The 10 Best CD Players for Sound Quality and Features

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Blast out your music or listen to an audio book using your new CD player. But which one should you choose? Bluetooth connectivity lets you connect to other devices, you might prefer to switch to the radio, and you may want to record CDs too. Are you old school, wanting to listen to your cassettes and records, or do you need a boost in the mornings with a CD alarm clock? Read on for helpful recommendations so you can choose the perfect CD player to suit your needs.

Best Overall: Magnavox MD6972 CD Boombox

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The easy-to-use Magnavox MD6972 CD Boombox has a CD player at the top and features a digital AM/FM radio. It’s compatible with CD-RW/CD-R and benefits from Bluetooth technology. Reviewers raved about the flashing lights and flawless Bluetooth connectivity. Another plus mentioned was that it can either be plugged in or run off batteries.

Best for Professionals: Tascam CD-RW900MKII Professional Rackmount CD Recorder/Player

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The professional-grade Tascam CD-RW900MKII rackmount CD recorder/player produces high-quality sound so you can enjoy crystal-clear audio. Reviewers loved its recording capabilities, stating it’s easy to use without errors mid-recording that can occur with other devices. The sound quality was also praised, being powerful and clean. This is perhaps due to the AKM codec, which produces a dynamic range, and the simple recording features.

Best Wall Mountable: Wrcibo Wall Mountable Bluetooth CD Player

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The Wrcibo wall mountable Bluetooth CD player includes great features, such as Bluetooth connectivity, a USB flash drive player, an FM radio and a headphone jack. Reviewers loved the compact size and the powerful sound that fills a room. Users were also impressed with how you can stop a CD, but it plays from where you left off when it’s restarted rather than going back to the first track.

Best for Home Audio: TEAC CD-P650-B CD Player

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The TEAC CD-P650 CD player provides connection to your iPod and allows for MP3 recording from your CD to a USB device. Operate this CD player from a distance using the remote control.Users loved the fact it can play various digital files from USB storage or an MP3 player, the quiet mechanics, solid build, great DAC and sleek design.

Best Portable Design: HOTT CD611 Personal CD Player

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This HOT CD611 personal CD player is packed with features including five equalizer effects,an LCD display and four playback modes.The resume function lets you play from where you left off. Reviewers were pleased with the sturdy quality and anti-skip and anti-shock features. They noted how easy it was to set up and the great sound quality whether listening to music or audio books.

Best Boombox: JBL Boombox

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The rugged JBL Boombox is IPX7 waterproof, making it great for pool parties, and the battery charge lets you listen to tunes for 24 hours. Enjoy the incredible power delivered by two bass radiators and four transducers.As well as being impressed by the long battery life, reviewers loved the sound clarity but most of all the bass, enjoying loud music at the beach, by lakes, and in backyards.

Best Alarm Clock CD Player: DPNAO YW-010 Alarm Clock CD Player

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Combining a CD player with a digital alarm clock, the DPNAO YW-010 alarm clock CD player also includes an FM radio, USB player, and AUX-in speaker. The space-saving device offers a sleep function and a dual alarm feature. The compact unit size and large display are hits with reviewers. Users noted that setup was easy and the controls easy to use. A popular feature mentioned was the handy remote control.

Best CD/Cassette Player: Sony Stereo Portable Boombox

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This all-in-one Sony stereo portable boombox offers you the chance to switch between CDs, radio, or cassettes, or you can connect your own device to listen to your own audio files. Reviewers liked the lack of mechanical sound when using the cassette deck and the clear sound from the CD player. One feature in particular that got the thumbs up was the radio, even having a great reception in the mountains.

Best For Kids: Jensen CD-555 Portable Bluetooth Music System with CD Player

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The Jensen CD-555 portable Bluetooth music system with CD player connects to numerous devices and features a handle for easy carrying when on the go. The controls are easy to use and kids can either blare out their music or spare your sanity when plugging in headphones. Reviewers loved the compact size, being perfect for their kids’ nightstands, and excellent sound quality, being loud enough for a music room with 30 kids in. The sturdy design was a plus with constant kids’ handling and kids loved the blue light.

Best Turntable CD Player: Victrola 50s Retro Bluetooth Turntable and CD Player

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The Victrola 50s retro Bluetooth turntable and CD player is a must for retro fans. The turntable operates at three speeds to play all your favorite records and you can also enjoy listening to the radio. For those that still need their tech fix, you can stream your music wirelessly from 33 feet away via Bluetooth.Reviewers loved the sound produced from the turntable, commenting that it was just as they hoped it would be, as well as the nostalgic appeal of the retro design. The Bluetooth connectivity adds convenience and the AM/FM radio is a bonus.

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