobile’s memory for more important tasks by opting to use the MiluoTech External DVD/CD Drive to watch videos on the go on your laptop instead of using your phone.

This drive doesn’t require any software installation or an extra power supply. Just plug it in to your Windows or Mac OS compatible system and start watching. A super-thin, lightweight design makes it easy to carry and transport, and shockproof material makes it difficult to break. At slightly more than $20 brand new, this seems like a no-brainer for better viewing.

Kick Game Night into Gear with a Mini Portable Projector

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Have you thought about putting in a home cinema? Despite how amazingly awesome it would be (imagine the parties!), it would also be exorbitantly expensive — unless you achieve the same results with the APEMAN Mini Portable Projector. This handy little device lets you easily set up a home movie theater for around $200.

The pocket-sized projector weighs less than half a pound, so it’s easy to transport and store. With a 2.5-hour battery life, you can easily run most movies in your own home, at a friend’s place or even at the campground without the need for a power source. The kit comes with a tripod with a fully functional, 360-degree rotation and a firm stand.

Security Camera to Communicate with Your Devices

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Amazon offers countless devices that make managing your home quick and easy. One of their most popular products is the Amazon Cloud Cam Security Camera. When the Cloud Cam sees any activity in or around your home, it sends you a notification to let you know what’s going on, so you’re always in the know.

Intelligent alerts ensure you only get notifications about things that matter, but you can always take a look at what’s going on anytime you want, allowing you to watch activity as it happens. With 1080p full HD capabilities, the system offers live video streams and replays motion alert clips right from your mobile device. You can typically find the camera on sale on Amazon for between $100 and $150.

Pro-Level Stargazing for a Rookie Price

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Stargazing with the kids (or even alone) can be an amazing experience, but many people are wary of indulging in this stellar hobby. That’s because most quality telescopes are completely unaffordable, but at less than $100 on Amazon, the Gskyer Telescope with Wireless Remote is ideal for any beginning astronomer.

The Gskyer Instruments Infinity 70mm telescope is easy to put together and use, and it delivers precise high-quality images. With a compact and portable design, it’s easy to use at home in the yard or on trips to the beach or the mountains. Lenses are easily swapped to focus on fine-tuned images, no matter what you’re looking at.

Earbuds That Are Actually Comfortable

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Tired of buying earbuds that are either super uncomfortable or just don’t work for long? Check out the Kissral Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds on Amazon. With an ergonomic design made to comfortably fit your ears, you can pull them straight out of the box and start listening to your favorite jams with zero issues.

Bluetooth 5.0 provides quick one-step pairing with all your devices, and a built-in 3000mAh rechargeable battery allows for up to 6.5 hours of playtime on a single charge. Even better? These earbuds are made for movement, and they don’t stop working just because you worked up a little sweat. At less than $40 on Amazon, they offer affordability in addition to functionality.

Camera for Watching Your Baby

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Whether you want to keep an eye on your actual baby or your fur baby, it’s nice to have a camera you can access from outside your home. The Nooie Baby Monitor and Pet Camera makes it easy to do just that, no matter where you are. With 360-degree rotation and night vision, the Nooie provides a crystal-clear picture, even in a pitch-black room.

Motion tracking lets you know if your child (or doggo) gets out of bed, and you can easily check your live streaming video to see what they’re doing. With two-way audio, you can tell the kids to stop messing around and get to bed — or tell the dog to stop chewing on your shoes. At less than $50, this monitor is totally worth it.

Dashcam to Capture the Excitement in Your Car

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What happens when you’re driving alone in the car and you want to capture an amazing view? You could lose time by stopping and hoping your cell phone is up to the challenge, or you could rely on the Yundoo Dual Dash Cam Car Camera to easily take high-quality pics without stopping.

This car camera captures high-speed video recordings of fast-moving scenes, but it’s not just for recording a nice view. The camera is also excellent for providing information in the event of an accident. With a 170-degree, wide-angle view, it doesn’t have blind spots, and the G-Sensor automatically detects a collision. At around $60, this camera offers a practical recording solution in your car.

GPS Tracker to Keep You Safe

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Life can be scary, and if you have small children or an elderly loved one, you may worry about their safety. The PrimeTracking Personal GPS Tracker can be easily stored in backpacks, purses, strollers and more so you always know where they are.

At less than $50 on Amazon, this item makes it easy to track and locate not just loved ones, but lost luggage, missing laptop bags and more. Just put the tracker on whatever individual or possession you want to track, and you will always know where it is. Even better? The battery lasts for weeks without a charge.

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The Intel Atom Fanless Mini PC makes it easy to access the internet, watch movies, browse the web and much more. Simply turn on your TV or monitor and change the video output to HD, connect the PC to the HD port, plug it in and turn it on. This little guy makes it convenient to access technology, no matter where you are.

Bluetooth 4.2 easily links with your gamepad, headset, wireless speakers, mouse, keyboard and more, and the mini PC supports dual Wi-Fi to truly make your life easier. Supported video formats include 1080P, VP8 4K, VP8 Stereo, AVS and more. At around $160, this mini PC costs about $20 less (on average) on Amazon than anywhere else.

Speaker for Singing in the Shower

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Take your shower performance to a whole new level with this iFox iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker! No longer forced to carry your own tune, it allows you to crank up the tunes and sing along with your favorite superstars right in the tub, on the beach and by the pool.

Large, white buttons make it easy to see what you’re doing, and the speaker is fully water-resistant. In fact, it can be immersed in water up to 3 feet deep, although it’s not designed to continuously operate that way. Plus, a long-life battery means you can listen to up to 10 hours of music without interruption. At around $30, this is a pretty sweet deal.

Watch 3D Movies at Home

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Make your TV smarter with the Android 9.0 TV Box. Averaging $50 to $60 on Amazon, this device lets you watch 3D movies quickly and easily, right from the comfort of your favorite recliner.

An ultra-fast running speed makes it easy to load applications, movies and games without buffering. With 32GB of memory, your system will never crash, and dual Wi-Fi ensures a stronger, more stable connection. In addition, you can easily connect your wireless mouse, keyboard and game controllers for a truly interactive experience. With a 12-month warranty and a bargain price, this TV box offers a great solution to your viewing needs.

Best Eye Mask Ever

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You may have a sleeping eye mask, but it probably only keeps out light — possibly not even very well. This Bluetooth Eye Mask offers all the best features of a sleeping mask — and so much more. It’s a great option for keeping it dark when you want to rest, but it also plays all your favorite tunes as you drift off to sleep.

Ideal for use during travel, meditation or just plain old bedtime, this mask allows you to listen to music without wearing headphones, which could help you relax and fall asleep faster. In addition, a built-in microphone enables you to talk on the phone, no matter what you’re doing or where you are. At around $25, this mask is an ideal travel solution.

Walkie Talkies for Grown-Ups

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Walkie talkies aren’t just for kids, you know. This five-pack of Retevis RT21 Walkie Talkies makes it easy to stay in touch while you’re on outdoor adventures, on a worksite or trying to find your way around a new city. Every two-way radio is equipped with a crystal earpiece that makes your conversation crystal-clear, no matter where you are.

At around $90 on Amazon, the set ensures reliable communication with your teammates, employees and friends in a variety of situations. A small earpiece with a simple button provides excellent reception and an inconspicuous way to transmit. Bonus: You can easily hear people talking on the units, no matter how noisy the environment is around you.

Easy-to-Carry Binoculars for Spying on the Go

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Okay, you don’t have to be a spy to carry binoculars — but how cool would that be? Maybe you like watching birds, going to concerts or taking in scenic views. No matter what you need to see, the Occer 12X25 Compact Binoculars make it convenient and easy.

These high-powered binoculars have 12X magnification and a 25mm wide field of view, allowing you to look farther and see wider than many other binoculars. Optional rubber eyepieces make them comfortable, even if you wear glasses, and a compact design means you can hold them with just one hand. At less than $35, they are a good bargain for adventure seekers everywhere.

Multi-Use Stylus Pen

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Most stylus pens consist of a tiny little metal stick with a pad on the end and are difficult to use and not entirely accurate. They may or may not actually write the words you spell out in many cases — unless, of course, you try the Yacig Capacitive Stylus Pen instead. This stylus pen puts the rest to shame, which makes it a real steal at less than $15.

The Yacig pen comes with four premium touch tips, allowing you to choose the one that truly fits your needs, plus a real ballpoint pen for writing real signatures. The quality metal design feels like a real pen in your hand and is compatible with all capacitive-sensing cell phones, tablets, touch screen laptops and more.

Memory Card for All Your Devices

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Okay, so you go to take a photo with your camera and realize you don’t have enough memory left for that perfect shot. If you always keep a SanDisk 256GB Memory Card in your bag or backpack, you will never have to worry about that problem again.

SanDisk is the gold standard when it comes to memory cards that are proven to be reliable, fast and high-quality. They come in capacities up to 400GB — making it almost impossible to run out of memory — and are waterproof, temperature-proof, X-ray-proof and shockproof. SanDisk is compatible with most Android smartphones and tablets as well as MIL cameras. Prices start at less than $40 on Amazon for this capacity.

Glasses to Protect You from Computer Glare

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File this under products you didn’t know you needed: Livhò Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses. These glasses are just pure genius. Almost everyone spends their time working on a computer these days, and even if you don’t, you probably spend a lot of time looking at a phone or tablet.

All that blue light is terrible for your eyes. Luckily, for less than $25, you can get these snazzy specs on Amazon to protect your eyes. They alleviate eye fatigue and prevent all those nasty headaches that come with hours of surfing the web or playing online games. Pro tip: Check out the night vision version if you have problems with road glare.

Hands-Free Product to Chat with Your Friends

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It’s illegal almost everywhere now to chat on your cell phone while you drive — or at least to hold your phone while you drive. Avoid expensive tickets and dangerous driving with this TaoTronics Bluetooth Receiver for your car.

This receiver makes it easy to play music, listen to podcasts and chat with pals while on the road (or anywhere else). With up to 10 hours of talk or playtime, you’ll have enough battery life to last through long trips, and a built-in microphone makes chatting hands-free a breeze. Catch a sale, and you can get it for less than $15 on Amazon.

Wi-Fi Extension for a Bargain Price

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Sometimes, you just need more Wi-Fi, or you need to access it from more places in your home. The TP-Link AV1000 Powerline Wi-Fi Extender makes it simple to connect to Wi-Fi in dead spots where you couldn’t get a signal before — like down in your basement or out in the backyard.

Ranging from $80 to $100 on Amazon, this nifty device allows you to enjoy gaming, streaming movies and surfing the web, no matter where you are in your home. The kit comes with two powerline units that actually turn your home’s electrical system into a wired network, moving data right through your walls and floors. It sets up in minutes and plugs into any power outlet for true convenience.

Stabilizers Make Amateur Videos Slick

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If you’ve ever tried to take a pic of a gorgeous sunset, only to have it ruined by a slow shutter speed and quivering hands, then you know exactly why you need a handheld stabilizer. If you don’t have the hands of a neurosurgeon, the Neewer Gimbal 3-Axis Handheld Stabilizer can help ensure the perfect shot for video and stationary photography.

The Gimbal works with a variety of smartphones to turn your mobile device into a professional camera. With several fun features, such as panorama and object tracking, it offers a top-notch movie-making experience. In addition, it’s super lightweight and offers some serious runtime. At less than $80, you can’t go wrong with this choice.

DVD Player That Connects to Your Mobile Phone

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Love the convenience of watching movies on your mobile phone but don’t want to use up all your data? The Tenswall Portable CD/DVD Player easily links to your smartphone, iPad, tablet or computer for an amazing viewing experience without downloading a thing.

Simply turn on Bluetooth on your cell and press Bluetooth on the DVD player’s remote control to establish a simple connection. Once they are paired, you can play your favorite movies or music whenever you feel like it. With a wall-mountable design, you can hang it wherever you like and then easily take it with you for viewing on the go. At less than $60 on Amazon, it’s available at a price that’s hard to find anywhere else.

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