Stay Connected and Entertained With the Best Smartphones of 2021

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These days having a smartphone isn’t a luxury — it’s a necessity. A smartphone does everything from providing driving directions to managing appointments to helping you stay in touch with loved ones. Different smartphone users have different requirements, however, and some may appreciate certain features more than others. Read on to learn about the best smartphones of 2021 and the features that make them excellent choices for meeting an array of needs.

Best Camera: Google Pixel 5

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One of the best features of the Google Pixel 5 is its camera. While competitors’ smartphones now include three or four cameras, the Pixel 5 has two with incredible features like automatic night mode for clearer photos in the dark and ultra-wide lens. If you have shaky hands, you can take advantage of the Pixel 5’s “Locked,” “Active” and “Cinematic Pan” features for steadier shots. This phone is perfect for people who want a top-notch camera and access to Android OS. Besides the camera, users also love its simple fingerprint scanner for security purposes. Plus, they give it ample praise for its small, slim design — a benefit for those tired of today’s big-phone trend.

Best for Seniors: Jitterbug Smart2

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Even tech skeptics want pictures of their grandkids, which is why the Jitterbug Smart2 wins rave reviews for being a top phone for seniors. This smartphone is basic enough for everyone to use, boasting features such as a user-friendly camera, a simple list menu, ample storage space, voice-text capabilities and a large 5.5-inch screen that’s ideal for those with visual impairments. You can also use the phone as a personal safety device by activating health and safety features, such as medical alerts and one-button access to urgent care doctors and nurses.

Best Features: Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G

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Some reviewers think the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G is a better choice than anything from Apple. Why? Highlights such as its 6.9-inch screen, 10 MP selfie camera, super-long battery life and up to 512GB of storage are just a few of the features fans have praised. It’s excellent for taking flawless pictures, as the camera automatically adjusts to day or night settings. You can also multitask effortlessly thanks to its rapid octa-core processor. If you’re looking for these standout features and Android OS compatibility, this cell phone is perfect for you.

Best for Those on a Budget: Google Pixel 4a

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This Google Pixel model has many great features at a much lower price than the Pixel 5. The 4a has 128GB of storage, which is plenty for media, and a reliable battery that lasts up to 24 hours. Reviewers love its excellent camera features and security system like the fingerprint reader. It won’t razzle or dazzle, but happy reviewers call it a great Google version of an Android phone for its price.

Best for Kids: VTech KidiBuzz G2 Kids’ Electronics Smart Device With KidiConnect

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You want to stay connected with your kids, but internet safety is an important issue. That’s why The VTech KidiBuzz line is a great choice for little ones under the age of 10. When it’s connected to Wi-Fi, kids can send text messages, photos and voice recordings and play games. It allows parents to set phone time limits, add passwords on specific apps and approve contacts. Reviewers love that this device is built with a shatter-safe screen and anti-shock construction so that it’s virtually unbreakable for kids.

Best Overall: Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

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A new iPhone release is always an exciting announcement, and the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max is no exception. The latest (and arguably the greatest) iteration of the iconic phone is packed with features such as an OLED 6.7-inch screen that allows for easy viewing when you’re on the go. Fans love its Face ID security features and 20 hours of battery life. Available with up to 512 GB of storage, this phone can store all of the music, media and movies you want for the best in handheld entertainment. But the real crowd-pleaser is the outstanding triple camera system that lets even beginner shutterbugs take mind-blowing pics. Compared to the iPhone 11, the iPhone 12 Pro Max allows more light to enter the lens, making low-light images clearer.

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