Show Off Your Vocals with the Best Karaoke Machines

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Music makes any party or get-together better. Karaoke takes the party to the next level by allowing your guests to sing their favorite tracks. It’s also a fun family night activity. Karaoke machines come in all shapes and sizes, but they perform the same basic functions: play music and amplify the singer’s vocals.

If you’re in the market for a karaoke machine, make sure you’re getting the best. Check out these machines that will bring quality sound and easy-to-use functionality to your next party.

Best Overall: KaraoKing Bluetooth Karaoke Machine

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People who purchased and used the KaraoKing Bluetooth karaoke machine raved about how it took their parties to the next level. The sound quality is excellent, and the speaker is loud enough for large rooms and large groups of people. Reviewers love the wireless microphones and long-lasting battery life as well.

Best Value: Bonaok Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

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For being such a small karaoke machine, the Bonaok wireless Bluetooth karaoke microphone packs a punch. Volume is loud enough for the room to hear the music and vocals, and the LED lights are a welcomed feature. Users love the compact size, which makes it child-friendly, and also the case it comes with to keep it protected.

Most Portable: KaraoKing KTV Machine with Speaker

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The KaraoKing KTV machine with speaker is a small, portable karaoke machine with a smartphone mount. Reviewers like that it connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone for music and also has a phone holder so that they can look at the lyrics while singing. Reviewers also give it high ratings for sound quality.

Best All-in-One: Singstation All-in-One Karaoke System

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The Singstation All-in-One karaoke system is an all-in-one system you can use on its own, or you can connect it to external speakers and a monitor for maximum sound and visual effects. Ease of use and ease of assembly are two of its best characteristics. There’s no need to spend a lot of time putting it together — plug it in and start singing.

Best Quality Sound: Tonor TW820

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The Tonor TW820 microphones aren’t a complete karaoke set, but they provide the best sound quality for your karaoke party. Connect them to any sound system for professional-quality sound. This system is also multifunctional so that you can use it for other events that require a microphone. Reviewers love that it has a 200-foot wireless range.

Most Versatile: Singing Machine SML285UBK

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Some karaoke machines only connect via Bluetooth while others might not be compatible with CDs. The Singing Machine SML385UBK is the most versatile with Bluetooth, CD, CD+G and USB connectivity for all of your music. Reviewers appreciate that they don’t have to invest in dedicated karaoke CDs and can play music from virtually anywhere on the machine.

Easiest to Set Up: Tonor X168 Wireless Karaoke Machine

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The Tonor X168 wireless karaoke machine is one of the easiest to set up and use. Plug it in and use it as a standalone machine or connect it to a television or monitor to add graphics. Reviewers like that it has several clearly marked inputs to connect to other music devices. They also like that the microphones pair easily to get started singing right away.

Best for Home Use: Singing Machine Tabeoke

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The small Singing Machine Tabeoke with wired microphone is a good option for karaoke night with family and friends. It has a smartphone or tablet cradle to hold your device while using it and display the lyrics. Reviewers like the separate volume controls for music and microphone for the best balance of sound.

Best for Kids: Singing Machine SML-283P Karaoke Machine

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The highly portable Singing Machine SML-283P karaoke machine with carrying handle makes it a great option for kids who love to sing. It has fun LED lights on the front that flash and blink along with the music. Kids can use it with batteries to take their show on the road or plug it in to save battery life.

Best for Professional Use: Singtrix SGTX2

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If you own a business or want high-quality sound for karaoke night at home, the Singtrix SGTX2 is highly rated for its sound quality and features. It has voice modifiers and enhancers to get the best quality vocals. It’s more difficult to use right out of the box, but those who use the karaoke machine regularly find that it’s simple to learn and use.

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