Amplify Your Message With These Loudspeakers and PA Systems

Amplify Your Message With These Loudspeakers and PA Systems

By Jeremy Czeck
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Whether you’re hosting a wedding or putting on a concert for friends, a great loudspeaker or public address (PA) system will help you deliver — and amplify — your message. But not all systems are created equally. Different designs and configurations work better for different events and spaces, so it’s important to understand what makes a loudspeaker or PA system right for your particular needs before you make a selection.

That’s why we’ve rounded up a collection of some of the best speakers for large venues, protests, outdoor meetings and other types of events. So, whether you're looking for a great PA system for outdoor services or events or a home audio system that will take entertainment to the next level, we've got plenty of great choices for every price point.

How to Use Loudspeakers and PA Systems Correctly

If you're using a loudspeaker or PA system for the first time, these tips and tricks can help you learn to operate your equipment properly while getting the most out of its features. Keep the following in mind when setting up, using and disassembling your speakers and their accessories:

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Make sure that the power is the last thing you turn on after setting up and the first thing you turn off before shutting down. This can help prevent unwanted noise and damage to your system.

When setting up speakers on a stage, place them in an arc-like configuration. This can help widen your sound dispersion and coverage area.

Always make sure that you test your equipment before the event starts. You don’t want to discover that a cable is incorrectly connected while your entire audience looks on.

Try to avoid using silver-colored tape when securing your system. Many types of silver tape are made with a layer of electrically conductive aluminum that can increase interference or unwanted coupling between cables.

When packing up your cables, wrap them in a figure eight-shaped coil rather than around your elbow. This can maximize their longevity and prevent damage.

Make sure to keep all food and beverages away from your equipment at all times. This can go a long way towards preventing accidental damage, especially to slot and slider controls.

If possible, visit and check out your venue ahead of time to make sure you have access to the correct type of power source if you’re using a loudspeaker or PA system that needs plugging in.

Most Affordable: Dual Electronics LU43PB 3-Way High-Performance Outdoor Indoor Speakers

If you're always on the lookout for a great deal, you’ll appreciate these amazingly affordable Dual Electronics LU43PB 3-Way High Performance Outdoor Indoor Speakers With Powerful Bass. These indoor/outdoor 100-watt speakers weigh just 2.8 pounds, making them as portable as they are powerful.

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The speakers also boast weather-resistant ABS enclosures and UV protection, making them a solid choice for longer stints in outdoor settings, even if you’ll be in the sun. The built-in swivel brackets allow for 120-degree rotation, making it easy to perfectly position them in your chosen location — or reposition them when they’re already set up.

Best Portable: Micca PB42X Powered Bookshelf Speakers

If you're looking for a great pair of portable indoor speakers, try these Micca PB42X Powered Bookshelf Speakers With 4-Inch Carbon Fiber Woofer and Silk Dome Tweeter. Weighing in at just 4 pounds, they're a great choice for bookshelves, desks and speaker stands — anywhere you want to tuck your speakers away for hidden surround sound.

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They come equipped with a 4-inch carbon fiber cone woofer featuring a rubber surround, a 3/4-inch silk dome and a typical in-room frequency response of 60Hz–20kHz, meaning they accurately reproduce sound from whatever source you’re using. At just 9.5 inches tall, 5.8 inches wide and 6.5 inches deep, they provide great sound without being overwhelmingly large.


Best for Musicians and DJs: Bose L1 Compact With Carry Case

Are you a gig musician or DJ who’s looking for a professional-quality speaker? Check out the Bose L1 Compact With Carry Case. Forget hauling speaker cables and stands around with you wherever you go — this innovative speaker is highly portable and sets up in a minute or less. And, it’s customizable: During setup, you can arrange the tower components in several different ways to create a speaker that’s the exact height you need.

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Its vertical shape projects sound across a wider area, and the speaker’s spatial dispersion technology delivers incredible sound to both your audience and to band members sitting in front or to the side of the speaker. With 1/4-inch audio, 1/8-inch audio, RCA and XLR outputs and a peak handling power of 130 watts, it's a must-have for music professionals looking to take their talents on the road.

Best for Rallies: Pyle Pro 50-Watt Bluetooth Megaphone Bullhorn With Siren

If you're one of the many Americans making their voices heard through the power of peaceful protest, it’s important to have the right tool to amplify your message. The Pyle Pro 50-Watt Bluetooth Megaphone Bullhorn With Siren is a great choice for indoor and outdoor rallies alike and for other gatherings like sporting events or pep rallies.

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With a 1,200-yard range and Bluetooth-enabled technology that lets you stream audio from a mobile device, you'll be equipped with one of the same megaphones that the U.S. Armed Forces use. It comes complete with an SD Card and USB reader, as well as six different audio functions that include talk and siren settings.

Best for Large Outdoor Events: Pyle Wireless Portable PA Speaker System

With many services and events moving outside to meet COVID-19 lockdown distancing requirements, it's important to have a speaker system you can count on that functions well outdoors. Check out the Pyle Wireless Portable PA Speaker System for use during these occasions. Elevated on tripod-mount stands, these speakers can project sound over larger areas because they sit up higher.

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The speakers in this set also boast two-way full-range audio projection, a built-in audio amplifier, microphone input and adjustable bass, making it the perfect PA speaker system for any large gathering. The speakers are also equipped with carrying handles, rugged and durable housings, and both a USB flash drive and an SD memory card reader.


Best for Home: Klipsch R-41M Powerful Detailed Bookshelf Home Speaker

Enjoy at-home entertainment in style when you connect your music or streaming devices to the Klipsch R-41M Powerful Detailed Bookshelf Home Speaker. With each speaker in the set weighing in at just 7 pounds and measuring just 11 inches high for easy portability, these bookshelf-friendly devices produce high-frequency sound while reducing artificial reverb to provide clearer, higher-quality tunes. In addition, the 4-inch woofers add even more depth to every sound.

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The Linear Travel Suspension aluminum tweeters work wonders when it comes to minimizing distortion and audio echo. And with a 68–21kHz frequency response, these speakers are the perfect choice for taking movies and music to the next level — without taking up too much space.

Best for Inclement Weather: Polk Audio Atrium Speakers With All-Weather Durability

Need a speaker that isn't afraid of a little undesirable weather? You’ll appreciate these Polk Audio Atrium Speakers With All-Weather Durability. Designed with waterproof capabilities that meet or exceed military specifications, they'll fearlessly meet any challenge that the elements may bring and are ideal for events like weddings where you want to set up sound equipment — and not have to worry about it.

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With 1-inch tweeters, 5.25-inch woofers and PowerPort bass venting, these little speakers deliver impressively powerful sound. Engineered with a speed-lock design, their installation consists of simply clicking the speaker into place and aiming it in your desired direction to project sound where it needs to go.

Best Value: ION Audio - Sport Tailgate Portable PA Speaker

If you're searching for the best value for your dollar, then look no further than the ION Audio - Sport Tailgate Portable PA Speaker. A favorite of tailgaters everywhere, this portable, Bluetooth-enabled speaker features an 8-inch woofer and a 3-inch tweeter that deliver crystal-clear, dynamic audio to your outdoor surroundings.

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It even comes with a microphone, making it a dependable choice for anything from delivering speeches to staging a karaoke contest. With up to 75 hours of battery life, built-in wheels and a telescoping handle, this model is a solid choice when you’re looking for a portable speaker you can use outdoors — and depend on.