App Removal Made Easy: Tips and Tricks for Deleting Apps on Your iPad

Whether you’re running out of storage space or simply want to declutter your iPad, knowing how to remove apps is a valuable skill. Deleting apps can free up precious memory and make navigating your device a breeze. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to remove apps from your iPad effortlessly.

Understanding App Removal on Your iPad

Before diving into the process of app removal, it’s essential to understand how it works on your iPad. Unlike other devices, Apple’s iOS provides a seamless experience for uninstalling apps. When you delete an app, not only does it disappear from your home screen, but all associated data is also removed from your device.

The Traditional Method of App Removal

The traditional method of removing apps from your iPad involves tapping and holding the app icon until it starts shaking. Once the icons start shaking, you’ll notice small “X” marks appearing at the top left corner of each icon. To delete an app using this method, tap on the “X” mark next to the app you wish to remove.

A confirmation prompt will appear asking if you want to delete the app and its data permanently. Select “Delete” if you’re certain about removing the app or “Cancel” if you’ve changed your mind. Keep in mind that some pre-installed apps cannot be deleted using this method.

Alternative Methods for App Removal

If tapping and holding icons isn’t your preferred method or doesn’t work for certain apps, don’t worry; there are alternative ways to remove them from your iPad. One such method is through Settings.

To use this approach, go to Settings on your home screen and select “General.” From there, tap on “iPad Storage.” You’ll find a list of all installed apps sorted by size. Simply tap on any app you wish to delete, and then select “Delete App.” Confirm your choice, and the app will be removed along with any associated data.

Another alternative method is to utilize the App Library feature introduced in iOS 14. The App Library automatically organizes your apps into categories, making it easier to find and remove them. To access the App Library, swipe right from your home screen until you reach the last page. From there, you can browse through different categories or use the search bar at the top to find a specific app. Once you locate the app you want to remove, tap and hold its icon until a menu appears. Select “Remove App” and confirm your choice.

Managing Deleted Apps

After removing an app from your iPad, it’s good practice to manage your deleted apps effectively. To view all deleted apps in one place, go to the App Store on your home screen and tap on your profile picture at the top right corner. From there, select “Purchased” or “My Purchases,” depending on your iOS version.

In this section, you’ll find a list of all apps you’ve ever downloaded or purchased using your Apple ID. Scroll through this list to find previously deleted apps that you may wish to reinstall in the future. To reinstall an app, simply tap on its cloud icon.


Deleting apps from your iPad doesn’t have to be a daunting task anymore. With these tips and tricks at hand, you can easily remove unwanted apps and reclaim storage space on your device. Whether you choose the traditional method of tapping and holding icons or prefer alternative approaches like using Settings or the App Library feature, managing apps on your iPad has never been simpler. So go ahead and start decluttering for a smoother user experience.

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