Best Antivirus Software for Your Computer

Lisa Vitalise
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Whether you use a personal computer, laptop or some other internet-enabled device, protecting it from various cyber threats is critically important. Before surfing to your first site you need to invest in reliable, up-to-date antivirus software to protect you from malware, hackers, cybercriminals and all the latest online threats.

However, the tech marketplace has an ample supply of different antivirus software programs, which makes selecting a trustworthy option a little more complicated than downloading the first one you find. No need to sweat the hard stuff — we’ve rounded up some of the best antivirus software on the market based on cost, benefits, features and reviews.


Best Overall: Avast Premium Security

With an award-winning antivirus like Avast Premium Security, threats like malware and malicious websites will be a thing of the past. The software is compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS and Android systems. Different options are available at different price points, including two years of protection for one device. Bundled protection for multiple devices usually comes with a substantial discount. Using an activation code, you can set up your software immediately after purchase seamlessly. Customers praise its additional tools and quality performance.


Best Value: Webroot Internet Security Complete with Antivirus Protection

If you plan on securing your PC, Mac and Android devices, consider using the latest version of Webroot Internet Security Complete with Antivirus Protection, which offers comprehensive internet security protection from malware and viruses. It includes 25 GB of online storage and a System Optimizer to ensure your devices run at optimum efficiency each time you use them. With more than 1,000 five-star reviews, this antivirus software is a must-have at a budget-friendly price.


Best for Newcomers: McAfee AntiVirus

Are you in search of a holistic device protection software? McAfee AntiVirus offers exceptional web protection, award-winning, online-based antivirus protection, and cross-device data protection. You can easily follow the procedures for downloading and installing the software using the 25-digit activation code that is sent directly to your email address. The majority of users love how this antivirus software works.


Best in Performance: NORTON 360

If you refuse to settle for anything less than the best performance — and why should you? — when it comes to your online security, then Symantec’s NORTON 360 should be at the top of your list. This software boosts computer performance by fixing common problems that diminish your computer’s speed and power. It even removes unnecessary files with its PC tune-up feature. Apart from its automatic silent updates, this antivirus software revives lost PC horsepower, and more than 1,200 customers have given it a positive review.


Best for Public Wi-Fi: Kaspersky Internet Security

Using public Wi-Fi can lead to costly and dangerous intrusions from hackers and webcam spies. A strong program like Kaspersky Internet Security prevents those types of cyberattacks and so much more. You can surf and socialize freely, knowing that your communication and data are protected with the help of premium, cloud-assisted features. This antivirus software sends you alerts when the Wi-Fi you’re using is compromised. Nearly 70% of reviewers have given it a five-star rating.


Best Free Antivirus: Malwarebytes Security

A free antivirus program should protect your device from malware without reducing the efficiency of your system’s performance, but that can be a tall order in the realm of free software. Malwarebytes Security antivirus software is the best example of a program that pulls this off to a certain extent. This application offers free malware and spyware removal, but real-time protection from unwanted programs like adware, ransomware and phishing scams requires purchase of the premium level software package. With such impeccable features, it’s hardly surprising that more than 2,200 reviewers gave it a five-star rating. Extra Bonus: It’s also easy to install and use.


Best Parental Control Features: Symantec Norton Security Deluxe

With the increase in cyberattacks and harmful materials on websites, safeguarding your kids should be at the top of your internet security goals. Install Symantec Norton Security Deluxe to ensure your children are safe from cyberattacks at all times. The software’s Smart Firewall helps safeguard your kids from oversharing information like passwords and files. Buyers appreciate the outstanding features it offers as well as the ease of use.


Best Privacy Policies: McAfee Total Protection

Privacy is what we all endeavor to have when surfing the internet, but in today’s world of growing online security threats, that certainly seems impossible. McAfee Total Protection aims to break this trend — and the corresponding fear — with features like a personal customized firewall and sophisticated filters. The antivirus software blocks dubious incoming internet traffic that could potentially be intended to steal your data while also monitoring all the information that is shared on the network. Buyers rate this software highly, calling out other features such as SiteAdvisor, True Key, mobile App and anti-spam protection as big positives.


Best Premium Older Version: Kaspersky Internet Security 2015

If you’re in search of an older version of a premium antivirus software to work with an older computer, take a look at Kaspersky Internet Security 2015. It still offers real-time internet protection, a two-way firewall, anti-banner protection and technical support. With more than 900 five-star rating reviews, this software is clearly still one of the best with advanced protections like advanced parental control and robust anti-spam features. On the negative side, this antivirus software is only compatible with Windows OS.

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