10 Best Smartphones and Their Features

Steve GoodlessLast Updated Mar 24, 2020 5:08:55 PM ET
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In modern times, having a smartphone isn’t a privilege - it’s a necessity. A smartphone helps you with driving directions, keeps you on top of things in your professional life, and helps keep you in touch with family and friends. Different smartphone users have different needs, however, and some may appreciate certain features more than others. Read on to learn about the 10 best smartphones and the features unique to each.


Best Overall: Apple iPhone 11 Pro

A new iPhone release is always a major story, and the Apple iPhone 11 Pro is no exception. The latest (and arguably greatest) iteration of the iconic phone is packed with features such as an OLED 5.8-inch screen that allows for easy viewing when you’re on the go. Reviewers love its screen size and security features, such as Face ID, as well as its longer battery life. Available with up to 512 GB of storage means you can store all of the music, media, and movies you desire for the best in handheld entertainment. But the real crowd pleaser is the outstanding triple camera system which lets even meh shutterbugs take mind-blowing pics.


Best Value: OnePlus 7 Pro

OnePlus may not be a brand you’re instantly familiar with, but reviewers love its long battery life and security features, such as a fingerprint reader. A great value for the money, the OnePlus 7 Pro offers a 6.67-inch display size with Gorilla Glass and a 48 MP camera for clear pictures. A video editor also makes this phone unique.


Best Quality: Samsung Galaxy Note 10

An absolute runner-up to the iPhone 11, if you’re a fan of Android OS, you’ll love the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Reviewers rave about its fast charging capability and long battery life, as well as its included S pen, which is great for usability and "absolutely improves the entire experience, be it photo editing or just clicking on a box on a website," says one user. Even at its high price point, users find it worthwhile for such a "capable" phone.


Best Camera: Google Pixel 4

One of the best features of the Google Pixel 4 is its camera. While competitors now include three or four cameras, Google stuck with just two and decided to add features like telephoto and wide angle. The Google Pixel also runs on Android OS for optimal stability. Users also love its commitment to security features, with face identification and fingerprint scanner. There’s also a lot of love for its comparatively small and slim design, a boon for those weary of increasingly tablet-like phones (or who just have small hands).


Best for Kids: VTech KidiBuzz G2 Kids’ Electronics Smart Device with KidiConnec

You want to stay connected with your kids, but internet safety is an important issue, The VTech KidiBuzz line is a great choice for little ones under the age of 10. When connected to Wi-Fi, kids can send text messages, photos, and play games all with parent-approved apps and contacts. Reviewers love that this device is built strong and tough, so that it’s virtually unbreakable.


Best Budget for Kids: Tracfone ZTE Blade T2 Lite 4G LTE

Help your kids stay connected to you with this prepaid, easy-to-use, real ZTE smartphone. This is a perfect starter for kids and teens, with 16 GB of storage and a front- and rear-facing camera. An Android 8.1 Oreo OS lets kids download apps and play games, while 4G LTE offers fast speed. Reviewers love its long battery life and value price. And their kids appreciate that it’s better than a flip phone.


Best Basic Smartphone: Nokia 7.1

When you think of Nokia, you probably think of Friend’s-era push-button cell phones, not smartphones like the Nokia 7.1. Yet, it’s true—the Finnish company’s no-frills, yet durable budget phone includes all the basic features you’d need to stay in touch, and an Android 9.0 Pie OS that ensures you have access to thousands of apps via Google Play. Reviewers love its screen quality and durability, and give it high marks for sporting good looks at a pretty low price.


Best for Seniors: Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Even tech skeptics want pictures of their grandkids, which is why the older Galaxy Note 9 wins rave reviews for being a top phone for seniors. This user-friendly smartphone is basic enough for anyone to use, boasting favored features such as long battery life, generous storage, the ability to snap selfies using the S pen (a must for arthritic fingers), and a large screen size perfect for those with visual impairment. Access to Google Play and an Android OS makes downloading apps easy.


Best Budget: Google Pixel 3a

This slightly older Google Pixel model still has many great features, yet has a budget price. The 3a has 64 GB of storage, which is plenty for media, and has a fast-charging battery when you need a quick charge. Reviewers love the quality for the money, camera quality, and security features like the fingerprint reader. It won’t razzle. Or dazzle. But as one happy reviewer noted "this phone is great for 99% of people."


Best Overall Features: Samsung Galaxy S10+

We know it hurts to hear (especially if you waited in line for hours, again) but there are a lot of people out there who think the Samsung Galaxy S10+ is a far more premium choice than anything from Apple. Really. Highlights such as its 6.4-inch screen size, 10 MP selfie camera, super long battery life, and the option for up to 1024 GB of storage are just a few of the features reviewers enthusiastically praised, along with face recognition software and a fingerprint sensor that boosts its security profile.

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