The Best Color Laser Printers

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It wasn’t that long ago that you had to rely on the services of professional print companies when you needed vibrant color prints. These days, you can buy a color laser printer that does the job for you — right in your home or office — in seconds.

Of course, the market is flooded with printers, so how do you wade through the long list of products to find the best one? These 10 printers represent the best options on the market today. Take a look to find the one that’s right for you.

Best Overall: Brother Business Color Laser Printer

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In a huge sea of printers of all types, one color laser printer stands out above the rest. The Brother Business Color Laser Printer hits a sweet spot in terms of quality and price.

It’s perfect for use at home or at the office. Reviewers have fallen in love with the brilliant color quality and the ease of use with multiple types of paper and stock.

Best Value: Brother Compact Digital Color Printer

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If you’re interested in investing in your own quality color laser printer, but you need to do it at a budget-friendly price, consider the Brother Compact Digital Color Printer. This machine doesn’t sacrifice speed or quality for price.

Consumers love the long-lasting toner, large paper tray and (obviously) the price point for laser quality printing. The fast print speed of up to 19 pages per minute is also impressive.

Best for Image Printing: Canon Color imageCLASS Wireless Printer

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If you plan to print a lot of photos and images, the Canon Color imageCLASS Wireless Printer is your best bet. It allows you to print crystal-clear images from a computer, phone or tablet in seconds.

People who bought this printer rave about how easy it is to install, either via Wi-Fi or using the enclosed CD. The high-capacity paper loader holds up to 850 sheets.

Best for a Home Office: Canon Color imageCLASS Compact Printer

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If you work out of a home office and need a small printer that won’t let you down, the Canon Color imageCLASS Compact Printer makes a great choice. It’s small enough to fit on a desk but powerful enough to print in high-quality color in addition to black and white.

Reviewers enjoy the printer’s quality for the budget-friendly price point. They also note the toner seems to last a long time, which also increases cost effectiveness.

Best All-in-One: HP Color LaserJet Pro All-in-One Wireless Color Laser Printer

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In the past, you needed a separate printer, copier and scanner to take care of these very different tasks. Times have changed, and many machines now provide you with all three functions in one sleek unit, such as the HP Color LaserJet Pro All-in-One Wireless Color Laser Printer.

Consumers appreciate the image quality and quiet printing speed as well as specialty features like email-to-print. The printer has almost 100 five-star reviews

Best Compact Printer: HP Color LaserJet Pro All-in-One Compact Printer

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You know how they say good things come in small packages? Looks like it’s true. The HP Color LaserJet Pro All-in-One Compact Printer may be small, but you can still put it to the test with your most demanding color printing jobs.

Reviewers give the printer high marks for the high quality of both color and black and white printing. They also love the superior design that allows fast printing of up to 22 pages per minute with fewer paper jams than other printers.

Best High Capacity Printer: HP Color LaserJet Pro Multifunction Laser Printer

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The HP Color LaserJet Pro Multifunction Laser Printer has the capacity to handle even your largest, most vigorous print jobs. With its 550-sheet paper tray, the printer requires less frequent paper refills than many printers out there.

Reviewers have raved about the scanning functionality as well as the security features. The fast, efficient printing speed also attracts a lot of fans.

Best Business Printer: HP LaserJet Enterprise Color Printer

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When it comes to high-quality color laser printers for businesses, you can’t beat the HP LaserJet Enterprise Color Printer. It offers superior speed and quality in a durable machine that can withstand the most vigorous business printing — even two-sided documents.

Nearly two-thirds of reviewers have rated this printer five stars. Besides stellar features like speed and durability, the printer’s fans also love saving money by printing in-house rather than outsourcing.

Best Wireless Printer: Brother Business Color Laser All-in-One Printer

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When you’re in the market for a robust wireless printer, the Brother Business Color Laser All-in-One Printer offers high quality, responsive wireless printing and scanning. Print from Wi-Fi, the cloud and mobile devices and scan files to your phone or tablet.

Reviewers love that this printer produces print quality that is as high as printers that cost twice as much or more. When it comes to trusting quality, almost 200 five-star reviews can’t be wrong.

Best Voice-Activated Printer: HP LaserJet Pro Mobile-Ready Color Laser Printer

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If the convenience of using your voice to activate your printer sounds like space age technology you just can’t resist, be sure to give the HP LaserJet Pro Mobile-Ready Color Laser Printer a try. It offers enhanced functionality through Amazon Alexa and prints from mobile devices.

For this machine, reviewers noted how well it prints using multiple devices. Other positive factors include the network connectivity and color quality.

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