These Top Smartwatches Double as Great Fitness Trackers

Photo Courtesy: Amazon

When smartwatches first came onto the tech scene, many users were excited about the idea of wearing the James Bond-worthy, high-tech devices that could take calls, respond to text messages, organize schedules and browse the web. While those functions are still important, today’s best smartwatches have also morphed into mini health hubs. If you know someone who’s a fitness tracker loyalist, you’ve probably heard the common refrain of "Hold on — I need to get my steps in" or watched someone do laps around the office in order to hit a movement goal.

As an outsider in the world of high-tech fitness pedometers, it might have seemed a bit odd, but with the COVID-19 pandemic keeping us inside and making regular fitness routines more difficult or at least less accessible, you might be starting to finally feel the urge to get in on the trend. After all, health trackers are a great way to hold yourself accountable to your movement goals, monitor your sleeping habits and do so much more. We’ve taken the first step by spotlighting the best of the best so you can find a smartwatch that’s tailored to meet your lifestyle needs.