The Best Office and Home Phone VoIP Devices

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Need a cost-effective, reliable way to keep in touch while working from home or chatting with loved ones across the world? Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) may be ideal for your needs. This technology allows you to make phone calls over the internet instead of using a traditional telephone line, which keeps the costs lower (no long-distance fees!) and gives you the mobility to use your online phone number anywhere you can bring your computer and access Wi-Fi. That way, you’re not tethered to a home or business phone, which removes some communication limitations and lets you enjoy improved productivity.

If you’re thinking of adding a VoIP device to your home- or work-tech lineup, take a look at some of the best options on the market. There’s a wide selection to meet a variety of needs, whether you’re prioritizing portability or managing multiple lines.

Best Overall: Ooma Telo Free

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With the help of its PureVoice HD technology, Ooma Telo Free allows you to make clear phone calls for free or at low international rates. It integrates well with Amazon Echo, Nest devices, and numerous smartphone products. Functions like voicemail, call waiting, and 911 are merged seamlessly with other sophisticated features. The Ooma Telo Free promises to deliver excellent voice quality even when there’s low internet traffic.

Best Value: Obihai OBi200

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A budget-friendly VoIP adapter doesn’t necessarily mean fewer features. The Obihai OBi200 has nearly 3,000 five-star reviews from satisfied customers. Apart from how easy it is to set up, users are impressed with its coherent integration with Google Voice, Anveo, and T.38 fax. The OBI200 has only one port, making it ideal for anyone interested in using it for personal use.

Best Wireless Accessory: Ooma Linx

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The Ooma Linx is both portable and convenient for users in search of the best wireless accessory. With its latest Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) technology, this device covers a wide area while avoiding interference caused by several home Wi-Fi networks. This accessory connects devices like phones and fax machines in your home to an Ooma Telo or Office system.

Best Dual Functionality: OBi202 2-Port VoIP Phone Adapter

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The OBi202 is the ideal VoIP phone adapter for users with personal and office needs. With two ports at its disposal, the OBi202 supports up to four VoIP services simultaneously. With free premium features like caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting and the ability to block anonymous calls, it’s not surprising that more than 1,300 users gave it a five-star rating.

Best Portable Adapter: Magicjack Go

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If you’re looking for a portable VoIP adapter that reduces the cost of local and long-distance phone calls to other nations, then look no further. The Magicjack Go is easy to set-up and supports international calling. It offers a one-year warranty and service with no hidden fees. More than 1,600 users have given it a five-star rating.

Best for Voice Quality: Cisco SPA112

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For the best voice quality, try Cisco SPA112, which features two ports for phone or fax machine connectivity. This phone adapter has fast Ethernet technology that provides high-quality VoIP connections to make clear phone calls and send faxes fast. The Cisco SPA112 features caller ID and voicemail functions. More than 60% five-star reviews should be enough to motivate you to purchase it.

Best Monthly Subscription: BasicTalk HT701

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Reducing your internet expenses requires a device capable of providing high-speed internet at low costs. This is where the BasicTalk HT701 outshines other devices. One month of service is offered when you buy the device and a low-cost monthly subscription fee. It works seamlessly with any touch-tone phone and has free features like e911, voicemail, and call waiting.

Best for SIP Service: OBi110

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The OBi110 is an affordable session initiation protocol (SIP) VoIP telephone adapter that allows you to make unlimited free calls on the OBiTALK Network. It’s easy to set-up and features professional technical support via forums or email. With a three-way conference calling feature, you enjoy fantastic voice clarity. Some features like repeat dialing, call transfer, and hook flash event signaling are unavailable with some service providers.

Best Three-line VoIP Phone: Cisco SPA303-G1

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Are you looking for a comprehensive, interoperable IP phone with a display? The Cisco SPA303-G1 has a three-line port that supports various VoIP devices. It’s easy to move the station and shared lines from one point to another, making it highly portable. It’s also compatible with productivity-enhancing features like VoiceView Express. The device has standard encryption protocols that secure remote provisioning.

Best 10-Line VoIP Phone: OBi1022

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The OBi1022 IP phone is a safe, secure solution for those looking to connect up to 10 lines and support Google Voice and SIP-based services. Built with high-definition (HD) voice technology, the OBi1022 has dual Ethernet ports for fast speed and high-quality call service. Apart from its user-friendly functionality and large, vibrant color display, this device also offers low calling rates to more than 150 destinations.

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