The Best Touch Screen-Enabled Laptops for School and Personal Use

Photo Courtesy: DjelicS/E+/Getty Images

If you've been thinking of upgrading your computer, switching to a touchscreen laptop can make everything easier, whether you’re doing graphic design work, gaming or getting an essay ready for class. There are plenty of great benefits in making the leap to touch screen-enabled laptops. Their familiar pinch-to-zoom capabilities make it easier to read what’s on your screen, and they’re responsive to other touch gestures you’ve likely grown used to if you’re a smartphone user. Plus, they give you the option to type using a traditional keyboard when you’re writing or to use a stylus and operate the laptop like an old-school notepad if you prefer the feeling of writing with a pen and paper. You'll also discover that touchscreen laptops come with higher-quality displays, and you might also like getting a break from using a trackpad.

Ready to learn more about touch screen-enabled laptops? Check out these top options we’ve compiled to help make your shopping experience easier.