Clockmaker Game vs Other Puzzle Games: Which One Reigns Supreme?

Puzzle games have been around for decades, and they’ve undergone numerous transformations. With the rise of mobile gaming, puzzle games have become even more popular than ever before. Among them is the Clockmaker Game, which has gained immense popularity in recent times. However, with so many puzzle games available today, it can be challenging to decide which one to play. In this article, we’ll compare the Clockmaker Game to other puzzle games and determine which one reigns supreme.

What is Clockmaker Game?

Clockmaker is a match-3 game that challenges you to solve puzzles by matching three or more gems of the same color. The game has a unique storyline that follows a clock repairman named Uncle who must fix a mysterious town’s clocks and uncover its secrets along the way. The gameplay involves matching gems across levels with different goals and obstacles such as locked gems and bombs.

How does Clockmaker Game compare to Candy Crush?

Candy Crush is one of the most popular match-3 games globally, making it an excellent benchmark for comparing other puzzle games like Clockmaker. While both games involve matching three or more gems of the same color, Candy Crush has simpler graphics and gameplay compared to Clockmaker’s elaborate designs and complex levels with multiple objectives.

Another significant difference between these two games is their difficulty levels. Candy Crush’s early levels are relatively easy but become more challenging as you progress through higher levels. On the other hand, while Clockmaker’s early stages are also easy for new players to catch on quickly, its later stages are much harder than Candy Crush’s highest difficulty levels.

How does Clockmaker Game compare to Bejeweled?

Bejeweled is another classic match-3 game that was released before both Candy Crush and Clockmaker Games. Like Candy Crush, Bejeweled has a simpler design and gameplay compared to Clockmaker’s elaborate graphics and complex levels. However, Bejeweled’s gameplay is more classic and straightforward, making it an excellent game for those who prefer traditional puzzle games.

In terms of difficulty, Bejeweled has a wide range of levels that cater to both casual players and experts. While Clockmaker’s early stages are easy to complete, its later levels are much harder than even the most challenging levels in Bejeweled.


In conclusion, while each game has its unique features, Clockmaker Game stands out with its intricate designs and complex gameplay. If you’re looking for a match-3 game that will challenge your problem-solving skills and keep you engaged for hours on end, then Clockmaker Game is the perfect choice. However, if you prefer simpler games with classic gameplay or want a more relaxed gaming experience, then Candy Crush or Bejeweled may be more suitable for you. Ultimately it boils down to personal preference when choosing which puzzle game reigns supreme.

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